355 Days Drama:Ding ding ding, I just got schooled… 03-17-15


Days Drama: The Days of our Lives Soap Opera Podcast 355

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Show Notes:

Kate is escorted out

Eve needs to leave JJ alone

Hope and Abe are no Sherlock and Watson

Man down, Man down

Chad thought he was going to share the reigns

Clint is trying to get Theresa’s DNA too

Today’s lineup:

Clint, Theresa, Brady, Hope, Abe, Kate, Stefano, Chad, Paige, Eve, JJ, Gordan, Cole, Melanie, Valdez and Daniel

Listener Feedback:

Kristy’s comments:

  •  Yay JJ finally grew some balls
  • Eve is so creepy
  • Kate is drowning. I’ve missed Stefano.
  • Man down man down
  • Stefano is back!
  • I think he needed Brady’s DNA
  • Now is Eve going to sleep with Cole?
  • Poor Brady. Didn’t even get the high but will get blamed.
  • That was a good episode. DOM DOM DOM
  • Love Victor
  • She was good. No problems at all.

Wendy’s words:

  • That is so against the law Hope. Can’t believe you are doing that.
  • Who is the bitch with Stephano anyway? Man she sure is acting like she is Kristen or something.
  • Really Brady I would so see Clint out of the corner of my eye. Oh shit he shot him with a dart does that mean Kristen is taking him for herself?
  • What the hell?? Where the hell are all the butlers etc, while Clint is doing all this to Brady?
  • Back to the hotel for you Kate. With this you lose your home too

Kami’s comments:

  • I wonder if Victor wants to team up with Stefano to get at Clyde.
  • JJ and Eve – hurl! They are giving me emotional distress too, Mo!
  • What is Clint doing to Brady and Treesa? I don’t get it yet!
  • I would have loved to see Kate slap Stefano’s corporate hussy!

Mo’s dish:

  • I love Stefano’s little Executive Barbie!  That how you do it like a Boss my friends.  Slip into town, steal your company back and then peace out before the cops show up.  I love Stefano!  I forgive him for messing up the dramatic chair reveal since he’s almost 90.  Chad on the other hand spun that chair like a pro, everything’s coming up DiMera.
  • Poor Brady he was doing so well with his sobriety and Clint Eastwood Buttons had to come and mess it all up!  These Salemites would save themselves soooo much trouble if they shut and locked doors behind them.  I feel so bad because everyone is going to think he fell off the wagon but it seems like Mel is going to be on his side.  I also feel bad for Treesa cause it looks like Mel is going to suspect her for having something to do with it.  Ugh no more lemon squares for Brady.
  • Am I the only one who wants to give Cole a bar of soap?  At least some shampoo?  He looks like he smells like cigarettes and Flamin Hot Cheetos on top of a layer of B.O. and Axe body spray! Ewwww!  JJ’s a dumb mother f&cker(get it? Mother f&cker) but I’m sure he smells like mint and over priced hair gel.  Pick your poison ladies.

Zannie’s wordZ:

  • Oh no he shot Brady
  • Stefano is back as CEO. Uh oh. #thewrathofkate is coming
  • What the fork is this Clint dude doing??
  • Kate working for Victor again??
  • or nah
  • Victor and Stefano??!! What is going on like for real. This can’t be.
  • Ahhh maybe Victor needs help to take down country Clyde
  • Oh well dom dom dom 1 Zandwich
  • Excited to see what’s up Vic and Steffy

Kiyana’s Comments:

  • Clint is just willy nilly running around with that needle?!?!?
  • And a vial of blood marked .. baby black?!?!

Joel’s comments:

Audio file

  • OK, Daniel was drugged, what like 6 months ago (BTW, nice way to “keep it original, writers) and had to defend himself against charges he was drunk. So, now he can’t give Brady the same benefit of the doubt.
  • Also, I have worked in corporate America for over 20 years, never ONCE have I heard the expression “sworn enemy of our company”! Beyond Belief.
  • JJ, Eve, and Paige… it goes on.
  • Mr Eastwood… I guess he is getting blood samples for DNA tests…..
  • Colonel Kate, I am sure she will land on her feet… like the cat that she is.

Lesley’s Lesson:

  • Rather than threatening to run Cole over with her car, Eve should have just threatened to seduce him and sleep with him if he doesn’t treat Paige right.
  • I really liked Victor and Stefano working together. Maybe they’ll become friends.
  • What is Kristen up to? I caught the scene that showed Eastwood with a vial of Brady’s blood, so I’m assuming he’ll take blood from Teresa also. So this should mean Brady won’t have drugs in his system, right? Because please, not another “Brady is off the wagon” storyline!!!

Foofer’s thoughts:

  • Audio file

Bobbi’s blub:

  • Excused from the day

Carole’s comments:

  • Just saying here– but—
  • Setefano’s little duckies all lining up in a row here so–
  • Bet Bo Brady is on that Dimera island–
  • Not an Aidan fan anyway so here’s hoping!
  • Who is Paige’s bio father??? Could it be Jack?? Eve would really have reason for not wanting them together!  Just wondering if it’s possible!—- or maybe she just likes cradle robbing


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