349 Days Drama:I could get use to all this slapping around Salem… 03-09-15


Days Drama: The Days of our Lives Soap Opera Podcast 349

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Show Notes:

 Abigail still wants Chad

Jordan says goodbye

Clyde schmoozes Kate

Tori freaks out yet again

Justin and Lucas face off

Adrienne sticks it to Will

Today’s lineup:

Adrienne, Will, Justin, Lucas, Jordan, Rafe, Clyde, Paul, Tori, Abigail, Ben, Chad, Kate, John and Marlena

Listener Feedback:

Kristy’s comments:

  • Shake his hand Ben, stop being a douche
  • Rafe is handsome, he needs a lover.
  • Maybe Rafe and Chloe will hook up when she returns
  • Jordan’s hair looks good
  • Will is just like Sami. Always blaming someone else
  • Ben has no manners
  • OOh Chad up and downed Abigail
  • Poor Paul. His mom seems ashamed
  • I am glad Justin is back
  • Really Kate, did you need a sculpture to break open a fortune cookie. Stupid writers.
  • Yes!! Best slap in a long time!
  • Paul’s mom has no emotion when she talks… so bland.
  • Even Adrienne called Will, Sami Brady’s son lol

Wendy’s words:

  • I just love how Jordan passes the letter around instead of just telling people.
  • Awww John and Marlena are sweet. But that was a bad camera angle. I didn’t want to see in his mouth.
  • Today is sweet day. Rafe and Jordan awww.
  • Ha in your face Will. Adrienne said it best did you have any idea you were married.
  • Was it just me or did anyone else notice that Chad had a bandaid on his thumb?
  • Thank you Paul I was thinking the same thing….we are in public now duh
  • Come on Adrienne, I’m waiting for it. Please slap Will.
  • Gotta love how Kate breaks open a fortune cookie.
  • Will is such and ass. He gave Sami such a hard time when she cheated but it’s ok for him to make excuses.
  • Oh damnnnnnnnnn. I hope you got that video of this slap. Yesssss. I need to see that over and over and over again.
  • Are those people at the club supposed to be taking selfies so they can have Paul in the background?
  • Wow can Paul’s mom jump and run any faster? Like they can’t see you peeking Tori.
  • Whoops Adrienne! You just told Justin!

Kami’s comments:

  • Thank you Adrienne for doing what we all have been wanting to do – smack that bitch Will! “You are such a child!”
  • Bye bye Stank Face! Did we really need all that bad dancing with Rafe?
  • OMG – I think I wore Marlene’s dress to my junior prom!
  • “Holy, holy, holy” – my favorite line!

Mo’s dish:

  • Wasn’t able to watch 🙁

Zannie’s wordZ:

  • Well William, I saw that slap coming a mile away. I guess you did too.. you can’t act mister
  • Bonnie Lockhart is okay, she ain’t no Jenny from the block
  • I mean I want to go back and watch that episode
  • William should have watched Jennifer Rose slap Eve and take notes
  • Poor Abbygail, she wants some Chad
  • Well I thought Sonny loved William. Maybe he is love with love.. but then again there is nothing like #theEx. Sonny is confused #thatsAll
  • Kate and Tammy Sue. I will miss those scenes Hilariously funny
  • Dang it!! I thought that was it for Tori and John
  • I don’t like Country Clyde’s soap starte. It was kinda weird.
  • Me no likey William
  • I don’t even give it the whole hour glass.. just a few granules of sand…

Kiyana’s Comments:

  • Wasn’t able to watch 🙁

Joel’s comments:

Audio file

  • Ug, these couple have NO chemistry! Raf and Jordan dancing were suppose to make me feel all romantic and nostalgic to how things were? Nope, nothing. Fast Forwarded through the whole thing.
  • Same thing with Kate and Clyde, these people are not Hepburn and Tracy.
  • The rumor is that an upcoming storyline is that Will and Duckman will focus on discrediting Paul (instead of taking responsibility for Will’s actions, AGAIN). This was dishearting news.
  • Loved Adrienne calling Will out today, but again, hardly no recognition on his part. Ug!

Lesley’s Lesson:

  • Wasn’t able to watch 🙁

Foofer’s thoughts:

  • Wasn’t able to watch 🙁

Bobbi’s blub:

Audio Clip

  •  Why couldn’t they just let Jordan go, there is no emotional attachment there for us.
  • Wait – a dance club with carpeting? What is that about? It would make it hard to dance, be a total mess for spilled drinks, but it would be more comfortable on your feet – but terrible for sound.
  • Lucas and Justin fighting again back and forth about Adrienne then who is a better father. Families are a dime a dozen. When did they put the apartments right across for Will & Sonny’s – it didn’t used to be like that. It has been that way for a while – but originally – not.
  • Did you have any idea that you were married Will? You go Adrienne! Atta Girl! Yeah, blame Paul Will, what a dumb bass! Adrienne has Will’s number: missing a birthday is messing up. You are such a child! Was he in love or in love with the idea of getting married? What did he picture himself in the white tux since birth a little girl does? Man up Will – it was your fault – Sonny isn’t to Blame. Paul isn’t to Blame. Your momma isn’t to blame. He will try and blame her next.
  • Chad – Abigail isn’t a baby that needs a sitter, of course she can be left “all alone.”
  • Why would Paul take his mom to a dance club? Now John & Marlena it makes a little more sense. The biggest problem is that it is age-appropriate for only Paul. Paul isn’t as stupid as his mom thinks he is. He has started to notice her disappearing acts.
  • Will finally confesses to Lucas.

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