Days Drama Podcast 011, Moving the story along… Wednesday 10-16-2013

  • Nicole still turning away interviewers
  • Daniel could be called to the witness stand against JJ
  • Justin goes to see JJ
  • Kristin and Brady find out they can get married in a couple of days
  • Anne and Teresa are up to no good… Teresa is CRAZY
  • Justin told JJ about Chad being shot– quit the pity party
  • Chad’s labs look good
  • Daniel is about to play the jump drive – interrupted by Kristin
  • Teresa goes to Daniel’s apartment
  • Nicole goes to see Brady to tell him he can’t marry Kristin

Kristy’s notes

  • Boring day
  • Seriously Kristin walks in right when Daniel is going to play it!? Ugg.
  • Teresa is like single white female crazy
  • Why is JJ still in his clothes? Stupid Soap Opera!
  • OMG she took the picture (Teresa)
  • DOM DOM DOM Damn Nicole, get it girl


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