242 Days Drama: Mo’s Show And Sami and EJ get Schmoopy… 09-25-14


Days Drama: The Days of our Lives Soap Opera Podcast 242

Show Notes:

On this episode we talk about…

  • Kate and Clyde go on a date
  • Chad and Steffano plot
  • Teresa think she’s in the clear
  • Ben and Abby need a room
  • Sami and EJ get Schmoopy

Today’s line up:

Theresa, Kristen EJ, Sami, Hope, Caroline, Chad, Brady Stefano and John

Listener Feedback:

Kristy’s comments:

Omg Clyde looks so different
Oh snap john doesn’t know why he is in the hospital
Shut up bitter old bitch kate
Abigail has grown some balls
Thought Treesa was gonna inject john with something….
Love Samis dress
EJ is so suave today
Abigail always ruins the moment with her mouth. Keep it shut
Samis ring is unbelievable
Wonder where Ben lives
Oh snap john

Wendy’s words:

Wow EJ you really want to risk talking to abby?

Ok did I remember wrong? I thought yesterday Teresa put the needle in johns IV

Since Clyde shaved his face looks fat

That’s a long fortune in that fortune cookie. Kate you forgot to add …in the bedroom to the end of the fortune lol

Damn what a rock! I like her other ring better.

Oh Caroline is gonna give you hell

Clydes hand is weird. I noticed it before, sorry vin but when he holds his hand out it looks like he is giving the Vulcan sign of live long and prosper

Yes ben and abby you need to grow up and get your own room so you can go screw

Thought they gave him a sedative

Kinda boring hope tomorrow is better

Kami’s views:

Wow! Clyde looks great! It sounds like he is toning down his accent too.

I knew that something would go wrong with John – of course he doesn’t remember that night.
I hope Kate is not right about EJ. Hmmmmm?!
Caroline, get a grip! Does Hope have to hang around forever waiting for Bo?!
Christian – I “basically” had the same verbal tick. Speak slower and it will go away.
Hi Mo! Good luck co-hosting!

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  1. I don’t even watch the show but I hear about all the drama from one of my besties… However, love that Mo guy! Sure is a comfortable host. I could listen to that sexy milk chocolate voice all night!


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