365 Days Drama:Yea she’s not a hugger… 03-31-15


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Show Notes:

Happy Anniversary WilSon

Mrs Narita is not a hugger

Nicole gets the boot

JJ confesses

Cole makes his move

Today’s lineup:

Sonny, Paul, Tori, Will, Rafe, Nicole, Daniel, Xander, Serena, Nicole, Ben and Abigail

Listener Feedback:

Kristy’s comments:

  • Wth is Ari Saying.. Paul?
  • Paul in a tank top = fabulous
  • Nicole jumps straight into it. She cracks me up.
  • There you go Rafe
  • I am over the whole Nicole Daniel story
  •  I want Sonny to dump Will and get with Paul. They are cute together.
  • Ben and Abigail blah blah blah feelings barf
  • Xander and Nicole will be a good couple
  • Not the response I expected from Will. You could really see his fantastic acting skills today. Ugh sign he needs to fired ASAP
  • DOM DOM DOM meh

Wendy’s words:

  • My bad, Chad’s watch was on his right hand der 🙂
  • They said that Ben does have Jack’s book. So, why would he have it and not read it?
  • Uhhh no Rafe it’s actually not your business. As much as I hate Will, It’s nunya biznezz
  • Oh my God, please drop Dr. Dan. He is an ass to you.
  • I don’t like Xander’s hair slicked back. Too greasy looking.
  • Did Eve dye her hair? It looks nice today.
  • You know Sonny is actually staying there with Will. Will should take that as a good thing. He is going to push Sonny away going after Paul over and over again. Big dummy.
  • Ms. Norita said “let it go” drink!!
  • Meh borning

Kami’s comments:

  •  Will is such a child! He acts like a spoiled brat and an arrogant ass! Ugh! I’m going to have to follow Mo’s lead and no longer speak his name!
  • Mama Norita needs to learn how to knock and not be so rude!
  • Moan, moooooan. Moan, mooooaaan. (this is Eve’s music by the way)!

Mo’s dish:

  •  It’s so funny but the first thing I thought to myself when Dr Monkey Face apologized to Nicole was “How long will it be before he treats her like crap again?” Well he didn’t really treat her like crap but he was a dick!  She is not following my advice! Wake up Nicole.
  • I think you owe your girlfriend more than some cheap fake flower bouquet after calling her a whore?  Ben sucks!
  • Xander is just perfect! He is showing much more personality in this role than he did as Bert the Chimney Sweep.  Rip Damon!
  • Eve is a sicko! She just wants JJ for herself.  She needs to book a session with Marlena right away.
  • Overall today was blah! I need some Kristen in my life real soon!

Zannie’s wordZ:

  • Blahhhh
  • Why does Cole have a picture with Eve’s contact info in his iPhone?
  • Sami better win this daytime Emmy. I can’t believe Caroline was nominated.

Kiyana’s Comments:

  • Excused from today

Joel’s comments:

Audio file

  • Nicole, a house built on sand will not stand! Slow down, Girl. Don’t seem so desperate.
  •  JJ is doing a little revisionist history. His mom “figured it out”, ah, yeah, she caught you in the act! Although, with some Salem residents, that might not have been enough evidence. Also, he did not mention to Daniel how it kept happening again and again.
  • Sonny was rocking his Jimmy Neutron hair today! Check it out, totally Jimmy Neutron flip!
  •  Don’t be fool by Will, Sonny! The squirrels are turning those wheels in that head.
  • Yeah, Gabi, the old prision gift shop does have a limited inventory. WTF? “My choices were limited.”!
  • Ben and Abigail were talking and I was trying to follow along, but they just kind of morphed into Peanuts adults talking.  Wah, wah wah wah wah, wah wah.
  • Elephant-Gate… America held hostage! Can SOMEONE save us! LOL

Lesley’s Lesson:

  • Excused from today

Foofer’s thoughts:

Audio file

  • Go Ben. Being blunt just like his daddy.
  • We need more Eve and Teresa scenes because there’s no moaning, (insert  moan).
  • It really sucks that there is nobody else on the show for Ben to date.
  • Right now everybody should be drunk because every single person walking in the background behind Xander and Nicole is carrying an empty mofo cup.
  • My roomate Tahirah just found out that Paul Narita was the one who donated the blood that saved Sonny’s life but she has an issue with this. She says: “Well they didn’t do their fact checking and I have an issue with that because if you’re gay in the United States you can not donate blood and they just made a new law that if you haven’t been sexually active then you can donate blood.
  • And we all know (clears throat) they’ve been sexually ACTIVE” (referring to Paul with Will).

Chrissy’s Comments:

Audio file

Laura’s thoughts:

  • Sonny telling Paul that his mom is a hugger…very cute & funny!!!
  • Paul telling Sonny that his mom is NOT a hugger and Sonny saying he noticed…hysterical!!! 🙂
  • PS – Sonny is adorable!!!

Alice’s Restaurant:

Audio file

Bobbi’s blub:

  • Serena’s wearing purple, all her blue dresses must be dirty, and you know what, it doesn’t look good on her. I am not listening to their arguing. I am just trying to remember who he played on Vampire Diaries. Oh, he was the one Rebekah was in love with – the Hunter. But it has been so long since I saw Hotel Babylon, that I doubt I’d remember his character on that show. See how much I care about the stupid elephant and Serena!?
  • Nicole and Dr Daniel – give it up Nicole. You are too desperate and he isn’t worth it. He is a pompous sanctimonious self-righteous jerk. I could add synonyms for days, and it wouldn’t be enough for this @$$.
  • Rafe came to drop off an anniversary present, and Will doesn’t even know Sonny isn’t even in bed because they aren’t sleeping together. Ari has a big girl bed already? Why? She’s still in her crib. Will is completely delusional about this situation assures Rafe he has got it handled – yep he is a nutball. It is all under control. 
  •  Sonny left early to go visit his new/old boyfriend Paul. He can protest all he wants, but if you are spending time with someone who isn’t your spouse and sneaking off to spend time with them and you don’t want your spouse to know about it, that is a form affair, even if it is in the baby stage. Will started his as a job, but it slowly turned. Sonny and Paul already have a baseline history, so it can quickly progress into something neither of them is expecting. Be careful. Stay outta secluded parks and hotel rooms! The old adage that men and women can’t be friends has a new twist in this day and age when you have the culture of two gay men – they can’t just be friends, when they used to be lovers – not in a hotel room, DUH. Come on people! Go out in crowds and meet in public places. Keep out of temptation. – See, Mommasan Narita agrees with me – totally inappropriate. I am a middle aged Japanese woman. – Yeah she’s not a hugger.
  •  Now Sonny knows about the blood. Paul now has a sire bond with him. He is controlling him and compelling him into his lair. (ya’llknow that is a joke, right?) 
  • Abby/Ben – who cares. Ok, I just looked at Abby – WTH is she wearing? It almost makes me want to rewind it to look at it. The music almost sounds like a doorbell (3x)


  • Eve wears such ugly dresses. Paige’s dress is like a hippy wedding dress. They talk about stuff I don’t care about as usual and Eve is overly enthusiastic. 



    Please get Cole a brush! Can we take up a donation? I just want to grab him and go at it, but he would scream and holler. I can hear a joke in my head, you know you are getting in old when… you see a boy with long hair and you want to chase them with scissors; you see a kid with messy hair and you want to tackle them and brush/comb their hair. 


  • Daniel finds out he was right – so what 


  • More Nicole and the guy from across the pond 


  • Did you all see the crazy eyes from Will at the end? His pants were on fire from his lying. What a little pita.


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