094 Days Drama: EJ and Abby on the table and in the alley?


Days Drama: The Days of our Lives Soap Opera Podcast 093 Show Notes:

On this episode we talk about…

  • Hey everyone Eric’s leaving the priesthood
  • Marlena tries to shrink Nicole
  • Brady gives JJ lip
  • Jennifer tells Daniel she knows everything
  • Abby in an alley?

For the second day in a row, we had an amazing guest host, Wendy!  Thank you once again for filling in for Vin while she is out.  Also, once again Wendy also typed up some great show notes  and I’ve posted them here for your reading pleasure!

Eric is leaving the priesthood, did you know?

Eric tells grandma Carolyn that he is leaving the priesthood. He hopes she can be happy for him. While he is inside Nicole and Marlena are still outside “I don’t have a clue where roman teleported to because last show Nicole left so roman could talk to Eric.

The amazing shrinking Nicole!

Marlena is talking to Nicole outside about Eric and says she doesn’t blame Nicole for Eric leaving the priesthood. Of course at this time Sami walks up and hears this. She is like Eric is what and gives Nicole a look like this is your fault. Marlena explains to her that Eric wanted to tell her himself. Sami-to Nicole this is your doing and lays into her. Marlena actually defends Nicole but Sami is going on as usual and not listening to anyone until Eric comes out. He takes Sami away to tell her everything. Nicole says thanks for jumping in there mar! Marlena says don’t call me mar! Marlena apologizes for Sami blaming her and says I’m sure once Eric explains things Sami will apologize. Then they both at the same time say no! Marlena- it’s just that we were taking by surprise by Eric leaving the priesthood. But, its seems like the more I talk to you about everything the more uncomfortable you get and well more guilty you act. “are you feeling guilty?” Nicole-don’t you try to shrink me. Marlena-what about me upsets you? What are you afraid of? Flashback to Nicole finding the evidence.

Be Quiet Sami!!

Eric is telling Sami about him praying about everything. He didn’t want to remain in limbo etc. Sami says Nicole did this, Eric doesn’t see her for what she is but Sami does. Sami tells him she has seen the way Nicole looks at him and knows she had something to do with it. He tells her to just sit down and let him talk. He says you don’t know what Nicole has done for me. Sami – I know what she would like to do for you. Eric tells her about Dr Chyka and how he confessed that he was a doctor for hire on the Dimera’s payroll. Sami looks like he slapped her in the face. She is very upset. He tells her that doctor Chyka told Daniel and Nicole that he was hired by Kristen.

Nicole -I’m not afraid of anything. Especially not you. Why do all of you find it so hard to believe that I want Eric to be happy?  Marlena-I hope you are telling the truth and Sami isn’t right because if she is god help you this town isn’t big enough to hide in. Eric comes back and wants to know what is going on between them. Marlena says nothing and leaves. Nicole sys Eric I’ve done something terrible. Eric tells her not to let everyone make her feel guilty.

Brady puts JJ in his place and Teresa likes it

Teresa is telling Brady that she likes him when he drinks she really likes him. He says I like you when you drink too. They hear JJ behind them on the phone and she gets up to leave. Brady says no no. If you don’t like the drink I’ll order you a new one but I’m not going to let anyone spoil your day…and looks over at jj. Brady asks what is up with you and JJ anyway. She says nothing he’s a little delinquent and thug to boot. Brady wants to know if JJ is the one she wanted to destroy. She says no and he says then someone connected to him. She says I hate 20 questions. He says then I’ll have to ask him myself. Cause I just have to find out now.  JJ comes over and ask Teresa if they can talk and Brady tells him no and Teresa says it’s ok go get me another round. So Brady leaves. JJ sits down and is like I got a video on you; you have one on my let’s just leave it like that. We don’t have to be on edge every time we see each other etc. Brady comes back and says how’s the park these days? JJ Says, I wouldn’t know. Brady says back, Good answer to give the judge since he is the only guy I town clueless about before. JJ he’s the only person in town you didn’t tell. Brady-your mommy needed to know. There’s only one reason you would be in that part of the park; JJ-you would know. Brady-it’s a good thing you didn’t get a prison sentence. With that attitude someone in prison would have made you his afternoon snack. You are a lucky kid. JJ goes back to the bar. Teresa smiles and says I like the way you handled him. Teresa gets the bill off the table and Brady wants to know what she is doing she says I can pay it. Brady-didn’t you hear I’m rich I can pay. She says ok but next time I pay for the first round. She leaves and sonny comes over and asks Brady if he is driving and Brady says no I’m walking and leaves. He comes back to the club later and asks sonny if he left his gloves there. He has them behind the bar and Brady asks sonny if he called Maggie or victor about him. Sonny says no why Brady says when I left here someone was following me. Could it be Kristen??

Teresa is outside the pub and Nicole and Eric are there. Nicole is like oh great just what I need I’m leaving.  Eric tells Teresa I’m leaving the priesthood blah blah as usual. She is like ok whatever.

Nicole is at her office pacing saying I need to fix things. Eric is looking at her like a hero; maybe there is a way to fix this.


Jennifer is at Daniels and says I had to see you I couldn’t stay away. Daniel-I don’t know what you think but it’s not a good idea. She says I finally understand. Daniel thinks she is there to fight with him again like usual. She says please let me in. He finally lets her in and she says I know everything. Daniel – JJ shouldn’t have told you. Jen-you have shown such love for me and my son after all he has done to you. Daniel says well he doesn’t belong in prison. That her being ok means more to him than anything and still does. JJ going to prison would have killed her. Daniel is really emotional. Jen doesn’t want Daniel to be mad at JJ for telling her. He says he’s not; that JJ has been carry a lot of guilt for a long time, but it’s still a big mess. Jen-I’m glad JJ has you in his corner. He says he didn’t make it easy at first but the last few months I see what he’s made of. Jen- you have no idea what it means to me that you care about my son. Dan- I know now. Jen-I am glad to know you Daniel Jonas. Dan-you need to leave. You need to keep your son safe we need to hold the line. Jen doesn’t want to leave she wants to not be in fear of anything anymore. She’s not scared of Teresa. She’s not going to wave a red flag at her. She told JJ she wouldn’t go after her. She knows about the video she has of JJ and that JJ says he has the situation neutralized but Daniel tells her he doesn’t think so. Teresa is gunning for Jennifer and wouldn’t put it past her to go to jail herself to hurt Jennifer. It would hurt his career and JJ could go to prison after all. Jen-the stupidest thing I ever did was think the worst of you when you were the best. If I killed us I’m so so sorry. Daniel kisses her.

ABBY AND EJ – on the table… in the alley…

Abby and EJ are still kissing in the board room. She takes her jacket off; EJ grabs her up and carries her to the board room table and sets her down. EJ takes his coat off and says this is what you want isn’t it. She says yes! He says good cause this is how it’s going to be. We can do it here this time and next time the loading dock. She’s like what?? He says there is this corner right under the loading dock no one would ever see us. They are still kissing and she has her eyes open like what?? EJ says you know where else the alleyway behind the pub. It would be good. We could hear people talking on the other side of the wall. Your family in there while I have their precious daughter up against the wall. Abby is like EJ stop!! He says I thought this is what you wanted. She is like not here not like this. He says you know later there is going to be a big meeting and the mayor will be sitting here and I’ll be over here and all I will be doing is looking over there thinking about what we did in this room. She says I didn’t want it to be like this. EJ says you wanted to hide it from Samantha. You want to have an affair. She says I want to be with you, I just don’t want….EJ says what exactly to you does an affair look like? She looks hurt. She says you are purposely talking about just the sex to hurt me. To make it cheap and degrading. This has never been just about the sex for either one of us and you know it. EJ says it’s true it wasn’t. It’s because I was a selfish idiot. Samantha had good reason to be upset with me and my family; but she didn’t leave; she stayed. Abby-she kicked you out of her bed. EJ-not because she didn’t want me there. It’s just that when we are together it’s so intense its literally blinding. Abby-I don’t want to hear this. EJ- that’s why she wouldn’t let me in right away. Its because when we are together everything else falls away.  Abby-why are you doing this? Are you trying to hurt me? EJ -I’m trying to explain. Abby-no two humans on this earth make love like you and Sami do. I get it. Now you want to pretend that I don’t exist. Like nothing ever happened. Ej-you were right it wasn’t just sex. Samantha walked away and I was lost and you saw me. And that felt wonderful. I was grateful for that. Abby-if you’re going to thank me i’m going to throw something out that window. This wasn’t some service that I did. Ej- I didn’t mean to imply it was. She says yes you did. Having sex with me got you thru a rough spot with Sami. Now that you are fine you want me to disappear. It’s disgusting to you. EJ -disgusting? If anything was disgusting it was me. I cheated on a woman that I love more than my own life. This doesn’t happen again! Ever! EJ apologizes for how she must be feeling. Abby says what that we wont be groping each other in the ally at the pub? Ej tells her that she is beautiful and deserves more. She tells him to not tell her what she deserves. What if I tell Sami about us? Ej-it would ruin my life, hers and their children’s and yours too. But its your choice but either way we aren’t doing this anymore and walks out. Abby cries.

Abby and JJ

Abby is back at her house looking under cushions and JJ walks in and she tells him she lost her credit card….is it in the board room? Jj wants to know when she is going to tell him what is going on with her and he knows its not work. He knows about the older man she has been seeing.

Sami and EJ – “time that the Dimera’s pay”

Sami comes home and is fuming about Eric leaving the priesthood. She tells EJ that it is because of the Dimera’s. There Eric doesn’t blame her even though she lives in the Dimera house etc but if roles were reversed she would. And it was high time that the Dimera’s pay for what they did and she was going to see to it that they did.

Is this how they are going to have her leave the show?

Be sure to watch the show tomorrow, but if you can’t be sure to listen in to days drama. Vin will be back tomorrow! Yay!


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