345 Days Drama:I am leaving Salem! 03-03-15


Days Drama: The Days of our Lives Soap Opera Podcast 345

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Show Notes:

 Jen oh Jen… it’s on like donkey kong

Sonny tells Will what’s up

Lucas breaks it down to Adrienne

Serena gives Eric the cold shoulder

Nicole… geez

Today’s lineup:

JJ, Eve, Sonny, Will, Paul, Eric, Nicole, Lucas, Adrienne and Maxine


Listener Feedback:

Kristy’s comments:

  • Maxine cracks me up… she has on makeup today
  • What is mama bear gonna do? All I can think is ‘you’re going to smother her and your sons penis was just in her.. yucky’
  • Stand your ground Sonny WOOT WOT
  • Nicole is always so nosey
  • I am tired of Adrienne and Lucas
  • Sonny can do what he wants, shitty Will
  • Jen Jen has Eve pegged
  • Go be with the hot asian guy Sonny
  • Nicole cracks me up trying so hard to be good
  • Whole day bored me except Jen Jen

Wendy’s words:

  • Ohhh poor Nicole
  • Look Serena isn’t wearing BLUE
  • Key word Paige is Eve found someone better TO do….and we didn’t hear the door slam. I guess Jen slammed it open.
  • Ohhh yes get her Jen!!
  • Haha you helping him with his science project, that’s awesome.
  • Blah blah get back to Jennifer, you will prob never hear me say that again
  • Oh yes Paige, JJ can hurt you more than he has already.
  • Surprised Serena didn’t notice the elephant when she walked in the room
  • Eve you blocked the wrong door. The one with the handle is on the other side.
  • Oh hell yes Jennifer smacked the shit outta Eve!
  • duh eve if you wanna know where paige is call her
  • ohhh crap i wanted paige to hear Jen yell why did you sleep with Eve.

Kami’s comments:

  • Jen Jen was amazing today! The way she smacked Eve as she was leaving the hotel room was awesome. I was jumping up and down yelling at the screen, “Get that bitch!” I missed the last 10 minutes because of DVR issues. "<br

Mo’s dish:

  • Audio clip

Zannie’s wordZ:

  • That look on Jen Jen’s face OMG
  • This isn’t what it looks like…Really Eve. What were you doing??? Oh yea playing monopoly
  • Jennifer Rose is laying smack down on Eve LOL
  • Maxine and Nicole. I gotta love ’em. That would actually be very funny to see them getting a mani/pedi
  • Oh sorry not monopoly, it was a science project
  • I am not a huge Jennifer fan, I actually always fast forwarded thru Jack and Jen, BUT I LOVE HER RIGHT NOW!!!
  • Wait did Lucas break up with Bonnie Lockheart?
  • Jen is acting today
  • YES the elephant. I think we are supposed to all be excited
  • Jen was very descriptive with the pain she feels. The knife and twisting it and all
  • LOL don’t tell Paige. Really Eve. Jennifer Rose looks like she wants to cuss her out.
  • I knew Jack Jr liked the cougar
  • Jen slapped the shit out of her. I Eve, won’t touch her again
  • William, I am not very convinced that you love Sonny
  • Oh well we know what’s gonna happen tomorrow. DOM DOM DOM
  • 2 Zandwiches, 2 thumbs up

Kiyana’s Comments:

  • Jennifer’s eyes when she slammed the door looked like she was possessed!  I’ve never seen her so angry.  I think Jenn-Jenn does her best acting when she’s angry.  I can’t believe Eve went for the ol’ “it isn’t what it looks like” excuse.  Uh…then what is it Eve?  Oh, no…go ahead. I’ll wait for you to answer while you put on your clothes.
  • Maxine talking about Nicole’s “two very powerful weapons in her arsenal” was HILARIOUS!!!
  • What’s up with Paige’s floral velvet dress?  It’s ugly as hell!
  • Serena is so transparent.  Eric wants to make up and have lunch and she’s all for it until he says he’s done talking about the statue.  Now all of a sudden she’s busy.  I don’t like her.  I don’t like her frumpy boobs in that green dress.  I don’t like her black shoes with her pale skin with that green dress.  I don’t like the way she presses her lips together.  I don’t like the way she stares at Nicole to intimidate her.  I don’t like her fascination with “Fred”.  Oh and I hate Will.  **giggles**
  • Why are Will and Sonny having this serious conversation in front of Paul?  Oh, nevermind.  Sonny answered me.  Because it’s between the three of them.  Gotcha.  LOL!
  • JJ’s chest hair resembles the shape of a bonsai tree.
  • Yay!!! Lucas stopped the train wreck that was about to happen and told Adrienne they shouldn’t spend so much time alone.  But you know in true Days fashion, this will only bring them closer together.  I just hope we don’t have to witness anymore awkward kisses between them any time soon.
  • The nerve of Will to throw the word “husband” up in Paul’s face.  Oh NOW you have a husband?!!!  I hate you, Will.  And I hate Will’s hair today…..and I also hate Will.
  • And THERE it is!!! “Don’t tell Paige”.  Geez.
  • Jennifer slapped the SHIT out of Eve.  It was quick and powerful—almost like it really happened.  That was awesome.  I replayed it like 3 times.  Pure awesomeness on Jenn-Jenn’s part.
  • Hey y’all, let’s start a drinking game.  Everybody take a drink whenever Nicole apologizes to someone.  We’d have to change the name to Drunk Days Drama!!!
  • Yes…yes….Paige is eavesdropping on Jennifer and JJ!  Jennifer is asking why he did it.  The only thing to make it better is if she said “Just tell me why you slept with Eve Larsen!”  THAT would’ve been the best “dom dom dom”…but there IS tomorrow.
  • That’s all for now.  Talk to you later…..and I hate Will.

Joel’s comments:

Audio file

  • The eye wash was successful and I can see again.
  •  Hopefully, Elephant Gate is wrapping up. Signs are pointing that way. Theory, since they bought the elephants at the same time, I am guessing that Serena was involved in some sort of smuggling operation and Eric just grabbed the wrong elephant. I hope we will find out soon.
  • New idea Days, why don’t you let the actors just improvise?! That scene with Will, Sonny and Paul had about as much emotion as I muster ordering breakfast at the local Denny’s!
  • Now I DID like the emotion Jen had. A good old beat down!!
  • And not that I am a “boob man”, but even I noticed Nicole’s have been “improved”. Even Maxine made a comment.
  • Duckman and Adrienne, kind of fast forwarded through it during first viewing and mistakenly erased the episode before a rewatch. I am assuming I did not miss much.
  • Later Tators!

Foofer’s thoughts:

  • audio clip

Lesley’s lesson:

  • Wow, Jenn was priceless today. I haven’t enjoyed watching her this much in a long time. Her imitation of Eve’s accent, her disgust at JJ, the slap, everything was great.
  • Will’s whining and self pitying just makes me sick. I wish they could send him way rather than Sonny.
  • If John is Paul’s father, wouldn’t that make Paul Will’s step-uncle? (If Johnn & Marlena are still married).

Bobbi’s blub:

  • Dick Van Dyke reference – yay! Right – don’t spend time with the old lady anymore. Sorry, Vin, I disagree, Adrienne needs a hairbrush. Brush those curls, it looks messy to me (sorry, old fashioned). Adrienne – didn’t he tell his mother? Wow – I would have told my mom, but then she would never forgive Will.
  • After all the elephant stupidity and she says no to an invite to the elephant cave? What a dummy! Oh yeah, she didn’t know Daniel had it, my bad. LOL. When is Mel gonna buy her boobs? Surely she needs some, every woman needs to get some. I’m telling you, I would be happy to donate to the cause. I am, of course, being sarcastic. People should love the bodies they are given.
  • Just what does Jen Jen think she can do? He is a grown man. Oh, she’s going to kill Eve. That is a smart move. Sorry, Jen, I don’t think it had anything to do with you, but about how alone and vulnerable Eve felt. Oh, JJ has a voice?  Jen, don’t air your laundry in public!
  • Yeah Sonny – not going home of course you aren’t. That isn’t HOME right now. You don’t feel safe there. You feel unloved, unwanted and need to feel at home. Leaving Salem – hahaha. Even when his husband is leaving he can’t cry. What would you do? Cut – visine! Ok, action! For those not in the know, that is both of their Aunt Kayla’s. She was married to Steve Johnson, who is Adrienne’s brother, so Sonny’s aunt growing up; and she is a Brady, which is Roman’s sister, so Sammie’s aunt, so Will’s great Aunt. This should be called All in the Family instead of Days of our Lives.
  • Maxine commented on Nicole’s boobs too.
  • He saw how hateful she was about the elephant but he wants to please her? That is some BS right there (to quote Mo). Hey, he stood up to her, Atta boy Eric – didn’t think you had it in ya! You go girl!

 Da’quan’s thoughts:

  •  I am team will mainly because he’s Sami Brady son and he is acting like her. BUT even I have to admit he was a dick to Paul. Come on man. Paul is defending you to Sonny even though he wants Sonny back. regardless I still want Paul and Will together. And Derrick to get with somebody. He has got to be the horniest boy ever. He flirts with every single guy. Get him with somebody!


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