204 Days Drama:My little Tammy Sue … who? 08-01-14


Days Drama: The Days of our Lives Soap Opera Podcast 204

Show Notes:

On this episode we talk about…

  • Rafe meets Clyde
  • Eve wants Maggie’s money
  • Sami and Kate talk
  • Ben and Clyde talk
  • Rafe wants to know who Tammy Sue is..
  • Kristen beats Daniel up
  • Sami is evil hahahahah

Today’s line up:

JJ, Paige, Eve, Maggie, Kate, Sami, Ben, Abigail, Sami, Kate, Clyde, Jordan and Rafe

Welcome to our live in-studio guests, Jeff, Jonathan, and Marmalade!

Marmalade is helping make the podcast while she is visiting!

Marmalade is helping make the podcast while she is visiting!


Listener Feedback:

Kristy’s comments:

  • Awe puppy love
  • Writing her slut shaming resignation letter in public
  • Can’t believe Eve just thinks she can pick up and touch everything in Victor’s house
  • When is Jordan and Rafe gonna get to talk? This is so annoying and I’m over it
  • HAHAHA Eve’s face is priceless when she finds out who Daniel’s mom is
  • Eve is such and over the top shitty actress
  • OMG Daniel just got his ass whopped by a woman
  • Both Paige and JJ are wet and half naked bet the sex is coming
  • Nope NM JJ always ruins shit by talking
  • Oh wow Eve wants Maggie’s money now. She stupid to mess with Victor
  • Just punch her Daniel
  • Love Paige’s cover up
  • Kristen looks like a rabid opossum
  • I think you are correct about Clyde and Ben
  • Bam in your face Jordan. Jordan needs to take her frustration our of Clyde not Sami
  • I don’t know how Paige has put up with Eve her whole life
  • DOM DOM DOM was pretty good, sucks we gotta wait till Monday
Wendy is having a pomegranate lemonade margarita while watching days tonight!

Wendy is having a pomegranate lemonade margarita while watching days tonight!

Wendy’s words:

  • Ok now would be a good time to fill Rafe in Tammie Sue
  • Well that looks so comfortable the way Daniel is carrying Kristen. Lol I think she is a little tall for him
  • Does Eve know Maggie is Daniels mom? Oops guess not lol
  • Wow Daniel your stupid
  • Can’t believe Eve asked Maggie for money
  • Where did Daniel find tape?
  • Ohhh sami told Jordan about rafe and Kate. Rafes gonna be pissed
  • Lol Maggie didn’t offer Eve tea
  • Dom Dom ehh


Kami’s views:

So Daniel can take down a guy double his size with one punch, but can’t seem to fight off super scrawny Kristen.

OMG! Sami just outed Kate and Rafe! DOM DOM DOM!!!

Let me guess, Paige has decided not to go to Stanford! Whatever!

Other than Sami telling Jordan about Kate and Rafe, this episode was boring. A lot of the story lines seem primed to really get interesting. Let’s go already! Too slow!

Mo’s Dish:

Hey guys! I don’t know if Vin mentioned it but I am sick.  I’m not bed ridden or anything but since I don’t get sick often it is such a weird feeling for me.  I promise unlike most guys I am not a big baby when I’m sick!  As I told Vin earlier today I am cyborg like Beyoncé!  So I am medicated and sipping on an old friends Hot Toddy recipe  I’m just going to try to get this to make sense and catch up with all of you?

Eve needs to stop!  None of this makes sense at all and it seems like the lawsuit should happen after Jen actually gets the money that is meant for the vets?
Eve saying “Well she did recover” to Maggie about hitting her daughter was priceless though!
Was Maggie on the phone with Victor or Jen?
Duh of course Paige isn’t going to Stanford!  She’ll go to Salem U for a month like everyone else.
Does Clyde have more on Tammy Sue than the money and kidnapping thing?  I’m afraid he made her do something nasty before they ran?
In other news if Tammy Sue is going to stand around with boo boo face she may as well tell Rafe the truth! Its so obvious something is up?
DiMera henchmen used to be made of heartier stock!  Dan knocks the guy cold and chokes Kristen out like nothing?? Please! He should have ran or instantly called the cops! Dr Dan isn’t going anywhere.
I loved Kami’s evil cocktail  hour at the pub! Tammy running her mouth made it so easy for Sami to spill the beans.  Sami was on point today unlike yesterday where I have to admit Abby won the round they had at the mansion!
They are setting Abby  up to be the new “it” girl of the show! Gross! Sami’s reign is almost over!
Also from yesterday Will being so sneaky and giddy about screwing over Sami makes me sick!  He gets off on it the same way Sami and EJ get off on messing with each other!  I’m starting to really dislike him.  All this for his cousin over his own mom makes me want to bash his face in.
Here is my fear. Will’s story will get published and cause Kami to be ousted as co-CEOs and possibly arrested for fraud!  If that happens I will have to stop watching so I miss the parade of people coming to tell Sami off in jail! Just my own speculation but I swear I could not watch that!
Happy weekend everyone!
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