335 Days Drama:OMG, it was Chase… Thing&TheThing! 02-17-15


Days Drama: The Days of our Lives Soap Opera Podcast 335

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Happy Birthday Month Kami!!!

Show Notes:

The wedding ring has been found

Victor talks to Clyde one last time

Derrick is stirring the pot

Hope gets the truth out of Aiden

Paul goes to see Sonny

Today’s lineup:

Hope, Aiden, Paul, Justin, Adrienne, Lucas, Sonny, Will,  Victor, Marlena, Kae, Clyde, Derrick and Roman

Listener Feedback:

Kristy’s comments:

  • Lucas looks a lot tanner
  • Ugh. How many interruptions can Sonny have? I want him to see the damn article
  • For being straight men, they sure do look convincing while kissing
  • Yay Will left the iPad. Sonny is bound to see it today. Fingers crossed
  • I feel bad for Aiden. What evidence Hope? You have none, she is a shitty detective.
  • Justin is very tan too
  • I don’t believe Victor is just giving in
  • Oh now you want to be sweet Hope? She is a bitch
  • Paul is ballsy
  • OMFG Hope is getting on my last nerve today
  • Justin closed the door but didn’t close it… why bother?
  • Love how everyone says they want to spend time Arianna but they all act like it’s a huge burden to stay with her
  • Marlena and her gloves trying to hide her old woman hands lol
  • Oh shit Paul is causing Sonny to remember
  • I want Sonny to be with Paul. Will will be oh woah is me I am just like my whore mother lmao
  • Called it Aiden didn’t do it. Poor Aiden
  • OH shit I think Victor is setting up Clyde. Smart man
  • Yay finally a good episode and stories are moving along Yay
  • Paul ratted out Will. WOOT WOOT I think Paul has played this whole situation from the beginning. Smart man
  • DOM DOM DOM 2 Zandwiches

Wendy’s words:

  • Yea Justin is back
  •  I told you chase did it.
  • I have a feeling clyde isn’t going to let this go with victor.
  • Those shoes are awful big for a four year old.
  • Ohh Lucas gave Justin hell
  • What is Clyde needing to tell Marlena?
  • It’s fixing to go all to helk. Good maybe will leave and go back to California dom dom dom
  • Mehhh

Kami’s comments:

  • Poor Chase! Don’t tell Hope! It will ruin his life!
  • Victor – is he really giving in? Where is Damon?
  • Glad to see Justin could make it back. He looks way over tanned and too thin.

Mo’s dish:

  • Audio file

Zannie’s wordZ:

  • eh
  • So now Hope want to be a detective?

Kiyana’s Comments: 

  • Oooh look at Derick being honest with Paul about wanting a chance to be with him.  We need to find Derick a love interest.
  • Please tell me that Victor has another plan. I don’t see him REALLY giving in to Clyde.
  • Damn! Sonny is giving Justin a well-deserved hard time. Let him have it, Sonny!
  • OMG! Chase did kill his mother! Whoa!  I’m over here screaming! WHAT’S BEHIND THE WALLLL????!!!!!!!!!!
  • Lucas better slow his roll–yelling at Justin. It’s so obvious he wants to be with Adrienne.
  • Dang, Chase doesn’t remember shooting Meredith but Aiden suffers with the memory everyday of his life. He’s tormented. Poor thing.
  • Uh Lucas! One thing you don’t tell a man when you’ve spent time with his wife is that you were doing what he should’ve done.
  • You’re lucky Justin didn’t tear you apart.
  • Thank you thank you thank you Derick for being a busy body. That prompted Paul to go to the hospital and spill the beans to Sonny. NOW we’re getting somewhere!
  • I really enjoyed this episode. Can’t wait to watch tomorrow!
  • Happy Birthday Month, Kami!

Joel’s comments:

Audio file

Oh. And holy flashback! They totally flashbacked BEYOND the show’s orbit. Amazing!

Bobbi’s Blurb:

  • Oh no, Adrienne joined the lost hairbrush crowd and after she got caught in a windstorm, of all the bad luck..
  • Busybody bellhop strikes again.
  • Aiden has the letter opener now. He should have said you threatened me first. Turns out Chase killed his momma. Aiden cries and Hope prys. Aiden starts choppin the wall. Chase’s clothes are in the wall. He was only 4 playing with the gun. OK, then why does he have such memories of the house if he was just 4 and they had just bought it? I cry BS.
  • Kate and Marlena at the house – Marlena gets suspicious when Kate asks about the boys’ relationship. Oh please, Roman’s comment – these two women are old friends, Seriously! Roman brings Sonny’s wedding ring.
  • Kate gets stuck with the imaginary baby. Will finally gets home.
  • Justin visits Sonny and asks 20 questions and then Sonny makes him feel guilty. Daddy, you missed Christmas.
  • Lucas has a stink face on when Justin and Adrienne are meeting up.
  • Justin makes it all about him, and Lucas calls him on it and the fact he didn’t go after his wife. Justin gets the idea the Lucas was there for Adrienne. Leave the mice alone dude.. Lucas admits he was here doing what Justin should have done.
  • Paul goes after Sonny, meets Will in the square and they have a talk about Sonny w/o mentioning Sonny’s name. Paul sneaks into Sonny’s room.  Touches his poof and his cheek. Confesses all the junk to him and gives him the article. Dom dom dom

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