334 Days Drama: She is one in a million…thank God! 02-16-15


Days Drama: The Days of our Lives Soap Opera Podcast 334

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Happy Birthday Month Kami!!!

Show Notes:

Serena has changed

Melanie finds a pic of Dr Mandrake

Daniel and Eric are good

Clint Eastwood splits

Hope needs to run

Today’s lineup:

Adien, Hope, Paul, Will, Sonny, Arianna, Marlena, John, Serena, Melanie, Daniel, Theresa, Brady and Eric

Listener Feedback:

Kristy’s comments:

  • Why did only pics show up on the search instead of articles?
  • Treesa is a basket case
  • I am so over this Hope and Aiden bullshit
  • Melanie’s laptop is huge
  • OMG I want a cupcake
  • Oh it won’t make anything easier Marlena
  • Hope is acting a fool
  • Bet Aiden didn’t do anything to his wife
  • A real DOM DOM DOM blah

Wendy’s words:

  • Ok turned TV on to watch days and saw Belle sorry don’t know her real name on general hospital. Belle is John and Marlena’s daughter.
  • Will if you didn’t want her to pull Sonny’s stitches ou,t then don’t sit her on top of him.
  • Omg Melanie found a pic of Clint and Mandrake.
  • Ok today Aiden was there to see her close the closet door.
  • blahhhh Serena and Eric
  • You are being really obvious Hope and he knows dumbass thanks to your brains and great hiding skills. Bet Ciara loves it when you hide Easter eggs.
  • Really Hope you think the iPad crawled over there on the other side of the couch?
  • To late Daniel, John is already at Brady’s house.
  • Why the heck did Paul get so upset at Marlena??
  • lol Marlena did Melanie’s pffffttt
  • Poor Teresa, used and abused. She just doesn’t know it.
  • For someone that’s not guilty (Aiden) he sure acts guilty.
  • Bahahahaha Clint Eastwood ohhhh he dropped your ass like a hot rock Teresa
  • uh ohhhhh Sonny will remember soon as he reads the article.
  • So Mandrake is a fertility expert….how did that make him an expert drugging Eric? Cause it made him happy? haha
  • John and Marlena should adopt the little girl.
  • Been lying about what? What? Damn. I still say Chase accidentally shot his mom.

Kami’s comments:

  • Leave Hope, leave! What are you waiting on! I could throw down better than her! I thought you were a cop! Cut him up!
  • Will looks like an 80 year old grandpa. Unbutton your shirt!
  • Poor Treesa! Cliff (or Clint) what’s-his-nuts is leaving her like a cheap whore! Ha!

Mo’s dish:

  • Today was still pretty blah for me.   All I really have to say is that Deidre Hall is ageless! She looks so good!
  • Bye bye Clint Buttons.
  • Geeze Paul relax.
  • Blah.

Zannie’s wordZ:

  • Oh NOOOOOOO Hope!!!
  • I told ya I’d be back in a flash!!
  • I am loving #Haiden (3 Zandwiches)
  • You know Bo is usually the one that gets Hope out of the predicaments. I wonder who with save her this time.
  • I knew they wouldn’t waste a new set just for a few episodes
  • I haven’t ben this excited to see Hope since Princess Gina
  • Oh. My. Gosh. This week is being up to be spectacular!
  • Did Theresa drink from the bottle or just put it on her lips ..
  • I think I stopped breathing for like 2 seconds #Haiden
  • 2 Zandwiches and 1 thumb up for Princes Gina
  • I haven’t been this excited for tomorrow since Sami mourning the loss of Elvis 2 Zandwiches and 1 thumb up
  • Everything else was so secondary to me today. I am excited about Mandrake and William’s article and and and AND #HAIDEN

Kiyana’s Comments: 

  • So what was Clint’s last assignment? Dr. Mandrake said “you know what you have to do” but they didn’t show what it was. I kinda felt bad for “Treesa” when he treated her so cold. I giggled so hard when she said she didn’t know his last name and he said “Eastwood”! LOL!
  • Melanie is going to help put together the facts about what happened with the baby. It should be good.
  • Derick just keeps making situations go from “worse to worser”. LOL (shout out to the bus rider who waited a long periolollicly time)—But seriously, he keeps poking his nose into things and messing things up. Now Paul thinks he has a chance with Sonny.
  • I wonder what will happen when Sonny sees that article. Will he remember and rip into Will or will he get so upset that he goes into a soap opera coma? My money is on the latter.
  • I’m trying to figure out how Hope will get out of this situation. Maybe the cab driver will save her??? Somebody’s gonna come in and save her….Finally some drama.
  • Happy Birthday Month, Kami

Joel’s comments:

Audio file

Bobbi’s Blurb:

  •  Eric finally admitted he was an idiot. I just realized that when Serena fell, she could have broken her elephant. Good thing she didn’t, what would she play with when she is alone. More elephant fondling. Then she hollers at the person on the phone again. They evidently have horses, because she told them to hold them.
  • Wow, Ewe Search catalogue images too, just like google, imagine that. Mel asks Serena to use her own stuff to fine info on Mandrake. He is a fertility dr in Chicago.
  • Hope, you are gonna get it. Wow, she just figured out he knows! Is Aiden the only one allowed in the kitchen? Grabbing her and carrying her around isn’t going to convince her you dumb bass. That is called menacing and manhandling. Lookit how big you are and you is a man and she is a tiny little girl person. You big bully! I will stab you with my letter opener!
  • Serena:  Nothing is more dangerous than feeling sorry for someone it clouds your judgment and makes you vulnerable? What a crock of baloney. She is obviously not a compassionate person. She doesn’t belong with someone who’s vocation was being a priest. Maybe she should stop playing with her elephant so much and she and Eric might have a better connection – note she might put him above her stupid toy.
  • Paul is all passive-aggressive in Marlena’s face. It was like I’m gay and it is your fault because you wanted to talk to me you nosybiotch, if you hadn’t kept hounding me in the hospital, it never woulda happened. I would have thrown him out. He is a little nasty in my opinion. See, I was right, grumpy gus. I know it is a huge life change, but we all have huge emotional baggage, do you want to hear my hidden life stuff? No? I didn’t think so.
  • I guess Sonny did forget. He’ll remember as soon as he sees the magazine cover (with Will’s picture in the corner).
  • So, you make a doctor cupcakes if you don’t have to pay them? NOT, you have to pay for your insurance, so… It was a very fancy cupcake keeper though.
  • Clint says wham bam and leaves, she is all clingy.

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