031 Days Drama: OMG there IS a car in Salem!! 11-13-13


Days Drama Podcast 031 Show Notes

On this episode we talk about…

  • Hope tells Nicole about the wedding and video
  • Eric confronts Kristen in the park.
  • Jordan shares some dolce de leche cake with Rafe.
  • Victor apologizes to Brady
  • Maggie vents to Daniel
  • OMG there are 2 cars in Salem

Listener Feedback:

Wendy’s thoughts:

  • The Wizard gave Brady a brain!
  • Beat her down Nicole.
  • Look Vin a car, 2 cars and teleportation LOL
  • Well there went the only 2 cars in Salem ( I snorted I laughed so hard when I read that)
  • Getting slightly better I they are dragging it out till Thanksgiving so they can be thankful Kristen is gone lol

Kristy’s thoughts:

  • Kristen is wearing a cape!! ahahahaha
  • Oh snap Brady’s back!! He thanked Victor woot woot
  • OMG theres a car in Salem.. 2
  • OMG that was a dumb ending. Didn’t really get anywhere but it was fast paced. Glad Brady got his balls back LOL


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