092 Days Drama: Some really bad choices…02-19-14


Days Drama: The Days of our Lives Soap Opera Podcast 092 Show Notes:

On this episode we talk about…

  • EJ has a ‘nightmare’
  • Abigail talks to Nick and goes to see EJ
  • Gaby has lost her mind
  • Eric meets with Roman and Marlena
  • Nicole destroys the proof
  • Gaby goes to Nick

Today’s line up:

EJ, Abigail, Nick, Sonny, Gaby, Roman, Marlena, Eric, Brady, Nicole, Sami, Stefano and Abe

Listener Feedback

Kristy’s thoughts:

  • Brady is totally handsome today
  • Abigail is totally crazy
  • Nicole is bad news shredding those docs, it isn’t going to turn out good for  her
  • I think Stefano was responsible for the pics at Smith Island
  • And I think Nick knows about EJ and Abi too

Wendy’s thoughts:

  • Gaby’s a bitch
  • It’s time to throw Gaby in the river…. give me a rock!
  • Damnit Nicole!!!
  • Sonny is cute, they will get married the day before Sami

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