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263 Days Drama: You’re a DiMera, it just comes natural… 10-24-14


Days Drama: The Days of our Lives Soap Opera Podcast 263

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Show Notes:

On this episode we talk about…

  • Rory runs to JJ’s
  • Jill goes back to Eve’s
  • Chad consoles Jordan
  • Sonny and Will are still arguing
  • Sami and Nicole have some wine

Today’s lineup:

Nicole, Sami, Paige, JJ, Jill, Rory, Will, Sonny, Eve, Kate, Clyde, Chad, Jordan, Ben, Abigail and Sydney

Listener Feedback:

Kristy’s comments:

Can Will leave with Jordan?

The lighting is poor with Kate and Clyde. One camera is good and one is bad

Will never stops complaining

HAHA Flashbacks are funny, they used to use the set at the docks all the time

Think Paige’s keys are loud enough?

Will sucks

I like this Sami Nicole friendship

Eve sends her thru the nature preserve.. why not call her a car service to take her out of town

They are using my mugs

Ben has Clyde’s temper

I want Jill to tell Paige

OMG that is the worst acting fall

That would be awesome if Will goes away doubt he will tho


ready for better days

Wendy’s words:

I knew Nicole would have loved that picture
Love sami and Nicole
Oh I hope Paige catches Jill at her house
Mr Rogers is stupid
Love the flashbacks, lol the sewer scene was awesome. Love drunk Nicole.
Ha thank god is the same as thanking victor
lol Nicole wanted to know if Johnny beat anyone up “gene pool”
It’s Nicole’s fault she’s a lush
Ok so this is the exit for sami lol Lindsey Logan for Nicole part
Busted Jill, beat her up Paige
Oh crap Eve will say JJ hit her or something
Maybe Will, will go with Sami as the writer. Ya no more mr Rogers.

Kami’s views:

 Loved the flashbacks of the fights between Sami & Nicole.

I almost cried when Nicole was saying goodbye to Sydney.
OMG — are they getting rid of Will too!? Will is being such an ass about his job. Newsflash Will, you don’t have a “boring” life!
I bet Eve is going to say that JJ attacked her, and that is why she fell!
Let’s see a bitch fight between Paige & Jill!
I thought that we would get more Victor, but he solved everything already!
Have a good weekend everyone!
Mo’s dish:
Chad took the words right out of my mouth, Abigail knows she totally stirred that shit up on purpose.Ben needs to calm his caveman attitude down.Sonny needs to dump Will, he was right, all Will does is twist things around to make himself the victim.

Why would JJ not just call Paige and see where she was?  Seriously so stupid!  If Eve tries to say JJ attacked her I swear I might lose it! Now that I think about it JJ is the only Devereaux that hasn’t smacked Eve around.

The Nicole and Sami scenes were so good.  I love when Days seems like real life.  Sometimes when bad things happen you just have to let go of the past and move on. I was glad to see that from these two.  I loved seeing all those old fights and one of them was at the docks!  I wish they would bring that set back.  Why is everyone constantly in the park?

Ali’s last day is Thursday so I guess this week coming up will be Sami saying her goodbyes?  She’ll probably have another fight with Lucas because I don’t know why she would think she could just take Ally to  Hollywood without consulting Lucas first.  I don’t love this story it seems weird to me.  Her husband has been dead for two days!  It makes Sami seem so superficial to me but maybe this is what she needs to handle her grief?

Lesley’s thoughts:

Was there a little hint at some Rafe/Nicole chemistry on Thursday’s episode?

Would someone who isn’t old enough to drive actually be able to pull off a planned car crash that would successfully kill the passenger while keeping the driver safe? I’m not buying Clyde’s story. It had to be an accident, right? So did Clyde make her feel responsible for her mom’s death at the time as a way to control her? I feel like there’s something else there we still need to find out.

I saw a rumor that Michael Muhney, who was Adam Newman on Y&R, may be cast as the new EJ. It makes sense—Michael is not a very tall man, and neither is the new Chad. So they would be more believable as brothers, but then what about super-tall Kristen?

On a non-Days note: I LOVE Serial! I already have the new episode queued up to listen to after Days Drama today.


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262 Days Drama:Looks like I am in a Pick… le… 10-23-14


Days Drama: The Days of our Lives Soap Opera Podcast 262

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Show Notes:

On this episode we talk about…

  • JJ finds out Rory ran his mouth
  • JJ calls Paige to explain
  • Jill is back in town and trying to play a playa
  • Chad demands to know what is going on with Sami
  • Rafe and Nicole share a moment
  • Clyde and Jordan hash out some old info
  • Nicole goes to see Sydney

Today’s lineup:

Chad, Sami, Kate,Eve, JJ, Paige, Clyde, Jordan, MaryBeth, Jill, Rory, Kayla and Sydney

Listener Feedback:

Kristy’s comments:

You can’t trust Mary Bitch, Paige

Rory is stirring up shit

I am 20 mins in and bored

I can’t stand Eve. Her acting drives me insane

What is in it for Chad?

Ugh effing sucked

Wendy’s words:

The ho is back. Blackmail time.


I think momma is alive

Bad chad….but I like it

Stephano is looking grey

Oh shut up Mary bitch

Awww sweet chad…I like it

Come on Rafe go find Jordan and mean Clyde

Where is kaylas little boy anyway?

How long do you think it will take for Clyde to smack kate?

Kami’s views:

I literally fell asleep with my iPad in my hand yesterday before I could write my comments!

Anyway . . .

So glad Kristen recorded Treesa admitting she hit John! I’m so sick of Treesa’s nonsense!
Mary Mary (why you buggin’) is still lying for Eve. (Anyone remember that song?)
Finally, we found out what happenend with Jordan. I bet she tells Chad what happened and then Chad finds out that Clyde was involved in EJ’s death. Chad will be like hell on wheels to get revenge!

I can’t believe today’s dom dom dom was Nicole hugging Sami!

Mo’s dish:

JJ needs to get over this whole Jack thing!  Paige does not have a right to know any of it.  The problem is that since this is Salem Paige will probably react exactly like he is afraid she will.

I hope Jill being back means the truth will come out?

It’s so funny that Eve thinks JJ is bad because Jack made mistakes but she’s not worried about Paige turning into a scheming slut since that’s what she was!

Clyde is pure evil.  This does help it make more sense why Jordan didn’t want to confess anything to Rafe.  She’s afraid people will believe Clyde.

There are snowball fights in Hell tonight if Sami and Nicole are hugging!  I love it and I cried!

Most of the rest of today was blah for me, I did a lot of fast forwarding.  I just can’t handle scenes that don’t progress the plot at all.

I’m about to stray far from Days!

You guys I’m loving The Flash too! If you hadn’t heard it got picked up for a full season.  Batman and Superman are normally the “it” boys of the DC universe so I’m happy to see Flash get some love on TV!  Christian choose right now! DC or Marvel?  It’s hard right?

Other new shows in loving…Gotham,Forever, Jane the Virgin, Blackish, and Mysteries of Laura is cute too.  Oh and if anyone wants a second favorite podcast past the #1 Days Drama you should listen to Serial! It’s so addictive and it’s by the same people who do This American Life.  If you like Dateline or true crime shows you’ll love Serial.  Plus I need more people to talk about it with!

Thanks for all the pie love guys.  The encouragement meant a lot.

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261 Days Drama: John doesn’t have to say it.. you just did… 10-22-14


Days Drama: The Days of our Lives Soap Opera Podcast 261

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Show Notes:

On this episode we talk about…

  • Theresa is spooked that Kristen talked to Eve and Anne
  • Brady wants to pay Kristen back
  • Jarlena!
  • Clyde tells Ben he isn’t giving him a penny
  • Jordan asks Abigail about Chad
  • Abigail is jealous
  • Sami calls Kate to help asap

Today’s lineup:

Sami, Kristen, Brady, Eve, Theresa, Clyde, Ben, Jordan, John, Marlena, Abigail, Chad, Kate, Bob, Jennifer and Bruce

Listener Feedback:

Kristy’s comments:

OMG way to talk in public Kate

Sami doesn’t even know who these people are ahah

Ben needs to take Clyde up on his offer

OMG really Abigail… Jordan needs Ben’s approval to see Chad…

Who is watching Ari now? Abigail just leave?

I don’t like Kristen’s dress

I am sure Kristen doesn’t have to be listening .. she is recording when they talk.. if not she is dumb

Sami Brady DiMera Business lmao

I love the new Chad, way better than the old Chad.. sorry Vin

Oh snap… is this why Sami moves away… no zombie EJ to run away too?

AHAHA love crazy Kristen

Milbauer cow haha

Oh shit, How does Treesa know John knows?

Now finally a real DOM DOM DOM

Getting better but still not great.. but getting there

Wendy’s words:

Not a dream this time

A willie Nelson bong lol

Don’t put your foot in your mouth sami, it’s not gonna be what you think. I bet it’s a job offer lol

Abby is so jealous

Baha they wanna make a movie about her life

Take your purse with you Ann lol

Please tell me this isn’t the direction they are going for Sami’s exit! How stupid

I love Kate’s come on snap out of it

Well crap she broke the bug

Gotcha Teresa!

Did you notice John calls her Treesa too?

Kami’s views:

 is excused from today

Mo’s dish:

 Ben is a sell out! I think he’s going to regret making a deal with the devil.

I don’t believe Jordan killed their mom.  Clyde is up to something!  Sorry that’s a dumb thing to say obviously Clyde is up to something and has been since we met him.

So we all agree Abby and Will have got to go?  Is she jealous?? Really? This chick needs to sit down and try to get over herself. She is buying into her own perfect princess hype. Ugh!

Treesa is going down!  I did a crazy scream of joy just like Kristen did!  Now let’s just hope that this confession recording doesn’t float around the way the sex tape flash drive did!!!!

Hmmm how are we feeling about Sami Goes To Hollywood??? I’m not sure yet?  I mean she’s leaving on way or the other but that seems lame. Better than jail I guess.

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260 Days Drama:Eve Larson, I am Kristen DiMera… 10-21-14


Days Drama: The Days of our Lives Soap Opera Podcast 260

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Show Notes:

On this episode we talk about…

  • Kristen visits Eve
  • Brady and Theresa talk
  • Ben tells Clyde he may take his help
  • Sonny and Will argue about article
  • Will goes to see Victor for help
  • Abigail babysits Ari… Chad visits
  • Kate and Sami try to work things out

Today’s lineup:

Kate, Sami, Kristen, Eve, Anne, Theresa, Sonny, Will, Chad, Abigail, Ben, Brady, Clyde, Victor, Allie and T

Listener Feedback:

Kristy’s comments:


T imitates EJ with his accent.. very cute

I am not on Abigail’s pity train either… her and Will can whine together

OMG Will is blabbing to Victor about Kate, Sami and Lucas convo.. he is stupid stupid

The mystery is over. Ben rents a room in someone else’s house lmao

Kristen is diabolical, I love it.

How come no one is Salem can shut doors?

And right on cue, Ben arrives

Love Victor and his tough love

Sami looks so surprised and grateful. She has good facial expressions today

Treesa is gonna realize she had pushed Brady back to Kristen ahha

Sonny is so nosy and questioning Will’s morning so many times it’s like a jealous woman

Love Victor. Need him every day

So maybe I need to take back my Will talk to Victor stupid comment

Ari was awake for a total of 20 mins

DOM DOM DOM glad things are finally in motion

Victor and Kristen are awesome

Wendy’s words:

Watch out Eve you are on Kristen’s radar
In the mansion with a poker I think it was colonel mustard lol
I wish they would get a diff hairstyle for Teresa. That’s too old a look for her.
She’s dreaming
Wow will is trying to help. I thought he was gonna write an article on it
Ben you are gonna make Jordan mad. You told her you would come to her for anything before going to Clyde
Aww love kate and Sami’s emotional scene
Roflmao AARP called Eve
Oh I would love if Kristen overhears eves plans about JJ and tells jen. Then we can get Teresa and Eve knocked off their pedestals
It’s funny to me that abby is so pissed at will for that article, but yet she still talks to gabby, who was in the middle of all the mess of Melanie being kidnapped and the explosion that killed Abby’s dad
What is it about ppl leaving doors open
Love that victor went straight to Sami’s
Yea I think I would tell brady to use me too if I was in your shoes lol
Ha artificial tears
Wow Will be respectable of the dead
Ha even victor told sami to clean up
Hide that wire in Ann’s purse better

Kami’s views:

Thank goodness Will went to Victor! And thank goodness Victor will be in more upcoming episodes!

Ahhhh . . . Loving “Kami” right now! I’m glad Kate is supporting Sami.
I hope Ben doesn’t get sucked into Clyde’s dirty deeds.
Kristen’s dress is a little too cut-out.
I love the AARP joke! Both Kristen and Eve would probably qualify!
Go Kristen! Take Treesa and her 80’s neon shirt down!
Congrats Mo on the pie contest!
Ramona, I’m glad you are studying so hard!

Mo’s dish:

Clyde is “Praising the Lord” a day after having a couple guys killed? Ok?

Aww!  What a beautiful moment between Kami!  Kate went to the wizard and got a heart! I’m so happy.

Did Kate say Sami is the mother of two of her grandchildren?? Am I forgetting something?

Oh duh!  I’m forgetting Will Ha!  I seriously just had a total brain lapse!  I was racking my brain trying to remember what other grandchild Kate has through Sami other than Ally and completely blocked out Will’s existence.  That makes sense because I can’t stand his punk ass. (**Editors Note: I was just about to hit send on this email when I remembered how dumb I am! So I added to above paragraph. I had to work extra early today so I’m delirious)

T has beautiful teeth.

Ha! Victor saying “Take a little time to yourself to clean up. If anyone saw you now they’d know you were guilty”! LMBAO!  God I love him.

The Kristen and Eve scene didn’t go as over the top as I’d hoped.  I think Kristen won that round though.

Why did Kristen choose that dress to meet Anne in?  Did she think she might have to seduce her? I’m confused?  Anne is such an ass kisser though it’s hilarious! He he!

Does Will really think that writing the Chad article is a good idea?  He is such a punk I can’t stand him.  I’m sorry to be a hater but I can’t wait for his marriage to break up.

I don’t have any updates on Freddie but I did see a picture of the car after the accident.  I don’t want to get too deep because I don’t know everyone’s beliefs but from the way the car looked I believe  it’s nothing but a blessing and miracle that Freddie and his friend survived.  I don’t like Sonny but I have no ill will towards Freddie.

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259 Days Drama: Chad DiMera… the heir apparent… 10-20-14


Days Drama: The Days of our Lives Soap Opera Podcast 259

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Show Notes:

On this episode we talk about…

  • Chad and Nicole talk about EJ
  • Will has to redo the article on Chad
  • Kate tells Sami how it is
  • Eve is putting her hooks in Eric
  • Daniel and Kristen have some champagne
  • Maggie runs into Eric
  • JJ turns Paige down

Today’s lineup:

Kate, Lucas, Sami, Jennifer, Daniel, Kristen, Paige, JJ, Will, Chad, Nicole, Eve, Eric, Daniel and Maggie

Listener Feedback:

Kristy’s comments:

JJ just needs to tell Paige.. over it

Buahahaha Eve is a good role model?

Spit it out JJ

OMFG really… he doesn’t want to be someones first?? He should be honored

Nicole looks real bad today.. bad bags

I am not on Will’s pity train.. getting on my nerves

Ugh Eric is gonna fall for Eve Yuck

Shut up Will blah blah blah

OMG Jen is such good friends with Kristen she walks right in?

Say it JJ.. what the hell is wrong with him?

I feel like I have been watching this horrible show for hours… this sucks today

OMFG snooping Will

DOM DOM DOM about time its over ugh

Wendy’s words:

Ok jen is still at work and JJ already went to bed wow
I’m sorry a girl that is a virgin isn’t pushy like a teenage boy
Lol kate told Lucas to tell sami to fix her shirt
God what is nosy will gonna do now

Kami’s views:

Sorry that I didn’t write in on Friday, but I had to prepare for family coming in for Bo’s 3rd birthday celebration (his birthday is today)! Also, I lost all patience on Friday and didn’t watch b/c I could tell it was all filler. Vin, thanks for looking for my emails!  Anyway . . .

Please, Will . . . Don’t be your usual dumbass self and make things worse for Sami!
I think Daniel just likes flirting with Kristen to get information.
Jennifer, please change your shirt!
I couldn’t watch Eve and Eric. If they got together, if I were Nicole, I’d leave town for good!
Mo, Hope your pie did well!

Mo’s dish:

Hi guys I’m house sitting for some friends so no Days for me. Normally if I miss I can catch it on YouTube but the episode they had for today was actually from last Thursday.  I have their DVR set so I’ll be in business for tomorrow.  Thank goodness I know a great podcast for recaps when you can’t watch Days lol!

The pie contest was super fun.  I made the finals!  Top 8 out of 117 pies.  I didn’t end up with a ribbon but the whole thing was for a good cause and I’ll enter again next year! If at first you don’t  succeed dust yourself off and pie again! Get it?!?! Ha!

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