366 Days Drama: Tori? It is you… 04-01-15


Days Drama: The Days of our Lives Soap Opera Podcast 366

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Show Notes:

Melanie is figuring this all out

Rafe is nosey

Abigail is totally falling for Chad again

Paul is staying a couple more days

John sees an old flame

Today’s lineup:

Marlena, Will, Stefano, Chad, Abigail, Melanie, Theresa, Adrienne, Paul, Tori, Rafe, Sonny, Hope, Aiden and John

Listener Feedback:

Kristy’s comments:

  • Haha Treesa said literal!!! She forgot the buddy part but close enough
  • More of Will whining. Ugh so over him
  • Abigail looks like she has a thing for Chad. Love Stefano orchestrating it.
  • OOh Lucas and Adrienne fight is going to turn into sex I think huweh
  • OMG Lucas you sound dumb saying if Will knew Paul was Sonny’s ex he wouldn’t have slept with him.
  • Will didn’t keep his promise to his boss by keeping Paul’s interview secret.. he told Kate
  • They really turned the square into a carnival. Can’t believe all the shops and businesses are cool with it.. dumb soap world
  • Marlena is the voice of reason to Will. She is smart knowing Paul isn’t a DiMera.
  • Bam in your face non ya business Will
  • Oh snap. Will is going to lose his shit that Paul has to stay a couple more days
  • Ewwwww yucky Lucas and Adrienne
  • Will is a bad blackmailer
  • Ooh snap we called it!!! Paul’s a Black DOM DOM DOM meh

Wendy’s words:

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Kami’s comments:

  • Adrienne and Lucas – well, there goes my dinner. Not so great coming back up!
  • “The one of which we cannot speak” continues his campaign of assholeness!
  • Marlena looks really skinny.

Mo’s dish:

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Zannie’s wordZ:

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Kiyana’s Comments:

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Joel’s comments:

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  • Couldn’t Marlena have committed Will after his crazy outburst? Also, he’s in the shootingist, stabbingist park in the US and he can’t get attacked. Is there NO justice in Salem?
    Paul has been listening to Seb. “One more time/day!”
    Melanie does an internet search on “Plasma”. Way to cast a wide net there, Sweetie.
    Chad and Abigal… Wah Wah Wah Wah. If she falls for him again…. serves her right.
    More akward kissing by Duckman and Sonny’s mom.
    Rafe, don’t get involved in Sonny and Will’s business…. stay in your lane!

Lesley’s Lesson:

  • Ok, I have to start with a few things about “he who shall not be named” (hwsnbn) (all lowercase because I don’t want to dignify him with proper punctuation):
    Wow, if you really think that Sonny is so weak or loose that he would fall into bed with Paul just because Paul wants him to, why in the hell would you even want to be with Sonny? You clearly don’t think much of his character.
    Marlena, save your breath. It’s sweet that you want to try to talk some sense into hwsnbn, but it’s pointless. He’s gone full psycho, and there’s no turning back.
    Would someone please give hwsnbn a beating that puts him in a soap coma for about 3 months, messes up his face so badly that he needs reconstructive surgery, and makes him come back as a newly-cast version of hwsnbn with amnesia who has forgotten what a whiny, disgusting, pathetic bitch he was? Then we could go back to calling him Will.
  • Now on to everyone else:
  • I was a fan of Adrianne for about a minute today. Loved it when she put Abby in her place—that’s right, we didn’t forget you have slutty tendencies and like to manipulate people and sleep with men you shouldn’t be messing with. And that was a good start trying to put Lucas in his place for defending hwsnbn and making excuses for his horrid behavior. But then you went all soft and I think you kissed duckman. I’m not sure, I was only listening, but the silence and music makes me think yes.
  • I miss Rafe, and I want him to have his own storyline again. And I’m on board with everyone else who wants to see more T.
  • Yay, John saw Tori!!!
  • Catching up on a week’s worth of  Days Drama in two days has been a boat. You all do such a great job recapping and giving feedback and keeping me entertained that I feel like I didn’t miss a day. Oh, and Bobbi when you said you realized you were a middle-aged asian woman I almost spit out my water. Too funny!

Foofer’s thoughts:

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• Ha! perfect beginning Treesa bumps into Melanie and says can we not run into each other literally? That’s hilarious. Way to go writers. Take one drink.

• has anyone else noticed that Melanie’s flashbacks are more in depth and detailed then when they actually really happened? I mean I’m seeing stuff added to the storyline of her flashback that we didn’t even get to see when it happened.
• Confirming fax nobody confirms facts on the show Will. You’re lying.
• You know they have replaced Bo in the past with a different actor. I’d like to see that happen again if they can’t get Peter Reckell.
• Oh Shit. Marlena looks pissed.
• And Detective Hope asks Abigail where Ben is. OH!! Good one Hope.
• If Sammy were here confronting Adrianne she would take her by the back of her hair, which I think Lucas just might do that too.
• God I love Melanie and Treesa. Biting heads off chickens. Ha!
• Oh shit Hope grabbed Chad by the arm.
• And every time somebody introduces Paul to Sonny take three drinks.
• The new phlebotomist Jorge is hilarious. How’s it going girl?

Chrissy’s Comments:

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Laura’s thoughts:

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Alice’s Restaurant:

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Bobbi’s blub:

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