354 Days Drama:Okay, Prissy Pants 03-16-15


Days Drama: The Days of our Lives Soap Opera Podcast 354

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Show Notes:

MelAdy BraLanie

Theresa sobers up pretty quick

Eve is not over JJ at all

Kate oh Kate.. what just happened

Today’s lineup:

Kate, Chad, Stefano, Board members, Ciara, Victor, Maggie, Hope, Clint, Theresa, Melanie, Brady, Abe, Eve, Jennifer, JJ and Paige

Listener Feedback:

Kristy’s comments:

  • Ooh yea Brady and Melanie, sexiest couple on DayZ
  • Creepy Ciara!
  • I would like that bobble head tho
  • Love Chad’s face between Kate and Stefano
  • Stefano is going to regain his throne
  • That was perfectly awesome. Plan worked perfectly! LOL

Wendy’s words:

  • Got my Corned Beef Brisket in the oven and one in the smoker cooking and after making taco salad for supper going to start cooking Dublin Coddle for work goodie day tomorrow. Hope everyone has a Happy St. Patty’s day tomorrow.
  • I think Chad believed he would be the sole CEO and that is why he was so shocked to see Stephano.
  • Why has no one ever asked Melanie why she was looking into stuff in the first place?
  • Like Clint needed to look at the pics to know who they were.
  • Yay more Lemon Bars
  • (Insert Janice from Friends voice) Ohhhh Myyyy Godddd I am so sick of Eve and Jennifer’s yammering back and forth with each other and ditto on JJ and Paige too.
  • I wish Clint Eastwood wasn’t a bad guy…I kinda like him lol
  • Oh no let me guess the hostile take over is against their contracts at DiMera Enterprises. Just what I figured Victor is protecting his family so Stephano can take care of Clyde for him.
  • Oh no run Brady run. No way Clint Eastwood could catch up to you to kill you.
  • Gotta love Melanie’s eww gross face when Teresa told her about getting lucky.
  • So much for Mr Chin being in Kates pocket.

Kami’s comments:

  • Blah! Tomorrow should be good – the only good part today was the Board Meeting. Did Victor double cross Kate, or did Victor really not know who owned the company? Hmmm.

Mo’s dish:

  • I don’t love everything going on right now but I am glad that we are slowing moving into new stories and twists.  We’ll be dealing with them for the next 8000 years but at least it’s something new?!?!
  • I really thought JJ was going to sing.  I know Casey Moss is in a band so why no vocals?? Blah.
  • Isn’t this order to kill Brady and Theresa supposedly coming from Kristen? I don’t buy it, Kristen doesn’t want Brady dead?  I just can’t wait for Kristen to come back, shouldn’t that be soon?
  • It’s nice to see Kate on the losing end! She’s been too full of herself for a long while.  I love her but she needs to take a seat.  You got played Kate sorry,  you might be slicing your own breakfast fruit for a while.
  • The Salem PD has been trying to bring down Stefano for 35 years! Of course Hope is going to want to be all in the mix since it seems she’s  the local expert on all things DiMera.  Let it GO Elsa!  You will never bring down the Phoenix so just take a seat cause I’m bored.

Zannie’s wordZ:

  • Is catching up

Kiyana’s Comments:

  • Not much to say

Joel’s comments:

Audio file

  • Really Days, so that’s how little you think of your audience? I am without speech (again)!
  • Melody said she “Dated a little” when she was in Europe. Is that her name for a person of small stature?
  • Mr Eastwood is BACK. The way he’s pulled out his gun so early, hopefully, this will be wrapping up soon.
  • Anyway, it was great, I was able to do chores around the house and just let the show run. Did not have to worry about missing anything important!

Lesley’s Lesson:

  • Today was so boring that I don’t have anything to say about it.
  • Instead, I have feedback from Friday’s podcast:
  • Because I usually listen to the episode and don’t actually watch too often, I totally missed Kate’s tie and Stefano’s glitchy chair spin. Thanks to all of you I went back and watched. Oh my! Colonel Kate must have pissed off wardrobe. Stefano needed some WD-40.
  • Bobbi, I hope your theory is right. I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE for Jack to come back!

Foofer’s thoughts:

  • Audio file

Bobbi’s blub:

  • Excused from the day


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