358 Days Drama:Finally Fred’s identity is revealed… 03-20-15


13Days Drama: The Days of our Lives Soap Opera Podcast 358

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Show Notes:

Sonny and Will talk a bit more

Serena’s hotel is trashed

Nicole’s shaving plan backfires

Paige forgives JJ ughhh

and finally what is inside Fred is revealed

Today’s lineup:

JJ, Paige, Will,  Nicole, Serena, Daniel, Lucas, Jennifer, Sonny, Eve, Parker, Maggie, Ari, Eric and Navidad

Listener Feedback:

Kristy’s comments:

  • excused from today

Wendy’s words:

  • The shaving again my got it takes me a shorter amount of time to shave my legs
  • Ok did she cut Daniels hair to? It actually looks shorter today.
  • Oh yeas Paige he left a whole lot out.
  • Will, you only gave Sonny space because he left you there so you couldn’t bug him.
  • Are you sure Feliz Navidad isn’t from Aladdin?
  • I just want to pull a Moe (no not you Mo) from the stooges and bust Jennifer and Eve’s heads together and knock them both out.
  • Are you a wimp Lucas? You cant open the door by yourself?
  • What happened to Eric hating Nicole so much that he coudnt stand being around her? Now he wants to sit with her in the bar.
  • I think all the Daniel harassing Jen crap is them slowly putting them back together.
  • Yes we have seen that set before. I thought it was but wasnt for sure. But, that is where Kate and Rafe first stumbled drunk into one of those archways making out.
  • Time for Cole to flip and kidnap and/or rape Paige.
  • How long does it take to open the damn compartment of the elephant and get the diamonds out?
  • Dumbass stick it in your pocket before someone comes in and sees you drooling over the damn diamonds and wonders if you had a stroke.

Kami’s comments:

  • excused from today

Mo’s dish:

  • Well it’s diamonds!  I’m going to miss Fred and Wilma! Now let’s see how long it takes Serena to lose this ziploc  bag of diamonds! Ciara will probably end up with it.
  • I refuse to waste anymore thought on Sami’s son!  I can’t even say his name

Zannie’s wordZ:

  • I am actually watching the commercials and fast forwarding the show… I see Sami yayyyy
  • I think it would be interesting if Eve is pregnant and then Paige gets pregnant too. We are overdue an actual baby storyline. Unless you count Theresa
  • Maggie, Serena, Melanie.. red red red
  • Wait a minute. Ari was holding on for dear life. It was something in that corner that scared that poor baby lol. Then 2 seconds later she’s alseep lol
  • Yay jewels. Does this mean that the elephant gate is over..
  • dom dom dom blahhhhh

Kiyana’s Comments:

  • Still bored…
  • I’m so sick of Days setting the last few minutes up like the next episode will be great and then it fails. I need some drama. They tease me like drama will happen but then it doesn’t.   Ugh!

Joel’s comments:

Audio file

  • So, Paige and JJ are getting back together. The only difference now is that Jennifer knows the big secret. It’s still “Paige can’t find out”, “Don’t tell Paige”, and “Will Paige find out”. UG!!!!
  • I guess Daniel was feeling the same thing we were. The shaving thing, not so much.
  • Will!!! Will!! Will!!! Duckman, I take back everything. You are trying to talk sense, but I don’t think you can. The writers are really doing a hack job on the character of Will. It’s a shame.
  • The one redeeming thing about all that was seeing Sonny holding the baby made me remember my own little ones when they were that age. They were so sweet and so little.
  • And Elephant Gate, my theory, Navidad has kidnapped Melanie. She called her down to the lobby. Hopefully, I am wrong, again.

Lesley’s Lesson:

Ok, everyone will be talking about the big reveal of what Fred’s been smuggling, so I will talk about someone else.
I am SO SICK of all the dumb men on this show!
  1. Really Daniel? You thought that Nicole really wanted to shave you just because you were looking scraggly?
  2. Really Eric? You think that “what you see is what you get” with Serena? So you apparently forgot how crazy she acted about the elephant, or did you seriously not think that her obsession with Fred was strange?
  3. Really Will? Again?! You’re blaming everyone else again?! And you’re playing the “poor me” card again?! Your husband has actually come home within like 2 days, but no, you don’t want to focus on him and apologize and try to work things out. Apparently you don’t have time for that because you’re too busy blackmailing Tori. Umm, guess what would fix things between you and Sonny—say your sorry and don’t sleep with Paul!
  4. Really JJ? You still want to be with Paige? And you’re OK with hiding the fact that you just couldn’t help yourself from boning her mom practically every time you look at her?
The women are not off the hook when it comes to dumbness (Even and Jenn being creepily involved in their childrens’ love lives; Serena’s inability to stop looking at Fred (or is it Wilma?), Melanie’s hair), but the men just seemed super stupid to me today. The only 2 exceptions—Sonny and Lucas, the voices of reason.
Sorry my feeback is longer than normal today. I was able to watch Friday’s episode today and give it my full attention. I guess I picked up on more of the storyline than ususal, haha.

Foofer’s thoughts:

Audio file

  • Will is getting pretty good at being hated just like Sami was when she was a kid.
  • All that for a bag of marbles? You didn’t need two elephants for that. You just needed to get into the bottom of the first elephant.
  • It was so sad hearing Arianna about to cry when she was in Sonny’s arms. Sooooo sad.

Bobbi’s blub:

  • Excused from the day


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