341 Days Drama: [Explicit] I’ve made peace with that, you should too… 02-25-15


Days Drama: The Days of our Lives Soap Opera Podcast 341

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Happy Birthday Month Kami!!!

Show Notes:

Well that’s all she wrote for the cabin

Blah blah blah and more blah

Jordan gets a clue

Paul isn’t leaving just yet

Sonny is so pissed and I don’t blame him one bit

Today’s lineup:

Paul, Ben Rafe, Abigail, Adien, Hope, Will, Sonny,  Marlena, Kate,  and  Tori

Listener Feedback:

Kristy’s comments:

  • out of town!

Wendy’s words:

  • Abby is so stupid just like Jordan is stupid
  • Stupid will turning it around on Sonny
  • Paul’s mom soooo know Marlena
  • Take a seat Will and hit yourself over the head with it.
  • Ha good Jordan overhead but let me guess like Abby she will believe Chad
  • Haha love Kate’s “sorry about that”
  • Wow I cant believe Chad admitted it to Jordan. Good now Jordan leave town.
  • Mehhh

Kami’s comments:

Excused from today

Mo’s dish:

Audio file

Zannie’s wordZ:

  • William is such a deflector
  • So the writers can’t come up with anything so they have to go back to Ciara’s kidnapping. Gimme a break! Break me off a piece of that kitkat bar.
  • Oh what a waste thumbs down

Kiyana’s Comments: 

  • Has had a crazy week and will catch back up with us soon!
  • Will pissed me off the way he is turning the tables on Sonny. I sincerely dislike Will.
  • I hope Sonny kicks stupid Will to the curb, him and his ugly shirts!!!

Joel’s comments:

Audio file

  • Hope and Aiden, happy as ever! The cabin and him threatening her are just memories.
  •  Will, please just stop talking!!
  • Chad, not his best day. I love Kate so much today!
  • Tiger Mom is extra tigery today.
  • Ben’s defense is shaping up. Hopefully no one brings up the whole “stick and stones” thing.
  • Have a good night everyone.

Foofer’s thoughts:

Audio file

Alice Speaks:

Audio file

  • My feedback for today’s show. I also meant John is Paul’s dad not Paul is John’s dad, sorry lol

Lesley’s lesson:

  • Thanks for the tip about watching the episode on YouTube the same day. I don’t have to be a day behind anymore 🙂

  • Unfortunately, today was so boring that I don’t have anything to say about it.

  • So instead I have 2 thoughts from Monday:

  • If Jenn wasn’t such a dimwit she would have figured out who Eve was sleeping with. JJ is acting strange, Eve is acting strange, and Eve says Jenn will care who it is, so it’s obviously it is someone Jenny is close to. Maybe Jenn is too busy putting out all of the hospital’s PR fires that were started by drunk HR managers running amok…that wouldn’t leave her much time to solve this mystery.

  • Sometimes when Dan talks to Parker he sounds like he is talking to an excited puppy rather than a human child.

Bobbi’s blub:

  • Ok, so they just skip the whole cabin thing and transport back to Salem.
  •  Get him Sonny – tell him it was his fault, not yours stupid Will. Guess he is full of himself (Will – self-will). Then why do you keep make excuses. Now Will is getting to the meat of the story – do you still love Paul? Well, does he still love Gabi? Doesn’t matter that she was a girl – love is love. Yeah, they aren’t sexually compatible, but he had strong feelings for her. Or was he just using her for years?? I know I don’t get the whole not coming out thing, but when you are younger and you aren’t sexually active yet, a person is a person, just like a doll (no sexual parts), and love is love. He didn’t start using her until they were older and they started using all those parts. But yet, they lived as a happy little family. My girlfriend of many years and my boyfriend, who I like his other parts. I love them both. I can have it all, and a baby with both of them. Does anyone else see the selfishness in all this? And he is calling Sonny out on his stuff? I know he and Gabi were ‘just friends’ by then, but they really weren’t they were partners like many marriages are (sharing a child, sexless, arguing, sharing a home, separate bedrooms, sharing a history, loving each other, would do anything for each other). You laugh, but it is true.
  • Only the son of Sam(i) could twist it around. Poor Willy is feeling vulnerable. I’m just another one on your proposal tour.Wa wa wa. . I thought Sonny was supposed to sleep through the night. If he had, we wouldn’t have to listen to Will whining. He can’t take it anymore today Will – your voice is grating on him too!
  • Whoa, Kate better watch out, Chad will be coming after her next. Tammy Sue is getting the dirt on Chad at every turn. So this is why she leaves? Wow – the day that goes on and on – Jordan is still wearing the hooker keyhole dress from how many daze ago? (2/13/15 – 12 days ago – 8 shows ago!!!)  You would think their clothes would stink by now – they probably do! Pretty sure Gabi didn’t do it – hahahaha Chadster. OMG not only is the top open it is way  too short (Jordan’s dress). I don’t really care about this story either, just interesting how long they wear their clothes. Here’s a clue, if you can wear the dress in a club and it fits in, it is not appropriate work attire. (Yes, still harping on it).
  • Yeah, Marlena, mind your own business. You are talking to a conservative Japanese woman, you dumb bass. How did you know she was a shrink mommy dearest? Paul is half Japanese period. He is hers or his Japanese father’s. He isn’t Marlena’s kid unless he belongs to a Japanese father. He is the mother and a Caucasian father. That would be John or Stefano. My money is on John.
  • Meddling Marlena – so how did that make you feel Hope? She didn’t tie S.F. to the kidnapping just the time away. So Ciara is going to have flashbacks to when she was a tot because the writers can’t come up with anything new. Shocker. Oh, they are bringing this up because of the Chase storyline. Duh. Ciara was probably gone 3-4 daze in ‘Days’ time, but she was wearing the same clothes for months. Normal except she turned into the spawn of satan.
  • Ben/Aiden/Abby – do we really care? OK Abby, the bottom of your hair is a mess, brush it!

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