360 Days Drama: Chad looks like Captain America compared… 03-24-15


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Show Notes:

Hope still has faith in Chad

Serena is baking

Nicole bumps into HIM

Victor is not happy at all

Uh oh Clint Buttons is busted

Today’s lineup:

Theresa, Clint, Nicole, Daniel, Serena, Hope, Clyde, Aiden, Kate, Chad, Melanie, Brady, Caroline, Anne, Maria and ‘HE’

Listener Feedback:

Kristy’s comments:

Very busy

Wendy’s words:

  • Wow Hope just burst into Aiden’s office while he is with a client.
  • What muffins do you need to stir 100 times? serious?
  • Just what I like when I wake up in the morning. To be told I look like hell.
  • Oh no is Nicole going to spill the beans to Victor or does he already know? He will think Clyde did it.
  • Oh how refreshing to hear ppl make fun of how southerners talk
  • Ann is such a Bitch.
  • HELLO!! I’m not sorry either… Please tell me you will be staying on the show. I want to drool like Serena! Damn what a fine looking man. I find myself fighting the urge to fast forward so I can watch you more. Oh sorry I didn’t realize I was doing the outer monologue.
  • Got Milk? Oh sorry that was drugs on Teresa’s lip.
  • Is Teresa gonna hit call and they will overhear what Clint is doing?
  • Ohhhh no Kate told Clyde about Victor
  • Ahhh he left 🙁 I enjoy listening to him talk. Funny that Daniel said he looked familiar. So maybe Damon is undercover??
  • Uh ohhh Melanie is going to Teresa’s place
  • Runnnnnn Melanie ohhhh crap!!!! Dom Dom Dom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kami’s comments:

  • Excused from today

Mo’s dish:

  • Leave it to Hope Brady Lady Detective to smell bullshit with Clyaaahd around!  Is all this DiMera talk setting us up for Kristen’s return? Paul being a DiMera? Or? and I hope this is true, a deceased DiMera child back from the dead??? I’ll take EJ, Lexie or Tony in that order.  I loved Tony DiMera!  Could Paul be Tony’s?
  • Bert the chimney sweep version 2.0 would have made a great EJ! He looks really good all cleaned up!  And that accent Oh My Gawd that man gives me the vapors! Every word out of his mouth is just melting panties all across the Days of Our Lives watching universe!  Yum, yum gimme some!  Anyway I’ll stop, I don’t want to be the cause of this episode being explicit!
  • Anne is just a bully!
  • I’ve said this before but I really mean it now…Dr Daniel nappy head monkey face is dead to me! YOU.DO.NOT speak to uncle Victor that way   Take several seats in Hell Daniel!
  • Lesley I am loving all this feedback from you! Thanks! Please send in some voice feedback we want to hear you! Oh and I love the new hair, you are so stylish!
  • Joel’s “Are you effing kidding me” was effing cracking me up!  It kind of reminded me of Jenny Rose, pissed off but so nice about it. I love it!

Zannie’s wordZ:

  • Sorry about yesterday, I was in the fire place looking for sparkles!
  • Did Chad just grab Kate’s fruti?
  • So if Hope is comparing Chad to Captain America this could only mean that he is about to do something really bad
  • So even Hope has the twang of country Clyyyyde
  • I hear another accent
  • I actually almost bumped into someone the other day. I kinda snickered and said.. ‘am I in Salem’
  • I really hope the Pub is close to Eric’s. Caroline Brady is doing a lot of independent things for someone that doesn’t remember stuff
  • They missed that storyline with Caroline. It could have been great and very eye opening
  • Is Dr Dan jealous? He is still taking it slow right? (seat)
  • Oh no! Oh my! Oh no! Damon and Serena! Setting it up for May sweeps I see.
  • OH no! OH my! oh no oh my! Melanie!!!!
  • She’s about to get it
  • DOM DOM DOM 2 Zandwiches

Kiyana’s Comments:

  • Whoaaaaaaaa!!!! So you know what this means? It means that he will kidnap Melanie. There’s no way Clint is going to let her leave now that she has seen the vials.

Joel’s comments:

Audio file

  • Hello, Xander! You have made one little lady in Texas very happy!! He’s the “He” in all those phone conversations between Serena and Navidad. We shall see what happens with this.
  • Does anyone else feel bad for Eric when Serena is assuring him she’s there to stay? We know the future. Don’t be buying any “His” and “Her” towels, Eric!
  • Salem, “Come bump into new friends!”. This is the bumpiest town I have ever seen. No wonder no one drives!

Lesley’s Lesson:

  • Excused from today

Foofer’s thoughts:

Audio file

  • Chad and Kate. Chad and Kate. When are they going to hook up?
  • Yay!! Nicole gets first dibs on the Scottish guy.
  • Awww that was sure nice of Jordan to donate her glasses to Hope.
  • And the daytime Emmy goes to Theresa for the comatose face slap. I can’t believe she just laid there and took it.
  • F!! F!! F!! F!! Dom Dom Dom. Melanie sees the blood!!

Bobbi’s blub:

  • Excused from the day

Laura’s comments:

  • I’m back…and so is Sami!!! I hear she will be back on Days for the 50th anniversary. No word yet on what will bring her back or for how long!!! Stay tuned…
  • I also hear Alison Sweeney will be in “Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder” on the Hallmark Channel May 10th.
  • Mel catches Clint bloody handed!!!

Alice’s awesomeness:

Audio file

  • Today’s show was horrible, such a snooze. Ann however was there in yet another wrap dress  I meant to add that to my audio dammit. Oh and the new diamond guy is Victor’s old guy? Ok that’s all I got. Back to the mavericks beating my spurs

    Night guys!

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