342 Days Drama: Breathing is suspicious where you’re concerned 02-26-15


Days Drama: The Days of our Lives Soap Opera Podcast 341

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Happy Birthday Month Kami!!!

Show Notes:

It’s a new day

Jordan blah

Rafe blah

Kate is coming down

Paige blah

JJ blah

Roxanne … and Paige meet

Today’s lineup:

Chad, Stefano, Kate, Jordan, Clyde, Paige, JJ, Jennifer, Daniel, Abigail, Rafe and Roxanne

Listener Feedback:

Kristy’s comments:

  • out of town!

Wendy’s words:

  • Watch Clyde will blackmail Jordan to get back with  Chad
  • Really Eve you are back at the college
  • Great and we have JJ and Paige today too
  • Let me guess now Abby will sleep with Chad
  • Shut up Jen and maybe Daniel will finish telling you
  • Hey Dopey would like Roxanne
  • Uh oh chad is going after Kate now? Wow does this mean Clyde will go after Kate too?
  • I like JJ’s new look.
  • Ok Jennifer needs to give it up. she is getting on my last nerve. I think I am ready for Jen to make a copy of Eve’s keys and walk in on Eve and JJ having sex.
  • Wow is this going to be like the Sami/EJ storyline… I’ll save Lucas if you sleep with me. But its Abby and Chad instead.

Kami’s comments:

Audio file

Mo’s dish:

  • I kind of like Jen Jen’s cat burglar outfit.
  • Chad DiMera does NOT need to blackmail anyone for sex! He’s rich, sexy and a bad boy! I hope they don’t go there.  Chad should be falling into willing vaginas all over town!
  • Roxanne is cute!
  • The rest was blah.

Zannie’s wordZ:

  • squinty face

Kiyana’s Comments: 

  • Has had a crazy week and will catch back up with us soon!

Joel’s comments:

Audio file

  • The good news is that today is Free Willy….. the bad news is that the Sonny did not shine either.
  • Chad, you are all over the mat. Aren’t you tired? Pick a personality and stick to it!
  • Clyde is pretty worried about his son. You know his son, Ben? He does not want his son to go to jail. His son is too pretty for jail. His son is awesome!
  • Oh, and Clyde does not share my love for Kate from yesterday, you know, cause of his son.
  • One more thing, can we get one example of Salem motherhood that is not totally controlling over their ADULT children?! You mothers are role models!
  • Have a great night.

Foofer’s thoughts:

  • No audio clip. Not much happened.
  • Dom Dom Dom Chad is gonna get back in Abigail’s pants. And she’ll do it too. Hahaha

Lesley’s lesson:

  • An explicit Days Drama would be fun! Vin, you just go ahead and let it all hang out, haha!
  • I loved Chad yelling at Abigail today. I never get enough of Abby being put in her place.
  • Is Eve going to be jealous of Roxanne now? Gross.
  • Wouldn’t it be great if Ciara and Chase both recover their traumatic memories at the same time? Wait until they are teenagers and they can have their repressed memories to bond over. That is, if Chase really did kill his mom…I’m not convinced that he did.

Bobbi’s blub:

  • Clyde isn’t up on the gossip. Chad sees Kate and threatens her, then next on the tour is Jordan. She’s leaving so…
  •  OMG Paige – do we care – and there her mom is at the student union (tiny little student union it is too). Hello her dad left it was more about her than you Eve, you selfish witch (at that age). It was just another man for you HO. How can she bring up the kid she is sleeping with? Mommy’s begging. Paige gives in.
  • Jen Jen  – does everyone know how to make fishtail braids? How come hers doesn’t have hair hanging out everywhere? Does she use WEN or something or is her hair just a wig? There are no stray hairs, everyone else has hair just sticking out at all places. Hers is sleek and in the braid. Oh yeah, she is older and thinks that hair belongs neat and coifed. Good job, Jen. Nice to see someone who has their hair on correct – but it looks dated. Do something with it, make a bun out of it or loop it or something, just hanging down at your age, um no. Her makeup looks great on her too. OMG – Daniel makes a comment about Jen’s outfit just as I was about to – cat burglar suit – LOL!!! I was going to comment about the leather shoulder pads and how they would protect her from wear for heavy purses and such. ROFL.
  • Roxanne looks way too old – like 26 at least. I’d believe she was going with JJ. And she is obviously interested. She is wearing a scarf like I had in 78, but it wasn’t that long, about half the length. I love it. Weird that fashions come back around like that isn’t it? (Note – Paige dresses like I did in 74-79, the tunics)
  • Once again Jordan is dressed in skin tight clothes and Abby is dressed appropriately for work (except for hooker-height heels – which I understand are the ‘new black’). Ok, except the shirt is too short and you can see her sides from time to time. Argh! Not office wear. Either they are working or they aren’t make up your minds. They look like they work in the fashion industry or they are going out for dinner. (It’s just a Soap, B. but it’s distracting, because nothing in the dialog holds my attention).
  • Chad & Kate – blah blah blah  I wasn’t listening.  Stefano telling Chad he will gladly destroy Kate, but glad he’s done with his distraction. They make a plan.
  • Rafe & Jordan – she’s leaving – so who cares?
  • Jen steals Eve’s keys. It’s “All about Eve.”  Eve sees JJ and Roxi and gets Jelly. Wa Wa Wa
  • Abby & Chad – Brush your hair Abby – hate this messy bottom look. She is standing too close to Chad, then he comes closer. Domdom dom



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