121 Days Drama: I Do… not yet 04-02-14


Days Drama: The Days of our Lives Soap Opera Podcast 121

Show Notes:

On this episode we talk about…

  • Theresa and Brady talk about attending the wedding
  • EJ still convincing Carmel (hippie) to give him the certificate
  • T attends to the groom as any best man should
  • Gaby is so wrong
  • Liam pushes stalker boundaries and almost gets busted
  • Daniel and Nicole ditch the wedding

Today’s line up:

Brady, Theresa, Jordan, Rafe, Maxine, Abe, EJ, Carmel, Lucas, Justin, Ari, Sami, Victor, Roman Maggie, Adrienne, Kate, Marlena, Will, T, Sonny, Gaby, Caroline, Ali, Johnny, Eric, Abigail, Sydney, Daniel, Nicole, Liam, Hope Ciara, Jennifer, JJ and Theo

Listener Feedback

Kristy’s thoughts:

  • Hippie guy just babbles
  • HAHA Gaby blew the Nick thing way out of proportion. He wasn’t even talking about Nick Fallon
  • Get out of Theresa’s bed!!
  • Gaby is kissing Sonny’s ass
  • I wanna punch hippie guy in the face
  • HAHA T totally busted Brady
  • Guess we know Sonny’s real name… Jackson
  • Theresa is so trashy taking a used picture frame out of her house for a gift
  • EJ’s entrance is so cute
  • I’m gonna say kinda boring

Wendy’s thoughts:

  • Kate is jealous they didn’t ask her
  • OH and I think they are trying to make Gaby more Glam cuz she is supposed to be a model now
  • Just curious but when Brady grabbed Theresa the other day all mad up against the wall I thought they went upstairs but they teleported to her place
  • LOL he is saging the room
  • I don’t konw if I would trust a certificate from the church of life and energy
  • I wish they wouldn’t make Jen such a dumb butt.. she is a good actress
  • Who is this skinny Buddha… OMG lol a blind date lol
  • Dumb Jen really, showed Liam where her spare key was ugh
  • ROFLMAO Sami opened her mouth and didn’t shut up
  • Uh oh is Daniel gonna walk in on Liam, oh crap
  • Ha love Theresa’s present
  • Love how Maggie just leaves Theresa at the door
  • Thought Sonny was gonna drag Adrienne down the isle
  • OK why wasn’t EJ sitting with Sami and I love how he is leaning way up next to Sami when the wedding starts

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