347 Days Drama:Over my dead body… whatever! 03-05-15


Days Drama: The Days of our Lives Soap Opera Podcast 347

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Show Notes:

 Serena gets a bit shaken

Melanie and Theresa get broken up

First fight

Jen lays down the law

Today’s lineup:

Eve, Paige, Nicole, Daniel, Melanie, Brady, Serena, Parker, Theresa, Jennifer, JJ, Abigail and Navidad

Listener Feedback:

Kristy’s comments:

  • Busy

Wendy’s words:

  • Nicole’s squeaky shoes are getting on my nerves and she needs to stop trying to make Daniel come back to her. She is going to run him off.
  • Jen! Eve didn’t make him screw her. What teenager would turn any down?
  • Keep telling your lies Eve.
  • How much you wanna bet Jen is going to run into Eve. Oh no she is going to meet her.
  • I was totally not expecting Nicole to go to Eric.
  • I love Jen like this. I wish they would make her have multiple personalities. Lol
  • Please let Paige walk up and hear the conversation.
  • Oh look a face for Serena’s boss lady, wonder if Derek let her in Serena’s room. Haha
  • Did Melanie just go “Lucy and Ricky” and say you got some ‘splaining to do lol
  • Yes Jen please lets please tell her

Kami’s comments:

  • Ms. Jennifer Rose is on fire! I loved how she got right up in Eve’s face. I also loved the end when Jen Jen was talking to Paige! Ha, Ha, Eve you nasty Ho! However, what I don’t understand is how Jennifer can support JJ & Paige getting back together. It is not fair to Paige to date a guy who f****d her mother. That ship has sailed — let it go!
    I don’t like Melady fighting. Damn that Treesa!
    Please let’s get Elephant Gate over soon!

Mo’s dish:

  • Poor Nicole! I mean what is she even doing?? Walking through the park talking to herself and then literally going door to door talking to people who don’t like her that much?? Didn’t Daniel shut his door in her face like 2 hours ago?? Aww poor thing needs some friends!  She also needs to take a seat for going to Eric to talk about Theresa. Girl this is none of you business! Sit down and get some self respect honey. I think Kiyana said something like this a bit ago DO NOT let these people walk all over you! Especially that Man Bitch Monkey Face Dr Dan.  Stop being so desperate. Ugh.
  • Jenny From The Block is not messing around! I told you guys you couldn’t handle her!  I literally have not loved Jenny Rose this much since the 90’s!
  • Eve? You could try it with Jenny but I wouldn’t if I was you because she means business! This isn’t the Jen you intimidated back in the day, Jenny From The Block will cut a bitch so be very afraid.
  • I don’t think drugs are inside of Fred. It’s got to be jewels or the statue itself is worth something?  Whatever it is let’s get it popping!
  • Shout out to other long time Days viewers. Does anyone remember the Molly, Tanner, Ginger, Bryan storyline?  Was there a Hawk statue involved with that?  Remember Ginger was Molly’s mom, Tanner and Bryan were brothers and their dad Vern worked with Jack at the Spectator?  I feel like there was a statue? Or two people had different halves of the same torn photo?  This would have been very early 90’s? Who has the scoop????

Zannie’s wordZ:

  • Squinty face

Kiyana’s Comments:

  • Excused from today

Joel’s comments:

Audio file

  • Jennifer called JJ her “miracle baby”. Jennifer, if you mean it’s a miracle that loyal viewers stuck with the ridiculously, nauseating storyline, then you are right, it IS a miracle.
  • Speaking of Jennifer, she’s got Eve by the nape of the neck and is shaking her like a Pit Bull shakes one of those yappy Toy Poodles!
  • Who knew Eric could raise his voice? And he raised it at Theresa, so it’s a win-win.
  • Nicole is still talking to herself and now, she is apparently hallucinating? Hmmmm
  • Elephant-Gate, I predict Fred is going down and Daniel and /or famility finds what’s inside.
  • And Mr. Brady Black, I don’t like your tone!

Lesley’s Lesson:

  • Nicole’s fantasy daydream, haha!
  • Jenn, please stop saying “my son” and while you’re at it, please stop saying “you know what” Who said that during feedback a couple days ago? I couldn’t agree more!
  • And Jenn still wants JJ & Paige together, even after knowing the truth? She wants JJ to just lie to Paige forever? That’s disgusting.
  • Who has theories/conspiracies about what is hiding inside Fred?

Foofer’s thoughts:

  • Audio clip

Bobbi’s blub:

  •  Maybe now she can switch the stupid elephant and drop it.
  • Well JJ, your grandma Laura, my mom, slept with your dad and we got over it, so you guys can get past this. Jen needs to get off the kick that Eve did this because of her. Eve did something wrong and take advantage of a younger naïve boy, but it wasn’t because of Jen, it was just a foolish choice. JenJen is wearing very dark eye makeup.  Oh for Pete’s sake, she wants JJ and Paige to get back together? How AWKward!
  • Eve shows her immaturity and foolish choices in lying to her daughter about Jen and the reason she is mad. It is a good choice not to tell her the reason, but she could have just said that she stole her keys and planned to break into the house because of the lie about the California trip and yelled at her and assaulted her. She didn’t need to lie about the royalties. She is once again trying to get her to leave town. Why do they keep calling them HORTONS?! They are Deverauxs! If JJ was a Horton he’d be a Bastard!
  • Ok, who has the hairbrush in the hospital? Mel and Abby both need. Theresa doesn’t, she usually doesn’t. She is awfully cranky though. Brady is giving Mel the business for Dr Mandrake and Eric is giving it to Theresa. Why would Theresa change her clothes when she goes on break? That would take forever? I can see it for germ spreading sake, but then she should put on a different uniform. Speaking of that she should wear colorful ones like a real nurse.
  • Nicole has been taking too many hallucinogenics lately. Seeing things that aren’t there and talking to herself. Ok, she is such a busybody. She is either walking around town quite a bit, putting lots of miles on her bike or her non-existent car. Also, doesn’t she werk?


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