351 Days Drama: He thinks I hate you more than I hate him.. 03-10-15


Days Drama: The Days of our Lives Soap Opera Podcast 351

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Show Notes:

 Nicole and the girls

Anne is flabbergasted with the DiMera’s

MelAdy are good

Fred and Wilma are down

Victor and Stefano… taking Katarina downnn

Today’s lineup:

Stefano, Kate, Victor, Chad, Abigail, Nicole, Serena, Melanie, Brady, Daniel, Jennifer, Anne and Maxine

Listener Feedback:

Kristy’s comments:

  • The damn elephant gate is still not over? I am so over it
  • Eric and Serena blah blah blah fast forwarded
  • Jesse– Jennifer is stupid
  • Love Victor
  • Nicole forgot the groceries ahahha
  • Boring
  • Think this was Stefano’s plan the whole time for Victor to do that to Kate? I think so

Wendy’s words:

  • Let me guess Serena calling wanting to come visit.
  • Question is…..Is Victor going to help Stephano or Kate? On the one hand he will get rid of Clyde on the other he will screw Stephano. hmmm I’m not sure what he will do. Prob protect his family.
  • Nicole please look at Days reruns and remember how all those times you have done this before has never worked and stop doing it.
  • Oh look Serena is wearing blue again
  • Let me guess Nicole doesn’t see the twin elephant
  • Boring

Kami’s comments:

  • This whole week and last week have been about Nicole’s tits!
  • Yeah Victor! I knew he wasn’t down for the count! I’m glad he is helping Kate!

Mo’s dish:

  • When Serena was walking by Club TBD and starts going in her bag I was yelling at my TV “Don’t do it bitch! Don’t you dare pull Wilma out of your purse girl! No stop stop, ahh hell there’s Wilma AGAIN!!!!”  With as many times as she’s looked at this thing she should be able to tell them apart even though they are identical.  It’s a merry go round of stupid and I can’t get off!
  • Nicole is a mess and her boobs are borderline offensive!
  • Kate’s been annoying lately but I don’t get the urgency to bring her down?  It’ll be fun but why put Victor and Stefano in cahoots and not have them bring down Clyde??
  • Love Anne but why does anyone in HR have a say so in what is happening at the hospital?  Wouldn’t she only be in charge of the people who work under her in Human Resources?  I’ll stop, why do I always try to break these things down?  Merry go round of stupid, just remember that.

Zannie’s wordZ:

  • Excused from today

Kiyana’s Comments:

  • I know I was the one preaching that Brady and Melanie doesn’t need to be together but I’m so glad they patched things up. What she told him NEEDED to be said. If they’re dating, he can no longer treat her like his little sister.  Speaking of which: if both relationships work out, Nicole would be like his step-mom. Ha!!!!
  • Oh there Serena is in yet another blue dress….Shocker!
  • I’m still confused as to who’s side Chad is on: Kate’s or Stefano.
  • I wonder how Serena will explain TWO elephants. Quite honestly, I don’t give a shit about ONE of them—much less TWO! Either way, Nicole “Super Boobs” Walker will get the blame.
  • I don’t think Victor is double crossing Stefano. It’s one of two things: either this is exactly what Stefano told him to say OR Stefano anticipated what Victor would do. Either way, it’s all Stefano’s plan. Victor just hasn’t had the best luck lately which is why I don’t think any of this is HIS plan.
  • Talk to you guys later!

Joel’s comments:

Audio file

  •  OK, so, is Victor crossing Kate or is double crossing Stefano or is he double, double crossing Kate by pretending to double cross Stefano.
  • Anne is such a terrible person. Why does she still have a job!
  • Speaking of jobs, we did have progress today, at least three people mentioned work or jobs. Guess Days is trying to be more realistic.
  • Melanie has “Daddy Issues”?
  • Eric…. why is he so bland!! OMG, he is so emotionally flat!!
  • Serena!! She dropped the elephants… Won’t it be hilarious if she gets them mixed up. LOL
  • I think I hit the highlights, there were highlights, right?

Lesley’s Lesson:

  • Excused from today

Foofer’s thoughts:

  • Audio file

Chrissy’s comments:

  • There’s Serena in yet another blue dress

  • There’s Ann in yet another wrap dress

  • Jen jen looks good for a change

  • Nikki’s new look says “BAM, look my new boobs! She does look good though, loved her in the pink the other day.

  • Melady needs to be Salems next big super couple. We need years of them together like Bo and Hope.

  • Ooh Serena got busted!


Bobbi’s blub:

  • Not feeling well, back soon

 Laura’s Thoughts:

  •  I like the chemistry between Abigail and Chad, much more exciting than AbiBen!
  •  Nicole is busting out again…literally!
  •  Whenever Kate eats fresh fruit, I want some too!!! Going to buy some tomorrow!!!
  •  Oh no, now which one is Fred?


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