368 Days Drama: [Mo Special!] The Truth comes out! 4-3-15


Days Drama: The Days of our Lives Soap Opera Podcast 368

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Show Notes:

The big secret is out

Uncle Victor is Back!

Chad is still pushing Ben’s buttons

Listener Feedback:

Mo’s dish:

He hosted the podcast today!!  Thank you again Mo it was so much fun, I cant wait for the next few days with him!


  • You know I do believe Clyde is going to make Victor hire Kate back.
  • Maybe Tori was a Professional stripper
  • I can’t stand the way Will puckers his lips.
  • oh man i cant believe Adrienne said I’ll make sure Lucas is on top…….of this lol
  • Can’t believe Kate forgot her grandsons anniversary
  • Even Chad told Ben to read Jack’s book
  • Excuse me Will, Marlena does have a part of this Paul thing if he is John’s son.
  • oh my god, what is with everyone always saying “let it go”
  • Yes Paul is everything that you are not Will. He doesn’t suck!
  • What the hell happened??? Was it my dvr or what? how did Chad get hurt?? It went from Will putting his hands on the reporters throat to Victor telling Will he takes after Sami and Kate.
  • Ok I thought Abby and Ben were going on a date when they left Chad.
  • Will is such a jack hole.
  • Mo I think the woman that you were thinking about that was getting beat up was Nicoles mom. Remember her husband would beat her and Abe would come to her rescue as the policeman. Faye Walker. They had Brandon together. Is that who you were thinking about?


  • Audio clip



  • Audio clip




  • Ciara for president!


Hello Mo…

  • Who sent John the text from California saying they would not be back in time for Sonny and Will’s anniversary? I watched it over and over but could not make it out. It didn’t look like Sammy, besides why would she text John and not Marlena? Looked like a woman with short blond hair, but too young to be Caroline…anyone know???
  • Victor’s toast was sarcastically humorous yet sincere, telling Will & Sonny they had one of the finest weddings in Salem because no one was shot, no one was arrested and no one found out they were pregnant. Victor sure has a way with words. Vin, you would have appreciated it!
  • Sorry for the late email Thursday, I forgot Mo is not a vampire. It was very short so I will repeat it one more time…Ciara for president! (Sebastian button please)
  • Mo, you’re doing a great job! Thanks for all the updates while Vin is away.
  • Happy Easter and Passover everyone!



Great podcast yesterday Christian & Mo—Loved it!

Here’s today’s feedback. Not much to say really:

  • I actually loved the scene when Rafe & Maggie were calling Adiranne and Lucas. Classic Days comedy.
  • Oh, Paul and Sonny belong together. But I still don’t want Sonny to sink to Will’s level and cheat. He needs to just divorce him and move on.
  • Does anyone else think a lot of the music sounds new? I think that adds to the new vibe or feel to the show that you mentioned Mo, and I totally agree with you. There is something refreshing about it.
  • Go Victor! He was on fire today, putting EVERYONE in their place!
  • And Abby gets a reality check. Will it keep her from eventually sleeping with Chad? Probably not.


  • I agree with Mo – I like the pace of the show now. It seems like the stories are moving along.
  • I feel bad for Sonny and Paul  – not Will! That bell boy better run for the hills! I wonder if Chad had anything to do with it. He seemed awfully happy!
  • Clyde, Kate, Maggie, and John got a clue – drink up!


  • Oooh Paul without a shirt! Yes, please!!!! Paul is very forward with Sonny. I kinda like that.
  • Ooh no regrets from Adrienne….? This means it’s not a one-time thing with Lucas.
  • Paul is doing that “talking close” thing he does. I said it once and I’ll say it again: the last man that got that close to me ended up being my husband. Sonny better be careful!
  • Ben! Listen to Chad! READ THE DAMN BOOK!!!!!
  • Did John hear that conversation between Paul and Sonny?!!!!  It seems like he did.
  • Whoa!!!!! That reporter totally just exposed everything right there in front of everybody! Maggie’s reaction gave me the giggles. I was just wondering what happened to Derick. Well he’s been selling stories to The Spectator! Ha!
  • Well there’s my answer. John picked up on what was going on between Paul and Sonny.
  • I’m not even going to comment on Abigail rushing to Chad’s side when he got punched. She gets on my nerves as much as Will does.
  • Wait until John finds out Paul is his son. He was so rude to him. When he finds out Paul is his son he’ll kiss his ass for forgiveness….blah, blah, blah.
  • Please Victor. Don’t blame Sami for Will’s stupidity. He’s just plain stupid and Sami has nothing to do with it.
  • I hate Will’s stupid face.
  • Well that’s all I have for now. Talk to you later.
  • OH! I almost forgot to say, it’s my birthday month! My birthday is April 30th. Let the celebration begin!!!



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