346 Days Drama: She needs a hug or … electro shock therapy …03-04-15


Days Drama: The Days of our Lives Soap Opera Podcast 346

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Show Notes:

 JJ spills all the deets

Nicole is all over

Serena thinks she can get Daniel to get some dirt on Eric

Theresa is gonna figure this out

Eve is a spaz … period

Today’s lineup:

JJ, Jennifer, Paige, Eve, Theresa, Melanie, Serena, Daniel, Hope, Aiden, Abe, Roman, Nicole, Parker, Chase and Ciara

Listener Feedback:

Kristy’s comments:

  • Busy

Wendy’s words:

  • Come on Eve please tell Teresa what you did lol want to see her face
  • Dang Nicole don’t flip back to Eric now meuh is that spelled right vin meuha? lol
  • Yes I was thinking the drug thing with the elephants myself but there cant be many drugs in that tiny elephant….maybe gems like I thought in the beginning.
  • Dang Jen you should have told Paige
  • Daniel has pointy eyebrows
  • Another electronic down via Eve
  • Eve is going to blurt it out to Paige.
  • Nicole was funny trying to lean in and kiss Daniel
  • Ok I am skipping some of the blah parts sine I cant because of you awesome guys…..but why in the world are they meeting Chase and Ciara at the college?
  • I’m sorry, there is no way I would let my young child go on a trip like without me.
  • Haha Nicole….that girl could use a hug or electro shock therapy lol
  • Time for Serena to become buddy buddy with Melanie again
  • Ehhh

Kami’s comments:

Excused from today

Mo’s dish:

  • JJ needs to SHUT UP!!!!!! OMG!   Please shut up and sit down!  Take several seats and man up you sad, adorable little cry baby.  “Blah blah blah I’m not worthy of love!”  I’m over it.  Jack had some of these same “I’m not worthy of love” tendencies but at least he was much more charming and funny about it. Ugh.
  • I’m adding JJ to my list of whiny little man bitches along with Eric, Daniel and Will who is obviously the queen of the man bitches.
  • Jenny from the block continued to be amazing today.  How many times did she punch JJ in the arm?? I really wanted her to slap him too but that may have been too much for her?  Great scenes and a great job from Missy Reeves!
  • Eve you dumb ass Paige getting a new number won’t stop her from talking to JJ or Jen stupid! I think Jenny from the block knocked whatever sense she had left right out of her head.
  • How did Serena not see Fred sitting in that chair? I swear I just want to take Fred and Wilma and bash myself in the head with them repeatedly because this story is soooo bad!  And Serena clearly doesn’t know Daniel because we all know there is no way his man bitch ass would ever help with something like that!
  • Haiden was pointless today.
  • Kiyana if we made Nicole’s apology tours into a drinking game we’d all be dead from alcohol poisoning! The only thing that would kill us faster would be if we drank every time Serena pulled Wilma out of her bag to look at her.

Zannie’s wordZ:

  • Jenny from the block… I love it Mo!
  • LOL Abraham tells Hope that there is nothing Aiden wouldn’t do for that boy. And and and me and me and Hope said you got that right at the same time.
  • Theresa is gonna figure it out
  • All Jennifer Rose needs now is her rhythm nation hat now
  • I think that would be pretty bad thing to be Jack Jr right now…
  • Ummm what is Nicole doing> She is definitely scene stealing today. She’s like everywhere!
  • Well i definitely wasn’t as exciting as yesterdayZ 1 Zandwich

Kiyana’s Comments:

  • **Yawwwwwn**

Joel’s comments:

Audio file

  • To me, JJ’s explanation makes no sense.
  • It seems everyone love Aiden and Hope.
  • Nicole is talking to herself.
  • What? What? An elephant, you say?!!
  • And remember JJ, “Sprinkles are for winners!”

Foofer’s thoughts:

  • I love the verbal sparring between Melanie and Theresa
  • Is it bad that I would rather see the elephant storyline unfold than to hear JJ whine that it was his fault?

Bobbi’s blub:

  • Ok, when you look at Nicole’s dress in that coat, it is split up to there and cut down to there, like she is wearing a robe that is open under her coat. So take your hooker suit and go.
  •  Yes, Hope, you had a great time being man handled and scared out of your mind.
  • Put the freaking elephant away!!! Blood diamonds in the belly – that is my prediction. Break Fred open and voilà.
  • Because I’m 18-19 and she’s up for it, mom. I don’t want anybody but Paige and I still have needs mom. Oh, I can’t tell you this stuff?That’s right! Because you’re my MOM! In this day and age it isn’t practical for anyone to go without sex. Being a virgin just isn’t hear of anymore. I have to sleep with the old lady because fornication is the thing to do. You do it, Abby does a lot of it, why can’t I?
  • Jennifer can’t stop blaming Eve. Get over it. It was JJ’s fault – he’s an adult. I still do blame Eve too, because she’s older and supposedly wiser. I think ‘kids’ and kids until they are at least 25. They don’t have their heads screwed on straight. I have 8 nieces and nephews I don’t want any of them to consider marriage until at least then. They don’t have a clue what they want (until really at least 30, but 25 is an OK, well if you think you know, go ahead). Although my house full of furniture says differently – grow up, get married, and get this junk outta my house so I can have more room! But JJ, he kept going back like when Opie ate all those green apples on The Andy Griffith Show. He doesn’t know when to stop. Maybe Eve will give him a stomach ache like those green apples gave to Opie. Although, I think she is the one that will get the tummy ache (morning sickness).
  • How could it not be gone? He has slept with her mom how many times? Yeah right.


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