367 Days Drama: [Mo Special!] Sonny & Paul: The Flame Burns On? 4-2-15


Days Drama: The Days of our Lives Soap Opera Podcast 367

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Show Notes:

Abigail is flirting and its not with her boyfriend

IT (Will) Has a change of heart

Ciara is my favorite

Lucas and Adrinne… Ugg


Listener Feedback:

Mo’s dish:

He hosted the podcast today!!  Thank you again Mo it was so much fun, I cant wait for the next few days with him!

Wendy’s words:

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Joel’s comments:

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  • Duckman and Sonny’s mom….. opps, I just think I threw up a little in my mouth.
  • Moving on, Marlena, is like a Noble laurite in Salem!! The smartest woman for MILES around.
  • Ah, Chad, for a hospital board member, HIPAA laws seem to escape you. LOL LOL
  • Today was pretty much just a build up for tomorrow.
  • Oh, and Rafe, I don’t think adulity excludes you from parenting your child. I am trying to remember, did Will and Gabi every legalize the parenting agreement? Maybe that will be the next “big courtroom storyline”. Can’t wait!!
  • Mo, bring on the sass!!

Laura’s thoughts:

  • Ciara for president!

Bobbi’s blurb:

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  • 4/1Even Rafe noticed that Ari talks more than ParkerAdrienne when spotting Abby’s outfit – oh Honey! Was it an April Fool’s joke? Why wouldn’t she just email that stupid thing around to her family – that is what I thought the other day instead of printing it out, duh, and then Ben would have never thought anything in the first place.Why is Melanie holding this private conversation with Theresa at the nurses’ station? Was she going to bring up the baby thing in front of everyone?When Marlena pulled the tablet out of the bag, it was the picture of Tori by the lake, not the cover pic of Paul. And by the way, Will wouldn’t be doing the cover pics or the lead in pics anyway, what BS. Marlena – the voice of reason.

    Lucas – you can’t fix this, and he is the one who was married, it didn’t matter who he cheated with, the problem was he cheated. Just because Justin is sleeping with someone doesn’t mean you can, Adrienne.

    Sonny and Paul always make googly eyes at each other.

    OMG – that is not what donated blood looks like – it is bags for pete’s sake.

    John recognizes Tori


    John recognizes Tori and Will is perplexed. Finally – Will backs down when he finds out it is John. Paul and John standing side by side – rofl.

    Demon spawn shows up and runs her mouth.

    Abby/Chad – flirting and there is Ben

    Lucas is getting gray hairs – sweet and sparkly. That is what I got out of that ‘thing’. Henderson on Instagram?

    Yep, Marlena figured it out too and took Will to the wood shed.

Alice’s Restaurant:

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Kristy’s comments:

  • Excused today

Kami’s comments:

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Kiyana’s Comments:

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Zannie’s wordZ:

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Lesley’s Lesson:

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Foofer’s thoughts:

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Chrissy’s Comments:

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