333 Days Drama: Let me AXE you a question!! 02-13-15


Days Drama: The Days of our Lives Soap Opera Podcast 333

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Happy Birthday Month Kami!!!

Show Notes:

Blah blah and more blah

Today’s lineup:

Adien, Hope, Nicole, Serena, Melanie, Jordan, Abigail, Ben, Chad, Daniel, Theresa, Brady and Eric

Listener Feedback:

Kristy’s comments:

  • Days is so boring
  • Chad keeps saying what he said lmao
  • Hope is scaredy cat ESP for being a detective
  • Treesa just can’t drop Brady
  • This whole Aiden/Hope thing is so ridic and I want it too be over
  • Blah sucky sucky
  • DOM DOM DOM glad it’s over

Wendy’s words:

  • I love Jordan’s dress and Teresa’s; Melanie’s sucks though.
  • yea Aiden you scared the piss out of me. I thought you were Jason coming to get me.
  • Hope did you not get a manual on how to use your Iphone? you dont turn it on like that. That is totally a mophie on her phone. Looks just like mine. lol
  • great let him put the groceries up while you hide the ipad better oh and look she found her coat.
  • serena better figure out a present now lol just lie and say its me cooking for you der
  • wow melanie told him she loved him…..that was fast.
  • is it just me or does Jordan have a big ass bruise on her head?? looks like she might have wiped up and her eyebrow liner smeared or someone smacked her.
  • see dumbass you shouldnt have left it on the couch
  • i’m glad that daniel overheard nicole on the phone with her boss
  • Love Melanie telling Teresa EWW
  • better fix your own drinks and food Hope
  • ok Hope this is weird; its drag marks but they are going to the front door where you just came in from. So, hope where are you going to put the axe? considering you were sooooo good at hiding the iPad.
  • should have kept that axe hope. DOM DOM DOM
  • I got off work early today……….signed anonymous!
  • lol Happy Friday 13th and Happy Valentines day!

Kami’s comments:

  • Blah
  • Thanks for the b’day wishes

Mo’s dish:

  • I don’t even know where to start with this mess…ok listen if the writers aren’t going to bring the main storylines to some kind of DomDomDom then they need to have little B-plot stories that are moving along.  The JJ/Eve story & The PaulSon/Horita story need to climax NOW!  It’s like Days can only do a major reveal every 6 months or so.  Sami’s Revenge was the last one and before that was the Kristen/Eric sex tape reveal.  The show is mostly filler of repetitive dialogue and flashbacks. Blah!
  • Serena is being a weirdo just like Aiden and she’s making herself look shady for no reason.  When Nicole and then Eric showed up all she needed to do was excuse herself to the bedroom to give them a private moment, switch the damn elephant and be done with it.
  • Aiden is probably not crazy.  He will show Hope the end of the video and it will make it seem like he’s telling the truth and Meredith was nuts after all!  Boom another bridge of stupid till Bree shows up again and plants more doubt in Hope’s head.  I think we discussed this a while back but I like the theory that Chase somehow killed his mom and Aiden is covering for him.  Could you imagine? Chase a littler murderer and Ciara the little sociopath that she is? They’d be a match made in Hell.

Zannie’s wordZ:

  • excused from the day

Kiyana’s Comments: 

  • Had absolutely no comments!

Bobbi’s Blurb:

  • Everyone wears appropriate office wear – NOT Jeannie/reesa – skintight keyhole dress, stiletto heels. That isn’t appropriate dress for a work environment.  Jordan’s KEYHOLE is HUGE – her new boobs are gonna pop right out. How is that office appropriate. People are always down on Abby’s dress, but she dresses office appropriate the majority of the time. Although, we were not allowed to go sleeveless, at first. Then they made a rule about the size of the armholes. You think I am kidding, I’m not. You also had to make sure the part at the top was wide enough. You had to wear a bra, your hem had to be six inches from your knee, your shorts had to be tailored dress shorts and not tight. The 6” rule was fine and good if you were tall, but us short girls…
  •  Pull up your damn dress Mel – you look like a slut and a doof at the same time! I’m sorry, I hate that dress. I would prefer the tighter sweater dresses we used to wear, this one looks messy and slouchy.
  • Poor Brady, there is a baby girl for him. What is he gonna adopt this girl, then get his twins so he will have 3 kids? Yeah, he and Mel and ready for a baby. OMG this is ridiculous.
  • Jordan & Abby were talking – I think – they were talking about that lady that left days to go be Adalind’s mother on Grimm. I think she went on to play someone else after she was killed on Grimm. Then Jordan made it all about her. Then Kristen left days to be on another soap. Then Abby ran off because her scene was over. And Jordan took a deep breath so she didn’t split her dress.
  • Nicole’s voice mail message  sounds like a phone sex line
  • Poor Hope is rattled by Aiden. She just wants to make a call. How conveeeeeeeeeeeeenient, Aiden dropped his phone. He’ll just put away the groceries including the new tricks up his sleeve, then he’ll take her to the payphone. Hope is outside pacing after she puts the iPad under the pillow. That was sure smart. I wonder if Aiden will find it? Of course he will, duh. Hope starts talking to herself again. Then she goes back in the cabin. Aiden is not on the couch anymore – where has he gone? Hope sees drag marks on the floor. Then she runs to open the closet. Grabs a butter knife/letter opener and prys open the closet, grabs the axe and looks at it. (She was shot, yo!) Hope puts the axe back, shuts the door and there’s Aiden behind her. Oh No!
  • How many times are Ben & Chad going to talk about the comment – enough for someone to overhear? Sure. They are in the pub forpete’s sake.  I’m sorry, I think Ben looks like a ferret. Ben said his lawyer is busy playing nutbag in Puget sound with Hope. When he’s done, he will make it all better
  • Again with the doors open at Eric’s. They need auto closing doors in Salem. I could make a bundle. Auto-closing, auto-locking.
  • Jeannie/Treesa and Mel start bickering again – this time about who would be a good baby daddy, not Brady evidently. Clint ‘warns’ Mel again that he is looking after Jeannie/Treesa
  • Chad & Jordan start talking and all Chad can do is stare at her chest. I ain’t gonna change Jordan.
  • They put Serena in animal prints almost every day – watch, you’ll see – it is like Anne’s wrap dress. Poor Serena – no cooking for her!HaHaHa HaHaHa Serena plays with her elephant again. Bad luck.
  • Daniel & Nicole – blah blah blah
  • Ben & Abby – you need a lawyer dumb bass.
  • Mel Ewe Searches Dr Mandrake. She looks upset – Oh No!


Joel’s comments:

Audio file

  • I always heard that those with low self-esteem attempt to make them self feel better by tearing apart others. That to me is Teresa. Bless her heart
  •  Daniel and Nicole, getting closer…. AGAIN. If they do get back together, all I can say is, they deserve each other. Blah!
  • Hope and Aiden, I thought for sure one of the 3 or 4 times Nancy Drew went all the way into the walk in closet, Aiden was going to shut and lock the door on her. And she left the iPad under a pillow…. she did not learn better hiding places in the Salem PD? Maybe she should get a job with suitcase or cargo inspection.
  • Ben, Chad, Jordan, and Abigail, just a lot of talk.
  • Elephant-Gate, the misery continues!!
  • One more thought on Aiden and Hope, you never know someone till you travel with them! Aiden even looked like he was getting annoyed with Hope.
  • Till tomorrow gentle-listeners.


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