344 Days Drama: [Explicit] I need those keys to get in Eve’s apartment.. 03-02-15


Days Drama: The Days of our Lives Soap Opera Podcast 344

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Show Notes:

Will seeks Mar’s help

Sonny is going home

Tori sees John

Abigail busts Jen with EL keys

Eve is obsessed

Lucas is a chimney sweep

Jen should just scream MY EYES

Today’s lineup:

JJ, Eve, Paul, Sonny, Will, Tori, John, Adrienne, Lucas, Marlena, Paige, Maggie and Roxanne

Listener Feedback:

Kristy’s comments:

  • Is back but not feeling well!! Feel better my BFF, Love you!

Wendy’s words:

  • Oh there is going to be proof in her apartment alright Jen Jen
  • Ok whose house is that supposed to be that Lucas is at? It looks like Jen’s house. Guess they didnt want to stick another Salemite in the hotel.
  • Crap he is going to be John’s son. Love Tori asking if there is a back entrance “in case of emergencies”
  • Boy Roxanne sure called Eve on it “obsess much”
  • Sonny told you why he didn’t tell you about Paul dumb ass
  • Ha I thought for sure Roxanne was gonna say back off bitch
  • Well Jen did wear the cat suit for a reason….so she can break in on Eve and JJ woot woot
  • God please tell me that Lucas and Adrienne arent going to go borrow Jen’s bed
  • Wow Will really….thats what you are going with? lol Love Marlena’s lets look at that.
  • Oh there is the jacket….is Maggie gonna mention JJ wearing the coat. Oh crap she did….Is Paige smart enough to figure it out??
  • Vin, maybe JJ has a copy of Eve’s keys since he has been staying over there so much lately.
  • No Eve’s dirty paws are all over JJ. Dang Eve is going to stalk them over the the hotel too. Geez omg I cant believe Eve just banged on the hotel room door. She needs a shrink….hello Marlena
  • Bahhahahaha Lucas
  • I see Eve left the hotel room door open…..blech
  • If you were afraid to run into John; why in the world did you go back?
  • Don’t Puke Jen!!!!!!!!!! At least you haven’t had to see it as many times as we have.
  • Also, were they lip smacking so much they didnt hear her say “Roxanne” ugh
  • I see fun in our future, dom dom dom

Kami’s comments:

  • Audio clip

Mo’s dish:

  • Audio clip with his BFF Dan

Zannie’s wordZ:

  • Looks like Tori had on makeup
  • Uh oh there’s that coat again
  • OMG OMG OMG Pef is figuring it out
  • OMG Eve! Some is wrong with the cougar
  • Hmm looks like Jack Jr tried to hard to leave the door cracked open. Now we all know what that must mean DOM DOM DOM
  • OMG I just died 10 times and resurrected 12 times
  • I thought they would have hidden her face. But oh well the cat is outta the bag now
  • This week should be great #fingerscrossed
  • 2 Zandwiches 2 thumbs ups

Kiyana’s Comments:

  • HO-LY CRAAAAAP!!!!!! That was a good ending!!!!
  • Ok, wait. First let me say Mama Narita is starting to freak me out with all her nervousness. I really believe John is Paul’s father.
  • It’s a sad day in Salem when Abigail has to talk to her mother about bad choices.  I never thought I’d see the day.
  • Lucas and Adrienne…. I refuse to take that storyline seriously.  I just refuse.
  • Oh this is about to be an interesting conversation between Paul, Sonny and Will! But of course, leave it to Will to find a way to shift the blame.
  • And now for the DOM DOM DOM: How on earth will they handle this? There is nothing they can say to get out of this. But what I hate is they will convince Jennifer not to tell Paige which sucks because she is the one I really wanted to find out about it.
  • Anyway, I can’t wait to see it tomorrow!
  • Talk to you later!

Joel’s comments:

  • I have no comment. I am without speech!
  • Till tomorrow.

Foofer’s thoughts:

  • Adrienne and Justin just remarried a few years ago after they divorced because they were basically estranged and spent too much time away from each other. Now it’s the same storyline. We need new material.
  • Eve is totally jelly over JJ. I was wondering how Eve was going to get into her apartment without her keys. So I knew it wasn’t going to be Paige that finds her Mom and JJ. As soon as I saw the hotel door ajar I knew Jennifer was on her way. Doesn’t anyone shut doors in this town?
  • Laterz

Lesley’s lesson:

  • Great DOM DOM DOM today! But will Jenn tell? Or will she just quietly sneak out of the room? How did she get into Roxanne’s hotel room anyway? I wasn’t watching…did they leave it open?  You know, that is the usual M-O for people in Salem who are sneaking around and hiding secrets. They have to leave doors open so they can get caught.
  • Not much else to say about today. Vin, thanks for dropping the f-bomb for me on Friday’s podcast! It was f-ing hilarious 🙂

Bobbi’s blub:

  • Mrs. Horton? That would be Mrs. Devereaux. Duh.
  • Why would Abby leave and leave the keys there? Doesn’t she know her mother yet?
  • Hook up – that is teen speak. Eve – duh – he’s a kid. Oh Eve doesn’t like the figure something out in the hotel room plan. Eve follows them to the hotel – OMG! LOL that is too much! Of course, he doesn’t shut the door and little Roxy will forget something or Jennifer will show up and they will be sleeping together or talking about it. Well, sleeping together it is.
  • Why is Lucas at Jennifer’s? Oh, fixin her chimney. OMG old lady go home. Why do all these old lady’s keep going after younger men/boys? Switcharoo storylines? Adrienne and Justin haven’t been married so long this time around. No Lucas, don’t kiss her! Well, I guess that will be tomorrow.
  • Yep Tori knows John. Paul’s Daddy.
  • Mister Will Rogers is all upset. I think they style his hair that way on purpose, especially when they dress him in the cardigans. Get him Marlena, tell him it’s his fault! Yeah!



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