364 Days Drama:False Preg, Clint, Mandrake, Fertility, blood.. this is absurd 03-30-15


Days Drama: The Days of our Lives Soap Opera Podcast 364

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Show Notes:

Kate is hot for the press

Ben wants an answer

Chad’s got jokes today

Adrienne and Lucas discuss their sons

Will is so paranoid

Eve acted like a big sis today

By George I think Melanie’s got it…

Today’s lineup:

Melanie, Brady, Theresa, Eve, Maggie, Will, Paul, Adrienne, Lucas, Kate, Ben, Abigail, Chad, Sonny and John

Listener Feedback:

Kristy’s comments:

  • I am half way thru and it is boring as hell
  • Will is still whining lmao
  • Ben’s all hurt that Chad emailed Abigail
  • Now Melanie is gonna figure out the baby drama cause of Maggie’s past
  • Chad cracks me up telling Sonny to be on the softball team since he got Paul’s blood
  • That was low Ben
  • Jesse says Will is a vindictive whiny little bitch lol
  • Baby Brady. DOM DOM DOM shitty show

Wendy’s words:

  • Let me guess; Chad will be Abby’s help
  • Oh let me see Will……I didnt want your whining ass finding out about me talking to him because then I would never hear the end of your whining about it.
  • Have we commented about Chad being a lefty?? I cant remember. I just noticed his watch was on his left hand.
  • I was hoping this Will and Sonny crap was going to put a wedge between Adrienne and Lucas.
  • Bahahhaha Teresa’s “I don’t need a man” knock knock “ohhh maybe its Clint”
  • Will be funny when they age Theo and he comes back Abby’s age.
  • Yea Sonny you tell Sir Whines a lot to shut it.
  • Ohhh look at Teresa’s cute pouty lip
  • Ohhh Ben has you there Abby
  • I love the fact Chad says that Sonny has got to be on the Softball team lol
  • I hate Will, I hate Will, I hate Will. There i said it 3 times he should disappear right??
  • Oh look how cute Thrady Jr.

Kami’s comments:

  • Nicole is annoying – quit following Dan and his monkey face around!
  • Melanie will probably think Treesa hired Marmaduke to get her pregnant.
  • Rest was blah!
  • A baby! How cute! Poor Treesa!
  • Will, King of All Assholes!
  • We need some Country Clyde and Victor!
  • Oh Ben, good burn of your skank ho girlfriend! Did EJ read daddy’s book?! Ha!

Mo’s dish:

  • Wow!  That “Thing” has completely lost its mind!  It is so delusional and self absorbed its not even stopping to think it can’t write a story about Paul being a DiMera without getting itself, Zoe and Sonix all sued!    No reputable magazine would print anything like that with only some dumb photo as proof.  It has all of Sami’s insecurities and none of her smarts.  Also judging from the previews for this week Sami’s bad seed is going to end up getting the same public shaming it had planned for Paul! Karma’s a bitch, Bitch. Now please take several seats preferably in a place with oncoming traffic!
  • I love mad Sonny!  How many times does he have to tell that thing he married to just own what it did and try to move on from there.
  • I think I need to move to Salem and become a life coach for some of these people.  I’m trying to help Nicole and now I think i’ll help Abigail.  Abby your man is jealous and insecure! No good will come from it, oh and I forgot he has a violent streak too. It’s best for you to get out while you can honey because Benny boo has issues that have nothing to do with you.  His little zinger about EJ was just so delicious that i’m sure its fattening(I’m  borrowing words from Karen Walker)  Anyway I was like daaaang that had to hurt! Lol!
  • Yay it was nice to hear Maggie remember that she has kids other than that psychotic monkey face Dr. Dan.
  • John Black shut up!
  • Awwww the Donavan sisters got me a little misty today.  I think this was the only time they’ve spoken to each other without one of them storming out of the room for some reason.  Here’s my new hashtag #GiveBackBabyBlack.  Jen Lilley is doing such a great job.
  • DOM DOM DOM its the Hand That Rocks The Cradle!!!!!!!  Did Dr Marmaduke inject that baby with some kind of super growth hormone??!!

Zannie’s wordZ:

  • 23 mins in and blah
  • Ummm I think I’m goin to go look for sparkles again
  • Paul was the donor, or as you would say donator lol
  • I forgot Sonny didn’t know that. I guesss this will stir things up a little bit.
  • Sorry Chad I said it first. Paul’s blood is flowing through  Sonny’s veins
  • William and his obsession with Paul Ugh
  • LOL why is Eve playing with Theresa’s hair like that
  • OMG holy cheesecakes batman!!!!
  • The baby!!!
  • DOM DOM Yes
  • 2 Zandwiches for the last 7 seconds

Kiyana’s Comments:

  • IS THAT KRISTEN ROCKING THE CRADLE?!! How’s the baby born already?! Dear God just keep Eve away from it. Her track record isn’t good with the kiddos. LOL
  • Sonny knows he has Paul’s blood running through his veins. Stupid Will can’t compete with that!
  • Speaking of Stupid Will—that article is about to blow up in his face! Yay! I hate Will! He does not deserve to be Sami’s son. Stupid.
  • That’s all I have because my sister, Vin, told me that only the end was worth watching so I skipped to the last 10 minutes. Ha!
  • Talk to you later! Peace!✌️

Joel’s comments:

Audio file

  • Will!! Now how in the HECK do you think Sonny will react when you act out of revenge and file that story? THINK!!
  •  Melanie… getting closer…. getting closer to knowing the truth and maybe getting herself in danger?
  • And what will Sonny do know that he knows that Paul gave him his last drop of blood?
  • Yes, Eve, you are really always looking for love…. that’s for sure.
  • A BABY!!! A BABY!!!

Lesley’s Lesson:

Excused from today

Foofer’s thoughts:

Audio file

  • I can’t believe Will and Sonny have been married already a year.
  • I can’t believe that the baby is already here. I think we need to post on the Days Drama Family group on guessing the name of the baby.
  • Our Days Drama drinking game is in full effect. Chad bumped into Abigail at the hospital. Lucas took a drink of fake coffee from his coffee cup. And I think we should add take a drink anytime Kate eats food. She’s constantly eating on this show.

Laura’s thoughts:

  • Mel should get a job with the Salem PD!
  • I’m hoping Maggie takes Mel shopping for a new wardrobe! If not, she should just stay in her scrubs.
  • Was the group taking photo of Kate in the opening scene the same group that did the selfie a couple weeks ago??
  • Have a safe tip Vin, we will miss you!

Bobbi’s blub:

Audio file

  • 3/12Ari’s Napping –Here’s a thought – why didn’t Serena put a mark on her elephant? What an idiot!I can’t believe Jennifer is on the messy hair bandwagon – and it looks awful on her. Brush yourfreakin hair people! It looks like she is wearing a wig.


  • 3/13Ari makes an appearance – wow – to guilt Paul – even speaks more than Parker does! Here shegoes, back to bed.3/16Drunk Theresa = Prissy Pants. LOL

    Kate and Chad are the freakin bobsy twins for the board meeting! OMG – 50+ businesswomen do

    not have cornrows unless it is cultural – for pete’s sake Kate!

    Stefano! – Chad laughing at Kate – priceless. I freakin guessed it – Mr. Shin’s company – do your

    due diligence you moron! I am such a good CEO – blah blah blah – oh yeah – you sure are!

    OMG Eve’s coat with that skintight dress looks ridiculous (a short motorcycle style jacket with a

    casual/dressy style dress).


  • 3/17Theresa with the leather pants at work, yep – professional attire.Hope is snarky on the phone with whomever she is speaking to about the board meeting – what asnot.Why the partnership between the titans?


  • 3/18Will is a little big for his britches, isn’t he? I’m only doing nationals. (after one article?). Who givesa flying fig if Paul is in town for one or two more days? I really am starting to completely dislikeWill. He was always a whiney kid, but this adult is pathetic. Wow – Will got a clue (about Paul’sdad).

    Adrienne with the slap. And Elsa, if she is in Dubai it will be a lot cooler or perhaps frozen, eh?

    Wow, he is going to keep sleeping with her? File for divorce Adrienne.

    How does Clint think he can draw Theresa’s blood without knocking her out? He has a backpack

    – just like JJ. Is that a manpurse in Salem?

    Wow the kid is awake again.

    Here’s Sonny!


  • 3/19So Abby thinks JJ is manic depressive­ at least that is what she is describing.The more I see Will yelling at Ms. Narita, the more I want to smack his mouth. That woman is hiselder and should be respected.What good will it do to shave a dark haired man at night before a day conference? That is

    absolutely ridiculous (Daniel)!

    Serena can’t even dispose of her own drink after coming up with a fake story? WTH?


  • 3/20Oh, they broke her elephant, now what is she going to do? Will she have to be honest with Danielnow?Jen’s been shopping at the secondhand store again for her 70’s fashion. She also washed andstraightened her hair in the same day as that atrocious hairdo, or just took off her messy wig.

    Why does Nicole have to behave like such a hussy slut?

    When I hear the lines coming out of Eric’s mouth I just want to put my hands on his mouth and

    say shush, shush you sound so stupid, just keep your mouth shut. How can you love someone so

    hateful, etc., again and again. Also, why would he stay out at the club when his date went home?

    And why would Nicole go to a club alone, when she is supposed to be quasi­dating someone? So


    Daniel, such a stalker following Jen home to talk to her.

    Damn Maggie – now how am I going to get into Fred’s bottom?! Yeah, stand there and look at

    them Serena, idiot.


  • 3/23Yep, I would have put them in my boobs too. That is where the big boob girls put stuff. High fiveSerena. Why would she put them in the fireplace and not in her purse? WTH?Yeah Sonny, tell him like it is. Will start thinking and stop rationalizing and stop blaming otherpeople for YOUR mistake.

    Sami, come home, your son has lost it. Running around in the dark, yelling at Asian men and



  • 3/24If she couldn’t get them out of the elephant, how does she think she can get them out of thefireplace – that is ridiculous! Stupid writers.Uh oh, Nicole’s hair looks like a wig today. WTH did they do to it? Nicole, that guy is a babycompared to you.

    Hope – Mayberry RFD and clips in her hair – she is showing her age Young­uns – wouldn’t know

    that and wouldn’t use clips in their hair so casually.

    Victor thinks the attacks are connected – he is going to retaliate when it isn’t warranted.

    Daniel’s jelly. Great, that guy’s Serena’s goon.


  • 3/25What is Eve wearing? The cheetah hooker collection? She has no reason to dress for anything,yet she dresses like a ho and sits on park benches. I swear she is a working girl.Yep, Clint’s a vet, yep.Food in the living room­yogurt? WTH? They keep yogurt in the living room in the Deveraux


    Daniel had a pifany about the tan coat.

    Goon, Eric. Eric, Goon


  • 3/26Oh, Goon and Eric know each other? Hi Xander. No, please, leave Serena, we all want you to go.I walked in on my mom that night and then almost right away things got weird with JJ – um get aclue Paige, duh. I added 1 + 1 and it equaled the same as 2. Daniel really wants him to confess tohim. JJ knows he knows and he calls mom to tell her that he knows so now they all know that he


    Eve in her cheetah hooker slut dress again, so suitable for a late 40’s – 50 something, especially

    to wear on a college campus, or strolling around a park.

    Jennifer is all matchy matchy, except her shoes. I happen to like her dress. It suits her. I am sure

    everyone will make fun of it.


  • 3/27Mel is puzzling why Clint took the blood. And Mel is so in thundering need of a hairbrush and aroot touch­up. Mel finally figured it out –maybe, she is kinda dumb sometimes.Ret­con – “Will’s not a huge baseball fan” – he was a huge baseball player when he was younger.Daniel needs to stop calling Nicole a Pot when he is a steaming kettle and he also needs to mind

    his own bizwax as Kim Richards said.

    Why did Eve drag poor dumb bed­head Cole up to her lair in her cheetah hooker slut dress?


  • 3/30Could Abby’s skirt be any shorter? Metallic heels (5­6”), so work friendly.John – you have impeccable timing.So, Mel, are you going to keep your suspicions about the baby to yourself?Will and Sonny look at each other with such hate. They should be looking at each other with hurt

    and pain not so much anger.

    Will is such a numskull – I am 99% positive Paul is John’s and he is going to say he is a Dimera

    that is very dangerous.

    Theresa – you are missing your baby.


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