095 Days Drama: Ejami wedding date set! sorta… Tue 2-25-2014


Days Drama: The Days of our Lives Soap Opera Podcast 093 Show Notes:

On this episode we talk about…

  • Nicole tries to correct a mistake
  • JJ confesses to Abigail
  • Sami and EJ set their wedding date
  • Brady accuses Maggie and victor of having him followed
  • Daniel and Jennifer move forward


Maggie and victor
Brady walks in demands to know if he is being followed. V: Dammit Brady I’ve had about a gut full of you! Maggie: Victor!
V: what he’s too fragile to be told he’s acting like a horses ass!?
B: you are treating me like a child!
I’ve got a call from China and I will keep up my corporate responsibilities and leave you to your keep tabs on Brady campaign
Maggie: well I’m not having him followed! Are you?
Brady back. I took care of china deal issue. V: Ty for doing your damn job! I hope you didn’t cut into your drinking time!  Maggie says we don’t have to have you followed to know you are drinking. Everyone knows you have to find your own bottom. Brady storms out and says go to hell

Eric and Theresa – T try’s to warn Eric more… Blah Eric says he does t want to hear one bad thing about Nicole, ever, he loves her.  Wow ok so Nichole is off limits.  I have learned the hard way it doesn’t pay to be in love

Nichole regrets shredding the papers from dr evil.  Bags up shreds and envisions how it could work. Trying to get into apartment and drops bag of shreds.

JJ and abigale – who is the older man?  Keeps digging and bugging abs.  It’s bad, I can see it.  “Just stop it!” I don’t buy it.  Abs: it’s over JJ. I’ve realized today more than ever. Chang of subject- u wanted to me something?  Tells abs all about black male etc.  Feels like he did right thing. Jenifer shows up and tell at them she is going to spend evening with Daniel. No more secrets in family now yay! Super awkward for JJ and Abigail…

Sami and EJ – Samie keep on raging about EJ family. Keep bitching on and on about “between the baby stealing  bitch and your psychotic sister he didn’t standa Chance! He’s like catnip to women!?” And he has to nice on top of it!! EJ says he dosent want to go down this road again with her and storms off. A stops him.  EJ says i’ve been through this before! u are going after my family and my sister then  you zero in on me and I’m sorry I’m not going to be blamed for the latest Brady catastrophe!!  Sami: no you can’t go! EJ: why because you haven’t finished browbeating me? Why don’t you just put it on tape and listen to it later! { Why is ej’s tie so long? Wow} Sam: I’m mad at dimeras not u.  EJ:.. I’m a dimera… Sam; You’re not your father, you’re not Kristen.  I’m sorry… Really sorry u felt like I was attacking you.  Angry and frustrated and I had to keep a lid on it and Eric. And you know how I hate to keep a lid on anything. EJ: especially the catch a bottle… Sam:  OMG u are obsessive! You don’t even like ketchup! EJ it’s not hyginic. How hard is it?? Sam: ok I’ll work in it. Because I don’t want anything to come between us. I catchup at your father not sure incredibly evil Psychopathics sister… going to say I’m not going to let your troubled sister come between us.  EJ: you’re so sweet I never know how you feel. Sami: I love you tell me everything will be okay tell me what ever come between us. Ejami snuggles. Smiles :). EJ: glad we got the catsup issued resolved. In bed: getting it on!
Post love pillow talk. EJ says he’s very sorry about what happened to her brother, and not just because he’s her brother that she loves him but because he’s a good man. He didn’t deserve what happened to him. Sami: Ty for saying that, thank you for waiting for me and being so patient when I kicked you out of this bed a lot of men wouldn’t have been so patient.  phone rings on nightstand probably Abigail. Nope ciera- shopping blah blah.  Says what about a may wedding? EJ what? EJ: no no no may wedding it is!

Cut to Brady at club TBD says to himself drinking is not what he he’s redoing right now, calls Theresa, she

Dr Daniel and Jennifer – wanting to make up for lost time . D- never thought would happen. Down on couch with j on top.  Making out and Nichole bursts in and sees them!  “Ohhh my god!! What are u doing!?”Super awkward Nichole  tries to leave but Daniel and Jennifer has her to stay and Daniel walks Jennifer out and arranges a date for them that night while he helps his friend .  Jennifer says that Daniel needs to help her the way that he helped her son. Get a little mushy out in the hall of the elevator.
Back inside, Nichole wants to tell Daniel.. Needs helps. Daniel Says she is just confused? Not about dr evil is it? U did all u could right? Maybe it was meant to be? Maybe u need to accept being happy.
Eric knocks on door!  Daniel leaves and Eric can see she is upset. He asks her if she is having second thoughts about them and she says yes, yes I am.  Keep seeing bag is shreds… Says she is afraid she isn’t good enough for him.  Eric says if you say you aren’t good enough for me one more time going to have some real problems.  Mushy stuff. Eric says everything feels so right but he doesn’t want her to rush into anything. Nicole ask him if this was really a choice. would you choose me if you have the chance to be a priest?  Would you!?  Says he is in love And that is his answer. They agreed to have a date that night. She goes to the other room and Eric takes off his coat and kicks over the bag of the shredded paper

Daniel shows up at Theresa’s and she says we have nothing to talk about he says the hell we don’t! She try’s to shut the door but he hits the door and pushes it open and storms in. Daniel tells Teresa that he’s letting her know that he is getting back together with Jennifer. Tresa says big whoop I will alert the media. Daniel says no you will do nothing. right here is where you would have died if I hadn’t showed up don’t make me regret the saving your ass.  he storms out

Be sure to watch the show tomorrow, but if you can’t be sure to listen in to days drama. Vin will be back tomorrow! Yay!


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