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260 Days Drama:Eve Larson, I am Kristen DiMera… 10-21-14


Days Drama: The Days of our Lives Soap Opera Podcast 260

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Show Notes:

On this episode we talk about…

  • Kristen visits Eve
  • Brady and Theresa talk
  • Ben tells Clyde he may take his help
  • Sonny and Will argue about article
  • Will goes to see Victor for help
  • Abigail babysits Ari… Chad visits
  • Kate and Sami try to work things out

Today’s lineup:

Kate, Sami, Kristen, Eve, Anne, Theresa, Sonny, Will, Chad, Abigail, Ben, Brady, Clyde, Victor, Allie and T

Listener Feedback:

Kristy’s comments:


T imitates EJ with his accent.. very cute

I am not on Abigail’s pity train either… her and Will can whine together

OMG Will is blabbing to Victor about Kate, Sami and Lucas convo.. he is stupid stupid

The mystery is over. Ben rents a room in someone else’s house lmao

Kristen is diabolical, I love it.

How come no one is Salem can shut doors?

And right on cue, Ben arrives

Love Victor and his tough love

Sami looks so surprised and grateful. She has good facial expressions today

Treesa is gonna realize she had pushed Brady back to Kristen ahha

Sonny is so nosy and questioning Will’s morning so many times it’s like a jealous woman

Love Victor. Need him every day

So maybe I need to take back my Will talk to Victor stupid comment

Ari was awake for a total of 20 mins

DOM DOM DOM glad things are finally in motion

Victor and Kristen are awesome

Wendy’s words:

Watch out Eve you are on Kristen’s radar
In the mansion with a poker I think it was colonel mustard lol
I wish they would get a diff hairstyle for Teresa. That’s too old a look for her.
She’s dreaming
Wow will is trying to help. I thought he was gonna write an article on it
Ben you are gonna make Jordan mad. You told her you would come to her for anything before going to Clyde
Aww love kate and Sami’s emotional scene
Roflmao AARP called Eve
Oh I would love if Kristen overhears eves plans about JJ and tells jen. Then we can get Teresa and Eve knocked off their pedestals
It’s funny to me that abby is so pissed at will for that article, but yet she still talks to gabby, who was in the middle of all the mess of Melanie being kidnapped and the explosion that killed Abby’s dad
What is it about ppl leaving doors open
Love that victor went straight to Sami’s
Yea I think I would tell brady to use me too if I was in your shoes lol
Ha artificial tears
Wow Will be respectable of the dead
Ha even victor told sami to clean up
Hide that wire in Ann’s purse better

Kami’s views:

Thank goodness Will went to Victor! And thank goodness Victor will be in more upcoming episodes!

Ahhhh . . . Loving “Kami” right now! I’m glad Kate is supporting Sami.
I hope Ben doesn’t get sucked into Clyde’s dirty deeds.
Kristen’s dress is a little too cut-out.
I love the AARP joke! Both Kristen and Eve would probably qualify!
Go Kristen! Take Treesa and her 80’s neon shirt down!
Congrats Mo on the pie contest!
Ramona, I’m glad you are studying so hard!

Mo’s dish:

Clyde is “Praising the Lord” a day after having a couple guys killed? Ok?

Aww!  What a beautiful moment between Kami!  Kate went to the wizard and got a heart! I’m so happy.

Did Kate say Sami is the mother of two of her grandchildren?? Am I forgetting something?

Oh duh!  I’m forgetting Will Ha!  I seriously just had a total brain lapse!  I was racking my brain trying to remember what other grandchild Kate has through Sami other than Ally and completely blocked out Will’s existence.  That makes sense because I can’t stand his punk ass. (**Editors Note: I was just about to hit send on this email when I remembered how dumb I am! So I added to above paragraph. I had to work extra early today so I’m delirious)

T has beautiful teeth.

Ha! Victor saying “Take a little time to yourself to clean up. If anyone saw you now they’d know you were guilty”! LMBAO!  God I love him.

The Kristen and Eve scene didn’t go as over the top as I’d hoped.  I think Kristen won that round though.

Why did Kristen choose that dress to meet Anne in?  Did she think she might have to seduce her? I’m confused?  Anne is such an ass kisser though it’s hilarious! He he!

Does Will really think that writing the Chad article is a good idea?  He is such a punk I can’t stand him.  I’m sorry to be a hater but I can’t wait for his marriage to break up.

I don’t have any updates on Freddie but I did see a picture of the car after the accident.  I don’t want to get too deep because I don’t know everyone’s beliefs but from the way the car looked I believe  it’s nothing but a blessing and miracle that Freddie and his friend survived.  I don’t like Sonny but I have no ill will towards Freddie.

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259 Days Drama: Chad DiMera… the heir apparent… 10-20-14


Days Drama: The Days of our Lives Soap Opera Podcast 259

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Show Notes:

On this episode we talk about…

  • Chad and Nicole talk about EJ
  • Will has to redo the article on Chad
  • Kate tells Sami how it is
  • Eve is putting her hooks in Eric
  • Daniel and Kristen have some champagne
  • Maggie runs into Eric
  • JJ turns Paige down

Today’s lineup:

Kate, Lucas, Sami, Jennifer, Daniel, Kristen, Paige, JJ, Will, Chad, Nicole, Eve, Eric, Daniel and Maggie

Listener Feedback:

Kristy’s comments:

JJ just needs to tell Paige.. over it

Buahahaha Eve is a good role model?

Spit it out JJ

OMFG really… he doesn’t want to be someones first?? He should be honored

Nicole looks real bad today.. bad bags

I am not on Will’s pity train.. getting on my nerves

Ugh Eric is gonna fall for Eve Yuck

Shut up Will blah blah blah

OMG Jen is such good friends with Kristen she walks right in?

Say it JJ.. what the hell is wrong with him?

I feel like I have been watching this horrible show for hours… this sucks today

OMFG snooping Will

DOM DOM DOM about time its over ugh

Wendy’s words:

Ok jen is still at work and JJ already went to bed wow
I’m sorry a girl that is a virgin isn’t pushy like a teenage boy
Lol kate told Lucas to tell sami to fix her shirt
God what is nosy will gonna do now

Kami’s views:

Sorry that I didn’t write in on Friday, but I had to prepare for family coming in for Bo’s 3rd birthday celebration (his birthday is today)! Also, I lost all patience on Friday and didn’t watch b/c I could tell it was all filler. Vin, thanks for looking for my emails!  Anyway . . .

Please, Will . . . Don’t be your usual dumbass self and make things worse for Sami!
I think Daniel just likes flirting with Kristen to get information.
Jennifer, please change your shirt!
I couldn’t watch Eve and Eric. If they got together, if I were Nicole, I’d leave town for good!
Mo, Hope your pie did well!

Mo’s dish:

Hi guys I’m house sitting for some friends so no Days for me. Normally if I miss I can catch it on YouTube but the episode they had for today was actually from last Thursday.  I have their DVR set so I’ll be in business for tomorrow.  Thank goodness I know a great podcast for recaps when you can’t watch Days lol!

The pie contest was super fun.  I made the finals!  Top 8 out of 117 pies.  I didn’t end up with a ribbon but the whole thing was for a good cause and I’ll enter again next year! If at first you don’t  succeed dust yourself off and pie again! Get it?!?! Ha!

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258 Days Drama:You need to get in touch with your inner peace… 10-17-14


Days Drama: The Days of our Lives Soap Opera Podcast 258

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Show Notes:

On this episode we talk about…

  • Ciara does not want Hope and Aiden to date
  • Eve has a photo shoot with Eric
  • Paige lets JJ know she got birth control
  • Clyde is still tryin to charm Kate
  • Kate is pissed at Sami
  • Lucas is back!

Today’s lineup:

Kate, Sami, Paige, JJ, Eve, Eric, Hope, Julie, Ciara, Aiden, MaryBeth, Rory, Abigail, Ben, Clyde, Lucas and Allie

Listener Feedback:

Kristy’s comments:

Bahahah creepy Ciara won’t let Hope date Aiden … wow

Lucas!!! Yay

Abigail is shocked that a kid got hit with a belt.. spoiled ass

Allie cries better than Chad

Really Julie is the closest person to Hope in the entire world

Clyde is better looking with facial hair

Awe Allie is sweet wanting the 3 kids to stick together

Eric’s butt chin is getting bigger then skinnier he is getting lmao

Paige is so smart but so dumb… bc isn’t gonna work the first day you get it

Ciara is such a bitch… yep I just called a kid a bitch

OMG devil spawn cracked a smile, she is kinda cute

Where does Ben live? Still confused by that

I see it now… Ben and Abigail are gonna move in together

Or Clyde is gonna give him a job and Jordan is gonna get pissed

Wonder what Sami did… I read online she goes to jail lol

WTH is Hope wearing. Does not match, the pants could be cool with the proper top

Melanie should be coming back soon and I am excited to see how she will shake things up. I have always wanted her and Brady to hook up

Really… a photo shoot in her living room in front of her kitchen.. she looks so fake

Her dress is fabulous though, I want it

Eve is just a horny skank. Every man she meets she hits on

OMG Paige is ballsy and horny too like her mom hahahah

DOM DOM DOM boring… nothing happened all filler

Wendy’s words:

Like Mary bitch would sit on the ground in a public place

Sami’s shirt is on inside out. She has a white gage on the side and a regular tag on back.

Eve hasn’t had surgery yet and she is already having head shots. I hope she loses her voice
She going after Eric now

I know I discussed having sex before I had it the first time too. Yea right

Aw Ali is sweet but the girl can’t fake cry

Is Julia going to lose her inner piece?

Blah blah ben and abby

You know nothing about aiden. Maybe Julia is the one that questions aiden.


Okkkk what’s with the unlocked door? Is Paige gonna go climb in bed with JJ?

Sensitive Kate

Did I call it or what? Told ha Paige would go jump in bed with JJ

Kami’s views:

is excused from today

Mo’s dish:

Aww little Allie is a better crier than Chad is.

Did hell freeze over because I loved Ciara today.  She is the best child actor on this show.

Ben didn’t actually give Abby any info about his life.  Any thoughts on where the story is going with them?

Paige wants herself a piece of JJ!  I can’t blame her cause he looks pretty good in underwear.  Oh and JJ has a room!  The Horton house is growing.

Kate needs to take a seat!  She’s starting to piss me off.

Clyde loves waving those freaky fingers around! And he’s lost so much weight since he was on Charmed.

If Sami goes to jail I will absolutely stop watching this show.  EJ getting killed was bad enough, Sami deserves a good exit!  I really hope that’s not where they are going?

My pie contest is on Sunday and if anyone out there is in Chicago you should stop by! It’s the Bucktown Apple Pie Fest at Holstein Park from2-5pm.  All the proceeds go to the park.  Of course I will let you all know how it turns out.

Tonya talks:
Oh no. Queue the creepy music for Eric and Eve!  Evic? Erve? No!!
The Paige and JJ story is getting old and boring.
I noticed Sami’s shirt was inside out.  I have cried so many tears during the past few shows.
Julie go yoga yourself.  LOL.  Sassy Ciara is too much
I still think EJ is alive somewhere.  Wishful ?thinking?
Not much dom dom dom for a Friday.
Have a great weekend!
Lesley’s thought:
Rather than borrow money from Clyde for a hotel room, Ben should just become friends with Daniel. Maybe Daniel can lend his apartment out for all of the Deveraux kids to hook up!

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257 Days Drama:Maybe you should back off Mrs. Larson…10-16-14


Days Drama: The Days of our Lives Soap Opera Podcast 257

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Show Notes:

On this episode we talk about…

  • Johnny thinks it is his fault his dad was killed
  • Hope breaks the news about Bo to Ciara
  • Clyde is really trying to charm Kate
  • Chad is there for Sami
  • JJ confides in Daniel
  • Paige is ‘ready’

Today’s lineup:

Sami, Clyde, Kate, Ciara, Hope, Aiden, Maggie, Johnny, Rafe, JJ, Daniel, Paige, Eve and MaryBeth

Listener Feedback:

Kristy’s comments:

Eve is such a bitch and shitty actress

Clyde talks really loud in pubic

OMG new set… Johnny’s room

Creepy Ciara is back ugh

Oh snap Paige grew some balls

Why hasn’t Hope told Ciara

Awe Aiden is smooth and sweet

Paige got some birth control

I can’t believe Eve is such a bad actress esp knowing that she is on other soaps

Ugh really… JJ is worried he is gonna rape just like his dad totes lame

I like Hope’s hair today, makes her look like skinny

Inherited rape gene? This whole story is just getting more and more stupid

Because you’re a bitch MaryBeth

So Jordan is jealous of Kate and Clyde now hahahah

Sami’s voice is getting on my nerves today when she is talking to Rafe

WTF MaryBeth is sitting on the ground? ugh hate her

DOM DOM DOM boring

Wendy’s words:

You’re busted Hope
Really Jordan? You act like you and chad have been an item for years
Is Ciara going to be grown up about it or drop to the floor kicking and screaming in a tantrum
What the heck is Paige up to?
Eve is going to push Mary bitch into telling Paige
Boy Daniel just keeps pushing his place on JJ, hope he doesn’t mind when they do it in his bed.
That nurse couldn’t get away from Eve quick enough
Lol too funny. No no no No Not you

Kami’s views:

Jordan looks like a pumpkin. And flashback Jordan looks like a Hee Haw reject.

Mary Poppins is back – conniving bitch!
Wow, Ciera is not acting like the usual evil spawn that she is! Oh wait, there is the devil child!
I love Kate’s sweater!

Poor Johnny! That scene with Sami was sad!

Mo’s dish:

 Is excused from today

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256 Days Drama:I just want to start over… 10-15-14


Days Drama: The Days of our Lives Soap Opera Podcast 256

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Show Notes:

On this episode we talk about…

  • John has a plan
  • Eric might be able to forgive Kristen
  • Chad goes to the Manse
  • Jordan is liking Chad it appears
  • Theresa wants to start over with Brady
  • Clyde sends Jeramiah to Poplar Bluff to take care of Miguel

Today’s lineup:

Clyde, Chad, Jeramiah, Kristen, John, Marlena, Kate, Jordan, Brady, Theresa, Rafe, Abe, Eric and Nicole

Listener Feedback:

Kristy’s comments:

Nicole sounds so insincere to Kristen about EJ

Ooh John’s plan is to eliminate Kristen then Treesa

Kate is being such a bitch to Malena about EJ’s death

Love Kristen being a bitch to Nicole. she really gets to her

Wah wah wah Treesa. Why aren’t you contacting me, Brady? Why are you shutting me out, Brady? Wah wah wah

OMG Jordan is asking everyone about Chad. she really likes him

Ugh she is so whiny today

OMG Eric says maybe someday he can forgive Kristen and let it all go. Not anytime soon but when he gets back to who he was

She hugs Eric and Nicole is gonna go kick Kristen’s ass. Kristen pulls out the my brother just died card

Rafe is smart. Doesn’t believe it’s a mugging

I think Clyde is gonna do something to Miquel

Sounds like the game clue when Kristen is talking about Joh being cracked over the head with a poker haha

Treesa lies so well

I don’t see anyone dancing in the streets Chad

Seriously… why is Jordan at the manse?

Stupid penis brain



Wendy’s words:

Clydesdale gonna kill Miguel
It’s not always about you Brady, Teresa is Sami’s cousin duh
Lily livered lol
What is Kristen playing at?
Why do you care Eric? You were just hugging Kristen.
Oh damn brady is doing her, he will get her preg yet
Just so so filler today, guess sami needed to rest

Kami’s views:

Well, no Days because of Ebola breaking news – apparently Dallas nurse traveled through Cleveland. Hopefully, I won’t end up watching Days through a plastic bubble while in quarantine.

Mo’s dish:

Kate needs to drop the attitude.  I refuse to believe she has no feelings regarding EJ’s death.

Someone needs to teach Billy Flynn how to cry on command.

What is John’s plan exactly? I don’t get it?

Kristen pushing Nicole’s buttons is great!  Stupid Nicole just can’t catch a break.

Kristen is targeting Anne and Eve to bring down Theresa? I love it!

Brady is a dummy!

Miguel deserves to get buried in Poplar Bluff!

In non Days news, my pie contest I mentioned before is on Sunday, so I’m in pie mode till then.  Prepping for this is so time consuming which is why I’m awake at almost 10pm writing my Dish! Wish me luck guys!

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