337 Days Drama: Was on my way to Paul Narita’s room!! 02-19-15


Days Drama: The Days of our Lives Soap Opera Podcast 337

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Happy Birthday Month Kami!!!

Show Notes:

Rafe is back

Kate wants to talk Lucas about Adrienne

Adrienne and Justin go to the new club

Serena and Eric get busy

Paul confesses to Marlena

Poor Sonny

Today’s lineup:

Will, Sonny, Paul, Marlena, Caroline, Eric, Serena, Adrienne, Lucas, Justin, Victor, Rafe, Kate and Clyde

Listener Feedback:

Kristy’s comments:

  • Rafe’s back yay
  • Caroline remembers who Sonny is
  • Since when are there hostesses at a night club?
  • Oh shit Justin is cheating
  • I’m trying to staying awake… I am bored
  • Eric has gray chest hair. Didn’t realize he was hairy
  • Sonny’s hair is still perfect. No bed head
  • Ewwww what a horrible first kiss Lucas and Adrienne
  • Not as gross as JJ and Eve but still ewwwwww
  • Another blue dress for Serena
  • Did Eric bet new kitchen table??
  • I like angry Sonny.
  • DOM DOM DOM boring Zero Zandwiches

Wendy’s words:

  • Of all times for grandma to crawl out of the pub.
  • Rafe is going to know something is going on Victor.
  • Ha Clyde and Kate are going clubbing. I guess they are hitting the 2 clubs in town. Woot woot one down one to go Clyde.
  • Boy did it get dark fast at Serena ‘s or did I miss them turning the lights out? # heterosex
  • Boy they love breaking their electronics lately and now breaking stitches too.
  • Oh look Adrienne is going to take Teresa’s advise to Paige and snoop in Justin phone.
  • Sorry Paul your dad’s not dead. Rumor is that Justin is his dad, eww incest. But I still say it’s Stephano.
  • Love Will’s “oh shit” face.
  • Here is my “oh shit” face, damn writers. We told you we didn’t want any LucAdrienne.
  • Ha the elephant in the room is no longer in the room.
  • Love Marlena ‘s “oh shit” face
  • Will making another “oh shit” face…busted!!

Kami’s comments:

  • Sonny! Will is old news! Sonny will dump him like a hot potato!
  • Victor seems defeated. I hope this is all a rouse.
  • Adrienne and Luca – bluh blah!
  • Marlena needs to keep her professional demeanor. It’s all coming out this week!

Mo’s dish:

  • Today was ok. Ugh they are drawing out this WilSon confrontation!  I was thinking “Go the fuNk home Caroline!” And now we might have to deal with Lucas, Adrienne & Justin showing up! Let Sonny cuss this cheating ho out!  Tomorrow better be major DomDomDom with these two.
  • Loved Mar’s face when Paul said he slept with Will!
  • Paul never knew his father?!?!?! He has another connection to Salem for sure &  I think he will be on the show for a while, they have plans for him past the stuff with WilSon
  • Adrienne you annoying bitch go away cause I almost feel sorry for you!  Ugh!
  • Serena and the elephant need to take a seat! I’m over it!

Zannie’s wordZ:

  • Of all times to give Caroline Brady a story. Duh lady yeah this is a bad time. Sonny is about to let William have it.
  • Elsa. Those texts.
  • Well Bonnie Lockhart when u go lookin’ for something you will always find something
  • Is General Hospital in Dubai? Cause that’s where Justin has been.
  • UMMMM Bon Bon I think #bluestreakkate saw you leave
  • Wrong finger Uncle Vic
  • So I guess this is when Lucas and Adrienne kiss bleh
  • Serena why you no switchy the elephants? Eric is in the shower
  • Yep they kiss… me no likey
  • The elephant. It’s gone How convenient. Just another thing that gets more of a storyline than the actors
  • Marlena’s face when Paul said it was William #priceless like mastercard
  • Eh 1 Zandwich, good build up tho

Kiyana’s Comments: 

  • is excused from today

Joel’s comments:

Audio file

  • The Victor – Clyde Truce is holding up better than the Ukraine Truce. Good to see.
  •  Elephant-Gate, you know what, when I fast forward through all the scenes, you know there is problems. Eric and Serena have about as much chemistry as my arm chair and the wallpaper.
  • Marlena and Paul… FINALLY names!!! NAMES!!! Thank god. And I knew Marena would not like what she hears. Now, lets see if her professional standards are the same as Will’s, Hope’s, Aiden’s, etc.
  • Will, how are you going to weasel out of this?!
  • Lucas (AKA Daffy), Adrienne, and Justin, Justin has been away so long, he’s forgotten how to cheat. Lock your phone or keep it with you at all time. Still don’t know if there’s fire, but there sure is smoke.
  • That’s about it. Still excited to see what happens to Paul, Sonny, Will, and the other interesting stories (not Elephant-Gate).
  • Good night.

Bobbi’s Blurb:

  • not feeling well

Received email after the recording…

  • Lucas needs a new hairstyle, just a change of some sort.
  • And Eric’s top is too heavy – he needs to thin  it a little – most men don’t need that. Is it a rug, or what? My dad’s was that thick on top and it always looked like too much. I called him Fred Flintstone hair (kinda like Lucas).  What man on this show has good hair? Maybe they need a new styling department. It is really bad writing when I care more about the style of the show that the content – because that is NOT me.
  • Everyone is going around with poofy hair, messed up hair, slutty work clothes.
  • Eric has his collar up and looks like a longshoreman – what the what?? Serena must not have liked his jacket either, because she fixed it.  But see, his hair is all in his eyes – that is girly hair. I knew he put his elephant away (or gave it to Daniel). Hahaha Serena!!!
  • Wing nut – rofl
  • Ok, Justin’s hair is great – not poofy, not sticking up, not dyed, not messed up.
  • Marlena (Deidre Hall) won’t let them mess her hair up – she does her own her – dye and all – did you know that? She even dyes her friends’ hair. She considers herself an amateur hairdresser. Of course, she’s had the same hairstyle for 30+ years give or take, but if it ain’t broke.  Paul and Marlena talk about the whole situation , and Paul drops the bomb that the man is Sonny and he slept with Will. Marlena is so shocked she almost has a conniption.
  • Adrienne’s dress looks scratchy. Is it a wrap dress? We’ll have to wait and see if Anne wears it too. Oh no, bad text messages. Off Adrienne runs, sure looks like a wrap dress.
  • Victor is spending an awful lot of time kissing Clide’s butt. What is his true agenda? Rafe has Victor figured out.
  • Lucas chases Adrienne singing the song, “I’ll be your crying shoulder …,” Oh no, old lady kissage again, and here comes Justin.
  • Kate takes such joy in other peoples’ misery, such a biotch.
  • Sonny is so mad he is practically steaming. You were in Paul Narita’s room and you were having an affair with Paul – Derrick said so!


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