348 Days Drama: You need to own what you did, Will!!! 03-06-15


Days Drama: The Days of our Lives Soap Opera Podcast 348

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Show Notes:

 Rory tells JJ like it is

Jen get thru to Eve… finally

Ben gets good news

Jordan tells some new

Will tries hard to blame Paul

Today’s lineup:

JJ, Adrienne, Justin, Lucas, Paul, Will, Jennifer, Eve, Paige, Rory, Chad, Jordan, Ben and Abigail

Listener Feedback:

Kristy’s comments:

  • Busy

Wendy’s words:

  • Dopey!!
  • Adrienne you left the door open.
  • Will! Ya bitch much?
  • They aren’t going to tell Paige cause we want them to.
  • Will you just know that Paul is way hotter than you.
  • Yay Jordan is finally leaving….about time.
  • Dopey; the voice of reason. Awesome.
  • Eve! Jennifer has always hated you.
  • it will be so funny if Paul winds up being Will’s uncle.
  • oh yes, you could hate her Paige
  • See Jen has 3 voices in her head. she is already getting multiple personalities lol
  • JJ is stupid! Dom Dom Ehhh!

Kami’s comments:

  • Excused from today

Mo’s dish:

  • They are really kicking Jordan to the curb fast! No build up or anything? Huh?  It kind of makes me wonder is Ben and Clyaahd will go soon too? What is the point of them now? Why did they create all this drama and vague backstory with Tammy Sue and Clyaahd if there was going to be no resolution?  What about the whole “You Killed Your Mama!” thing?  They may as well have had her just disappear without a mention as lame soap characters are prone to do.  Anyway happy Trails Tammy Sue aka stankface aka Boredom aka Jordan Ridgeway!
  • God Will sucks! I mean he really, really sucks!
  • JJ’s sad little moping was so annoying!  And did he borrow his shirt from Derek the Bell Boy?? #justsayin

Zannie’s wordZ:

  • slant face and thumb down

Kiyana’s Comments:

  • Excused from today

Joel’s comments:

Audio file

  • he Speaker of Truth Awards goes to Jennifer and Paul. Sanity in a sea of idiots!
  •  Will, blaming everyone else, but yourself. You controlled the entire situation and you decided your fate. I kept yelling at my TV, “Hit him, Paul!”
  •  Jordan, wow, don’t let the door hit you on your way out!  No “Goodbye Tour” for you.
  •  Duckman, Justin and Adrienne, these three deserve each other. They talk, but they don’t hear.
  • And finally, JJ and Paige. Best of luck to ya!

Lesley’s Lesson:

  • Now every time I hear Jennifer say “you know what” I’m going to want to yell “F You!” back at the screen. Thanks guys 🙂
  • Rory and Paul were the the voices of reason today. Love it!
  • Why couldn’t Ben shut up and let Jordan speak for herself?
  • Boring Friday.

Foofer’s thoughts:

  • excuse from today

Bobbi’s blub:

Audio Clip

  •  That is not Abby’s office.
  • Let her go Bennyboo – nobody likes Jordan. She doesn’t need a goodbye tour – just go! We all agree with Chad, too bad Jordan didn’t leave sooner!
  • Bout time Rory stood up to JJ! Go Dopey!
  • Spit it out Eve. Of course she’s angry about who she ended up with!
  • Will you did the damage, not Paul. Whoa, Adrienne at the door, wow.
  • Measuring war with the Justin and Lucas. Lucas should have brought his suit and overcoat too, he looks a little underdressed.
  • JJ – deluded much? How long are we going to have to put up with the I need to get Paige back storyline?


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