093 Days Drama: Abigail and EJ… and a BIG show!


Days Drama: The Days of our Lives Soap Opera Podcast 093 Show Notes:

On this episode we talk about…

  • Abigail says Sami dosent matter
  • Marlena grills Nichole
  • JJ finally spills the beans
  • Brady gets all up in Eric’s face
  • No one is in AA anymore…

JJTellsAllToday we had a guest host, Wendy!  Thank you once again for filling in for Vin while she is taking a little break and spending some time with her family.  Wendy also typed up some great show notes  today and I’ve posted them here for your reading pleasure!


Marlena grills Nichole:

Roman wants Nicole to give another statement to the police because sometimes people remember more the second time they are interviewed. She says she won’t. Roman and Marlena ask her does she not care about what happens to Eric and she says how can you ask me that of course I do and that was a low blow. Roman has to leave and Nicole tries to leave but Marlena tells her she isn’t done yet. She wants her to tell her everything from beginning to end that happened at the cabin. She tells how they got him to confess not how they got him too though. Then the accomplice showed up with a gun and Daniel had to leave and Chyka got away with the phone. Marlena says that its incredible that Chyka got away from Nicole; Nicole says she feels awful and Marlena is like do you? Marlena tells her that she cant believe he got away and Nicole didn’t find any evidence at all. Daniel comes in and tells her that she wasn’t there Nicole did everything to clear Eric’s name. he tells Marlena she owes Nicole and apology and Marlena is like I’m sorry thanks for trying to help Eric. Really sad. Then leaves. Daniel tells Nicole it must be a shrink thing to always question peoples motives. Eric comes in and is talking about telling people the news and Daniel doesn’t know Eric is leaving the priesthood etc Daniel leaves. Roman comes back to talk to Eric alone Nicole goes to leave and Marlana is waiting outside for her. Marlana tells her she doesn’t believe her story.

Brady and Eric heated conversation:

Brady and Eric are talking at the square and Brady is talking about how Nicole will love the fact that Eric is leaving the priesthood. He guesses that since Eric has had Kristen it’s only fair he get Nicole now. Brady says I’ll always love Nicole but she isn’t the same girl you left years ago. There are parts of her she will never let you see and parts that would bite you on the ass and she has sharp teeth. Eric doesn’t want to hear it and Brady says well I didn’t want to hear it about Kristen either but people told me anyway. He told Eric to stay away from Nicole; no matter what he will wind up with his heart broken and his life torn to shreds * I kept thinking shredded like evidence lol Brady says but whatever brother jump in the waters fine. He doesn’t give a damn about what happens to him. That Eric sails thru the world oblivious and all is working out fine for her. Eric is like I was attacked blah blah Brady says yea and the world is pulling for you and you have a gorgeous girl waiting to pick up the pieces. Eric asks Brady if he is using and Brady goes off on him saying there is the sanctimonious brother. Eric says well you aren’t talking any sense. Brady says well listen to me Nicole is there looking good but later that kitten is going to take her claws out. Brady asks Eric is he too delicate to listen to what he is saying. Eric says I’m just done with you and trying to make peace with you. You need to own up to your own stuff and stop blaming other people. Brady is still talking about Eric having sex with Kristen and how he saw the look on his face and how much he loved it. Eric says oh yes I did it to get at you and mess my life up doing it. Brady said he did it just to have a good excuse to get out of the priesthood and have his ex. Brady tells Eric that he gives him and Nicole 6 months. She will leave him and it couldn’t happen to a guy more deserving.

Daniel Stands up for Marlena and Nicole

Teresa is at the hospital and walks up to Maggie and Daniel and says we need to talk. Daniel says I don’t have time and Teresa says well make time. Maggie tells her she is being rude. Teresa says well just so you know I’m leaving AA it’s not working for me. There is no pay off lying as you guys say in AA no payoff lying to yourself or anyone else so I’m done lying and going to the meetings. It would just be a lie. Maggie leaves. Teresa is trying to get at Daniel telling him his mom doesn’t know what a snake he is, all you do is play people, the good doctor etc, Daniel says no you play people and JJ did what he had to; to stop you and I was delighted to be a part of it. She tells him he always acts like a great guy but she sees thru him. She used to think he was so hot but she sees how he is now. Daniel tells her he doesn’t have time for her. She says will maybe Jen figured it out too and he couldn’t live up to jens standards. That’s why she doesn’t want anything to do with him anymore. Daniel says you don’t get to talk about Jennifer and what makes her think he didn’t tell jen they didn’t sleep together anyway. Teresa-cause she would have come running in here to start a cat fight if she knew. Daniel tells Teresa if she wants to stay healthy she had better stay away from jen.

Brady, Teresa and a lot of drinks – and no one at AA anymore

Brady goes to the club and Maggie walks in and says oh did you switch to scotch and he orders a double when he sees her. She leans in and whispers vodkas better to hide from your breath. He tells her he’s not hiding. She says Brady I know where you are, I have been there when you get ready to crawl out of that bottle I’ll be here. I love you don’t forget that. Maggie leaves and Brady picks up his glass and looks at it and puts it back down and turns like he is going to leave and Teresa walks up. She says how about some company. She tells him she left AA, he tells about his day fighting with his brother and Maggie showing up. Teresa says what is she a vampire or a shape shifter? She is everywhere. Teresa says no one is but them and she is tired of being miserable. Good things come to those who drink. They tell the bartender to keep the drinks coming. Teresa tells Brady she likes him when he drinks.

JJ finally spills the beans to Jennifer

Jennifer is leaving for work and JJ tells her not to go they need to talk. She says she is late and cant. He tells her he can’t let her leave without telling her the truth. Jennifer is like do I need to call a lawyer? He tells her no but he lied and need to tell her the truth and it need to stay between them. Jen thinks dopey and bev got him in some trouble. He says no it was Teresa. He finally tells her he was the one with Teresa when she OD’d not Daniel. Dom dom dom.

He tells her everything from beginning to end. That he had to tell her because she needed to know what Daniel did for him. She said it makes so much sense now them talking all buddy buddy all the time. He tells her to just please don’t go after Teresa. He just had to tell her because Daniel loves her.

Daniel is at home on the phone with Chloe. Parker was supposed to be coming home but Chloe called and said he had a fever and Daniel said it was a good idea for her to keep him there. He gets off the phone and there is a knock on the door and it’s Jennifer.

Abby wants her some EJ

Abby and EJ are in the board room and EJ ask Abby what do you expect and she says you. She says she isn’t about to walk away from this. Ej says it a mistake. She says you keep telling me that but I don’t think we are a mistake. He tells her I’m engaged and she’s all like I know just like you were engaged when we were at the cabin and the gym etc he said I love Sami very much. She says you weren’t even sleeping in the same bed. Then she stops and says you are sleeping together and he says yes we are. And her eye starts twitching… EJ locks the door and she says I’m not going to run out of here screaming if that’s what you think. He says no I just wanted us to have privacy. He ask her if she is ok she says don’t even look at me like that tell me why did you have sex with me? Was it good exercise for you? Nice workout?  Tension reliever? Be honest the only reason you had sex with me was because you weren’t getting any at home. Ej is speechless. He tells her it’s not just a simple answer. She said well I’m a complex girl I think I can follow along. She tells him she knows it wasn’t just sex, she knows he wanted her as much as she wanted him. She tells him lots of things that are messy are worth fighting for. She says you are engaged, you love her and you are getting back together. He says you say that like it doesn’t matter. She yells it doesn’t matter because you loved her all the times before but you came to me. Whatever you have with her isn’t enough, or isn’t working or you want something different, something more. Because you still come back to me. I know what you think, you want to make love here now on this table. Right now. She keeps moving toward him while she is talking. Ej puts his hand inside her jacket and then says you need to leave she says Sami won’t find out. We’ll be careful and they kiss

Dom dom dom


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