243 DaysDrama.com Double, Triple, Quadruple Married! And Mo’s Back! 9-26-14


243 DaysDrama.com Double, Triple, Quadruple Married! And Mo’s Back! 9-26-14

Thanks again to Mo for filling in today for Vin!  He did an awesome job and of course it It’s always a party!!

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Show Notes:

On this episode we talk about…

  • Sami and lucas argue
  • Chad and jordan flirt
  • Chad is playing EVERYONE
  • Abby is AMAZING
  • Clyde has plans
  • EJ Gets a surprise visit

Today’s lineup:

EJ, Sami, Lucas, Chad, Kate, Abby, Clyde, Sonny, Will, Ben, Stefano

Listener Feedback:

Wendy’s words:

Hey Ari is awake!What are you doing EJ?

Lol I knew Sonny was going to say chad has changed lol really?

Oh chad is gonna start workin Jordan since she is ben’s “sister”

What is that weird looking basket thing in wills apartment? They always show that ugly thing.

Today Lucas is nosy body

Uh oh kate said make ej disappear. Clyde will help that come true.

Sonny will loan their bed to ben and abby.

Wow kids just got home from camp and they are going to s hook

Shaky cam….must me EJ’s mommy dearest with her press on nails

Let me guess she will spill coffee on that white outfit

Let me guess they will go to green mountain lodge everyone salemites get away

Wow you mean chad is workin against stephano wow

Ok sami just left the house in pants and now she is wearing a dress weird

I thought stephano fixed Susan’s teeth lol dang she just showed at the end

Kami’s views:

All the little kids are back! Even the baby is awake … Wait, now she is asleep.

Who is Chad double crossing – Kate or Stefano? It seems like Stefano.
Ouch Lucas – “wash, rinse, repeat!”
Ouch Sami – “you sound like your mother!”
OMG – I had no idea Susan was EJ’s Mom. I remember Susan when she imprisoned Kristen and Marlena, but stopped watching on a regular basis shortly thereafter. Of course, we’re on Salem time because EJ should only be teenager now!
Mo – great job!

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