369 Days Drama: [Mo Special!] Eve gets creepy with the Jacket 4-6-15


Days Drama: The Days of our Lives Soap Opera Podcast 368

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Show Notes:

  • Melanie is out to prove her point
  • Eve makes a dumb (creepy) purchase
  • Daniel and Jen argue about JJ


Listener Feedback:


  • Sorry Brady he’s your brother.
  • Nicole was hilarious talking about she wants to know the whole story etc lol
  • Ok i’m starting to like Jennifer even less than Eve ughhh wahhh wahhh wahhh
  • Nicole is wearing an old lady dress today
  • What the hell is Eve up to with that jacket??
  • Oh no they left the door open and there’s Paige!!
  • Mehhh boring as hell


Audio clip

  • It’s my Birthday month. Kiyana and I share April 30th .. So happy birthday month to Lesley, Kiyana and Me.
  • Ugh! That jacket is cursed. I thought they were going donate it and whoever gets was going to be doomed. But Eve kept it. What a Psycho. What is she going to do? Smell it and sleep with it? Ugh!


Audio clip



  • Hope I am getting this in on time! Had to rush, excuse any typos…
  • Mommy Dearest is turning Fatal Attraction! Eve taking the jacket convinces me she is obsessed!
  • Yes Paige, that is a jacket, not a coat.
  • Mel, time to fill daddy in on Theresa! Who’s more knowledgeable to help you on this matter than your own father, who happens to be a top Salem surgeon?
  • Eric, it time you connect the Serena dots!
  • A friend told me she met a Days writer at a wedding this weekend. I was hoping to get some inside scoop to share, but it turns out it was an ex-writer who now works on Broadway. Sorry guys, I was hoping for some dirt…or should I say sand…through the hourglass. Is there a button for the hourglass music?


  • Happy birthday month Kiyana! Yay for April girls 🙂 And thanks for the happy birthday wishes—I’ll be celebrating all month!
  • On the Friday episode’s podcast, I loved it Mo that you referred to Victor getting involved waking up the Kraken! Release the Victor!!!

Now for today’s Days:

  • Please keep Jorge the lab tech/phlebotomist around. I love him.
  • Jenn has just gone off the deep end. She’s starting to act as crazy and desperate as he who shall not be named. Daniel is the voice of reason? Seriously? This whole thing is just gross. JJ & Eve sleeping together, Jenn’s obsession, Jenn & JJ wanting him to get back together with Paige, Dan being the only sane person involved? Just gross. But since Dan got a clue, take a drink.
  • As an Aries, I loved Melanie’s speech about the fire sign! Yes, I’m a brash rule-breaker, haha 🙂
  • For those who don’t drink, we should make Days Drama bingo cards. Each time you would drink could be a square on a card. Dan gets a clue, one square. Will wears a paisley shirt, one square. Jenn says you know what, one square. Anyone bumps into anyone else, one square, etc.


  • Great job Mo!
  • I didn’t see the end but from what I did see …
  • Eve’s outfit was atrocious! Nothing matched including the jewelry.
  • Paige and JJ – blah! I agree with Monkey Face – Paige needs to know!
  • I’m sad about Sonny and Melanie leaving! Poor Brady loses yet another woman.



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