370 Days Drama: [Mo Special!] Do you get your hair cut at the barber college? 4-7-15


Days Drama: The Days of our Lives Soap Opera Podcast 370

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Show Notes:

  • Serena spins a web of lies
  • Melanie is on a mission
  • Jen and Daniel are still fighting
  • And that Theresa is just a stinker!


Listener Feedback:


  • Eve is going to wear that jacket to bed. Dang they keep up with the yorkie dog clothes.
  • OMG thats what Melanie got him for his birthday. Too funny!!
  • I would so love to see Xander do the tango.
  • Christian, I dont know fashion either so dont feel bad. I was wondering what that turquoise looking band was around Eve’s wrist.
  • wow Xander asked Nicole for her cell then zipped his number to her soon as he asked her. also, did you notice he is like EJ saying Samanther when he says Seren-ner
  • Thank you Daniel for being the voice of reason. They need to do Jennifer like they did her mom. Put her in a comatose state in a mental hospital. How childish she is “I don’t want to be your friend anymore”
  • Melanie is just stepping all in Bradys Cherrios
  • What really frustrates me is that you know they will probably have JJ and Paige have sex before she finds out the truth since she is a virgin. Which makes it so much worse.
  • Yay Paige is getting smart again.
  • See that big ass book of Jacks? Remember how Chad told Ben it wasn’t that big haha
  • Ohhhh Nicole please go jump Xanders bones…..Cause Dan is treating you like crap.
  • I really want to see how Serena is going to get those diamonds back.
  • Did her big ass purse just break that plasma?? ugh
  • Sorry this was so long Mo! Haha



Audio Clip

Did anybody notice that Eric’s shirt and JJ’s shirt and Xander’s shirt and even Jennifers shirt were all blue? Even Jorge  and Melanie were wearing blue but not Serena.




Audio Clip

  • Lies! Lies! Lies!
  • As I struggled through today’s show, it dawned on me. Everyone is lying! All the plotlines are based on people lying to each other. I am kind of out of touch with other daytime dramas, but is this the norm now? Seems like the easy, lazy way out.
  • Mo, if Jorge’s gift had been a Teddy Bear, then oh yeah! Rabbits are kind of orientation neutral. LOL LOL We will keep sniffing it out though.
  • Hopefully, tomorrow we will get back to Will, Sonny, and Paul.



  • It is a jacket, not a coat! A jacket typically falls at the waist or hips, a coat falls below the hips. If there is a story built around it, call it the right thing. Surprised they didn’t call the elegant a hippo. Ok….I just had to blow off some steam, that sort of detail drives me crazy!!!
  • Love the bingo game idea! Instead of yelling out BINGO, we can yell out DRAMA or DOM DOM DOM!!!
  • Thanks again Mo, it was lots of fun!!! Your laugh is infectious!!! 🙂




  • Happy birthday month Foofer!
  • Again great job co-hosting, Mo!
  • OMG Eve, just get rid of the damn coat! Enough of your hand-wringing. We get it, you have stealer’s remorse. The solution is to get rid of the coat, not hide it in the closet where Paige will find it. But don’t take the “Paige gets a clue” drink just yet. I’m pretty sure she’s too dense to figure it out even when it falls into her lap.
  • That’s all I have to say. Today was pretty boring




  • Who thought to get a close up of Eve’s nasty feet! Gross!
  • Can’t wait to see Monkey Face and The Cougar fight it out!
  • Not much going on today.
  • Happy Birthday Month to all the April Birthday boys and girls! Joel, hope your son is doing better!



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