336 Days Drama: You slept with my HUSBAND!!! 02-18-15


Days Drama: The Days of our Lives Soap Opera Podcast 336

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Happy Birthday Month Kami!!!

Show Notes:

Aiden opens up to Hope with the true story

JJ is losing it

Serena gets more Mandrake info

Melanie seeks help

Sonny is livid

Today’s lineup:

Hope, Aiden, Sonny, Paul, Will, Nicole, Melanie, JJ, Eve, Jennifer, Daniel, Serena, Theresa, Marlena and Abe

Listener Feedback:

Kristy’s comments:

  • For someone that doesn’t want to see Nicole, Daniel seems to keep running into her
  • I feel bad for Aiden
  • Nicole’s trying to change for the 100th time lol
  • Poor Sonny
  • Get the point Nikki. Dan Dan is not your friend and doesn’t want to be
  • I want JJ to confess to Daniel. I just want to see Daniel’s face
  • Will has the stupidest fake smile at Abe. He is a shitty actor
  • Stop being a dick to Daniel, JJ. He is just trying to help you punk
  • Glad Hope isn’t being a bitch to Aiden anymore. I really like him.
  • I am over the Eve and JJ thing. I want him to confess so we can see the backlash and get this over with
  • What horrendous store does wardrobe shop at?  Will’s shirts get worse and worse just like his acting
  • I like Treesa’s top, I can’t tell if its a dress but it’s cool
  • HAHA Love Melanie asking Nicole for help. You’re sneaky, underhanded and always digging up dirt on people!! ROFL Nicole’s face is priceless
  • Ewwww again
  • Bet Daniel is going to go to Eve’s to try to figure out what she did to break up JJ and walk in on them
  • Sonny looks like he is gonna puke
  • Can’t wait for the shit to hit the fan!
  • DOM DOM DOM or lack there of

Wendy’s words:

  • I’m with everyone else I cant figure out why the hell Aiden hid the clothes in the wall of all places.
  • Wow Will just grab Marlena’s Ipad without asking.
  • You know Vin I think Days would get more male viewers too if they had Lesbians on the show lol sorry if that offends anyone. I don’t mean anything by it.
  • Haha love Serena giving it to Eve. Wow Teresa is a bitch.
  • He’s not gonna want that ring Will.
  • I never thought Paul knew about Sonny and Will.
  • A sure sign that Chase is going to start having nightmares and remember now is the fact that Hope and Aiden are going to make sure he doesnt remember.
  • Haha yes Jennifer they are over because of Eve for sure. More than you know.
  • You aren’t going to have that cheesy smile for long Wilber…..You will be showing us that nasty ole pouty dry eyed face.
  • Oh snap, Teresa just told Jen Jen
  • Oh well guess you dont have to worry about Paige seeing who he has been calling  now. oh wait he has one of those non destructive phones.
  • Ok so now we have a voice to go with Serena’s boss.
  • Love Melanie telling Nicole that she is sneaky and underhanded so she is perfect lol
  • Oh let me guess ughhh yes JJ has gone to see uhhhh huhhh oh shit again
  • Oh wait til Paul tells Marlena.
  • Take it off and throw it across the room Sonny!! Damn i wanted some action!

Kami’s comments:

  • Hmmm – I still think there is something up with Aiden. I wonder if Hope will watch the rest of the video and learn that Meredith did not talk about having to hide her gun from Chase.
  • Eve and Treesa had different coffee cups from Club TBD to the square.
  • Treesa actually had good insults to throw Jennifer’s way.
  • Will looks like such an ass with that corny ass smile of his walking into Sonny’s room.
  • What a great diet – watch Eve and JJ have sex and throw up the last meal that you ate!

Mo’s dish:

  • JJ you didn’t fall in the mud you fell in your girlfriends mama!  You feel so guilty that the only thing that makes you feel better is the thing you are guilty about in the first place?!?!?!  Confess already then you whiny little cry baby because I’m sick of hearing about it.
  • Ok so Aiden is a murderer but he still might be a little crazy?  What would be the point of Meredith planting the antifreeze? Did she have a plan to frame Aiden and her being accidentally killed was just a crazy coincidence? Why was he banging on the door like Jack Nicholson in the Shining??? I get that he needed to act weird and crazy to make us think that he was shady but let’s get real.  Chase was 4 at the time of the accident so he’s 9 now. It’s not like the cops are going to come and drag him off to jail and they wouldn’t have 5 years ago either. Also if Chase had found Meredith’s gun once before how in the hell did she not find a replacement hiding place that wasn’t accessible to a 4yo?
  • Haha I love the shout out to One Life to Live between Serena and Eve!
  • I hope that Mel and Nicole team up to figure out this Mandrake thing! Nicole needs something else to do so I’m excited for this.
  • I don’t think Paul knew about Will and Sonny.  He looked really sad poor guy. I can’t wait for Sonny to let Will have it because Will is on my last good nerve!  I think you guys may know by now that I do not line Will. Have I mentioned it?  Vin is right she is directly responsible for me being Team Sonny now but Guy Wilson in the role of Will made it much easier.  I’m sure he’s a beautiful person but he is not doing this character any justice.  Sorry if anyone out there loves him. I want my Chandler back! Chandler was everything!  Could it BE anymore obvious that Guy’s gotta go?!?

Zannie’s wordZ:

  • Ummm so I was in the kitchen and I heard Eve’s music. I was like surely Eve did not just walk in. So I rewound and yup she did #EvesThemeSong
  • I guess dayZ is keeping Aiden since he wasn’t the psycho killer I wanted him to be
  • I feel bad for Sonny
  • OMG they were obviously different cups LOLOL
  • Or maybe it was their second cup lol
  • What ever happened to Chez Rouge? Maggie’s restaurant thingy
  • WOW Aiden made me tear up
  • LOLOL Abbygail couldn’t keep her pants on #iLoveIt
  • Theresa had some good lines so far
  • Eve loves Jack Junior
  • SOOOO Jack Junior is goinna be his ex girlfriends step daddy
  • Good for Serena Mason Jar there is finally a voice on the other end of the phone
  • I’m mad all the secrets come out at the same time
  • Jack Junior Noooooooooooooo I was only kidding about you being Paige’s step father lol
  • Awwwww Sonny
  • 1 Zandwich 1 thumb up

Kiyana’s Comments: 

  • I am really getting sick of Nicole basically begging for everybody’s approval. It has gotten old. Although I think it was cute the way Melanie asked for help.
  • I don’t like the storyline of Hope bonding with Aiden over the cover-up about Meradith’s death. I think they will regret it.
  • I hope nobody interupts Sonny before he can tell Will what he knows. It’s going to be fun watching stupid Will try to squeeze out fake tears. And then on top of that, Paul is about to spill the beans to Marlena! Now this is what I’ve been waiting for!
  • I hope I didn’t forget anything. I’m so sleepy and woke up this morning not feeling well.
  • Talk to you guys tomorrow!
  • Happy Birthday month, Kami!

Joel’s comments:

Audio file

  • Cabin-Gate is done!!! Praise to Buddha! And the only thing to take away is and I paraphrase “You’re a police office and I’m a lawyer, let’s flaunt the law!”
  •  Nicole and Daniel… Bleh!
  • Dr Marmaduke storyline… movement…. good. Favorite line, “Nicole, you’re sneaky…”.
  • Why do people always get angry at the wrong person in a cheating situation. Never their partner, but always the other person. Sonny, you should be yelling at Will! The fact that Will never wore his wedding ring came out…. that’s a good thing. And Paul, I’m not sure how receptive Marlena will be hearing her beloved grandson is a lying, cheating garden implement.
  • One more thing, let me put on my tinfoil hat and float out a conspiracy theory. I was so disgusted by Will’s  (Guy Wilson) expression when he walked in the room when Abe was questioning Sonny. The expression… there was just something wrong with it. Anyway, what if the powers to be at Days KNEW how bad Guy Wilson was and how the fans would react? Maybe it’s like a passive aggressive “#$%@&@ YOU!” to the fans.
  • Something to think about.
  • Good night everybody.

Bobbi’s Blurb:

  • Sonny’s a little ticked.  He was my husband dumb bass. Sonny’s gonna pop his stitches. Will comes in grinning like an idiot. You outdid yourself Will. He puts the ring on and Sonny looks really ticked again.
  •  So it was Chase, but why would Meredith think you were trying to kill her? Where’d he get the clear bag? What a stupid way to wrap this story up. Hope is looking at him stony like when he is crying and begging.
  • Mel is figuring out the baby thing with Mandrake, Clint and Jeanniereesa. I am sure Serena isn’t going to be much more help.
  • Seems like Jen is all wrapped up in JJ’s stuff, but the school stuff, she has a right to be. She is probably paying for his school, so if he flunks, she is on the hook for it.
  • No I don’t want the cootie jacket! No thank you!
  • Jeannieressa with another inappropriate work attire. Why is she in a new dress, but Mel is still wearing the grey blanket around?
  • Eve in her bedroom voice, What are you doing here?
  • Paul is going to tell Marlena about the affair, she is probably going to cut the meeting short


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