340 Days Drama: Fred the elephant… 02-24-15


Days Drama: The Days of our Lives Soap Opera Podcast 340

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Happy Birthday Month Kami!!!

Show Notes:

Eric, Serena, Brady, Theresa, Will, Sonny, Arianna, Marlena, Kate, Nicole, Dr Mandrake, Melanie, Daniel and Tori

Today’s lineup:

Mama Narita comes to town

Eric attempts to get the elephant back

Nicole helps Melanie

Brady realizes he and Theresa can be civil

Listener Feedback:

Kristy’s comments:

  • out of town!

Wendy’s words:

  • What cant be Nicole what??
  • Eric you are such a damn wuss to give in to her. Yes dear i’ll run right over there and get that precious elephant for you. Because I wub you soooo much. Daniel can i have that elephant back?  Daniel says sorry what did you say eric? i cant hear you over that big ole whip popping the the background cause you are whipped.
  • Wow just drop your phone and leave it Melanie
  • Awww you tin man now have a heart and Brady sees that.
  • Oh oh the Justin connection I just remembered they have the same blood type….coincidence or no. Blech brothers from another mother.
  • Wow Daniel what did you do before Melanie was back home to get him to sleep? Oops is Parker breaking the elephant yes spike that hippo. Well Eric really isn’t getting that elephant back now….what elephant?
  • Hahaha Daniel said let it go. Is this a running joke with the writers?
  • Teresa will call the number and recognize Mandrakes voice
  • Ohhh bigger twist. Did Stephano have done to Marlena what was done to Teresa. Is the twist that Paul is Marlena and Stephano’s son and Paul’s mom carried him??? huh huh twisted right
  • Eeeeww then that would make Paul, Will’s uncle. yes then Sonny and Paul can be together and its forbidden for Will and Sonny right right

Kami’s comments:

  • Will you ASS! IT’S NOT SONNY’S FAULT! How was he to know that you were going to write an article about his ex-lover? In any case, who cares! You willingly slept with Paul and you didn’t have to! I should have sent in an audio file but I didn’t want to scream like an idiot into everyone’s ear! Aaaaahhhhh! I hate you Will!
  • I can’t wait to see Serena wrestle Fred the Elephant from Parker! Ha!

Mo’s dish:

  • I have a girl crush on Jen Lilly!  She is one of the better actors on the show and Theresa is so layered.  She isn’t a cartoon character like some of the folks on the show. I love seeing her softer side and I’ve said that a million times before, I hope she gets her baby/babies(if you believe the spoilers) back.
  • Hey Daniel maybe Harrison would go to bed if you didn’t feed him lemon squares for dinner dummy!  The kids all cracked out on sugar!  Oh and now Fred the elephant is his best friend??  If Harrison’s elephant is Fred what is Serena’s elephants name? Ethel? Wilma?  Oooh yes Wilma.  Oh and I almost forgot, Serena take several seats please and if you take Wilma out of your bag one more time I’m going to lose it.
  • Yep Mama Narita has some secrets.  I’ve got some thoughts brewing in my brain but it would just be me over thinking a soap opera again.  We all know logic has no place here.  Since this is Days Mama Narita won’t come face to face with John Black till Halloween!
  • Mother F-ing cheating ass no eyebrow having, vest wearing with an ugly floral print shirt freaking Will “I can’t stand you, you make me sick” Horton! You sir have got nerve for days, for years! You have nerve for anyone on the planet who might ever consider having nerve.  I knew this punk ass bitch was going to pull this shit with Sonny!  I don’t  believe in violence, I think everyone should keep their hands to themselves but I fully support Sonny’s right to knock that smug, obnoxious,  stupid ass look right off that whores face.  Will you need to take a seat and get off my tv screen #byeguy

Zannie’s wordZ:

  • Excused from today

Kiyana’s Comments: 

  • Has had a crazy week and will catch back up with us soon!

Joel’s comments:

Audio file

  • Tiger Mom comes to visit. And recognizes Marlena. Hmmmm. there must be a story there.
  • Teresa picks up a strange phone number and calls it. Dr Marmaduke!!
  • Really, the elephant has magical powers to quiet down a sugar hyped up child? So the two can not be parted. Really?
  • Best line… “Serena, this isn’t fun anymore!” No, it isn’t Eric, it isn’t!
  • Nicole wants to know more of what’s going on. Could be a good idea.
  • Will is ready to blame anyone for his mistake. Oh, but himself!

Foofer’s thoughts:

Audio file

Bobbi’s blub:

  • Eric has had it with elephantgate and it just started for him – how would he feel if he to put up with it for a couple months?? I can’t believe he is going to get the elephant back for her. That is ridiculous. Can’t he see she is a nutjob? Now that his name is Fred, I’m not so sure Eric can get him back. See, told ya. Serena is wearing gray! But she can’t have the Elephant – aww.
  • Ok, Theresa is all upset over the relapse when she is the one who caused the last one, but now she is sooo in love with him. But, I guess that could happen. Maybe it was the baby scare. Oh, so she really isn’t an addict, they just said she was. Isn’t that special, people labeling you – stupid people. Aw, they are going to have a truce and starting over, but not together.
  • Sonny wakes up and wants to talk to Kate about Will, the article and Paul. Ooh, he is giving Kate the business about lying to him. He doesn’t have the strength or health to kick her butt or he probably would. She says it meant nothing to him. Sonny says he slept with the man I asked to marry me, you think that’s by accident? Kate says he wouldn’t do it on purpose. Will says he did.  Then he blames Sonny again.
  • Will is confesses the affair to Marlena while making excuses (the whoring out excuse). He says he didn’t know it was Sonny’s ex, etc, and it was only once. I am pretty sure it was twice, wasn’t it? The affair was lie one, the twice was lie two. It might have been the same occasion but two times. It doesn’t matter that Paul didn’t know he was married, Will did. This is all BS. Cheating is cheating and lying is lying.
  • Nicole and Mel are looking up Dr Mandrake and they can tell he is working for shell corporations (Stefano).  Mel finally says that is about Theresa, but maybe they should just drop it.
  • Yep Parker is all hopped up on Lemon Square juice and he is going to knock over the elephant. Ok, he named him Fred. I named my first dog as a married couple Fred – he was a Samoyed – mother-in-law wanted me to call him Fluffy – so I called him Fred. (He was dumb as a box of rocks, but beautiful).
  • image001
  • Theresa finds a cell number and calls it and it is Dr. Mandrake on the other end, then she has a flash the Theresa was asking her who he was.
  • Ms. Narita is there for Paul. What a coincidence that she shows up in the coffee house right where he is. Oh, the hotel people told her. She wants Paul to leave – she is rushing him to leave. Ms. Narita drops her tea when she meets Marlena.


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