033 Days Drama: TGIF, Angry EJ, and super slow 11-15-13


Days Drama Podcast 033 Show Notes

On this episode we talk about…

  • Will, Sonny and Gabi discuss modeling … somewhat
  • Eric finds Nicole, does she forgive him?
  • EJ and Sami… heated fight LOVE MAD EJ
  • Jordan goes out … what what?
  • Will Brady be tempted to drink?


Listener Feedback:

Wendy’s thoughts:

  • I think Sami’s hair needs a touch up LOL
  • Your brother loved that whore! (this was the best quote of the day!!!)
  • I was gonna comment on Brady’s pink bag but then realized it was Maggie’s LOL
  • Good for you Nicole!! I just knew she was going to forgive him with those puppy dog eyes (full of tears no doubt)
  • I am so sick of them dogging Daniel, when Jennifer was the one to break up with him over and over again.
  • Ha I bet Kristen drained EJ’s bank account LOL
  • It amazes me that 2 alcoholics live in the mansion (Brady and Maggie) but they keep alcohol in the house.
  • Don’t do it Brady you just got your brain back LOL
  • Dang still slow day … come on!

Kristy’s thoughts:

  • Gabi is a bitch!
  • Worst day in a while.
  • NO COMMENTS other than it sucked!

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