373 Days Drama:Tori, what are you doing talking to him… 04-10-1


Days Drama: The Days of our Lives Soap Opera Podcast 373

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This episode is brought you by Joel!!!

Happy Birthday month to Kiyana, Lesley and Foofer!!!!

Show Notes:

Chad is so devilish

Clyde to the rescue

Kate can’t get this Lucas/Adrienne thing

John realizes just who Tori is and who he is..

Today’s lineup:

John, Sonny, Paul, Ben, Clyde, Kate, Lucas, Adrienne, Chad, Rafe, Hope, Will, Marlena and Tori

Listener Feedback:

Kristy’s comments:

  • Yay Rafe is on today woot woot
  • I am 25 mins in and bored
  • Paul’s mom has no facial expressions, always the same
  • John’s going to have egg on his face when he finds out Paul is his son
  • Abigail gets out of the shower.. hair isn’t even damp and makeup is perfect
  • This whole Adrienne and Lucas thing is gross
  •  Kate’s makeup is flawless today
  • They drink a lot ice tea for being in the north
  • They could of fixed Paul’s moms part in the back of her hair since they are filming her from behind a lot. Looks likea bald spot lmao
  • Maybe Sonny runs away with Paul.
  • John is a fucking moron. He didn’t put two and two together. Yes the Japanese woman is the mother of the only Japanese man in Salem
  • DOM DOM DOM  meh all knew it. Boring blah over it

Wendy’s words:

  • Will is such an ass bad mouthing Paul when he knows John is Paul’s dad.
  • Ha Clyde telling Kate to give Lucas space.
  • Ben totally knows what they are wanting him for.
  • Shut up dumbass Will.
  • All the players are gathering at TBD.
  • Adrienne is going to confide in Hope.
  • Kate is rocking out her blue hair. Love Love!!
  • Oh please tell me Chad has a meeting with someone and thats why Chad had lunch for two. Put Abby in her place.
  • Mrs. Norita you are surrounded…..put your hands up haha
  • Hope is looking awesome today. Much better with her hair like that.
  • Congratulations Mr. Black its a bouncing baby boy!!!! Dom Dom Dom

Kami’s comments:

  • Who’s your Daddy? Apparently John – welcome to the family, Paul! It may be too late for that since John has been leading the charge against Paul.
  • If I hear Will say he was seduced one more time I may jump through the screen!
  • So Ben and Abby ordered carry-out, but Ben left before it came, and Abby apparently didn’t eat it because she said that she was starving and ate the sushi not meant for her. What is it called when you order carry-out and then aren’t there to receive your order or pay? Call the Salem PD!

Mo’s dish:

  • Someone really needs to give that Thing a very, very hard time for what he is up to right now!  To purposely try to poison John against Paul knowing that he is his son is just disgusting to me.  He’s telling John a completely fabricated version of events and there is no reason for it other than jealous hate.  Marlena knows that It is up to know good but John is picking up none of the clues! If I was Paul I’d prefer it if Stefano was my dad.  I feel such a sense of irrational rage when that Thing is on my TV. Ugh!
  • If John Black does not instantly apologize and embrace his son he is dead to me.  Plus is John and Paul bond that Thing will totally lose it, and won’t that be fun for all of us!
  • Abby’s outfit also made me feel angry!! What was that? From the waist up I thought she was wearing one of Chloe’s Ghoul Girl costumes!  *Sidenote* Remember how ridiculous people calling Chloe Ghoul Girl was? Even with no make up Nadia Bjorlin aka Chloe is gorgeous!  Anyway Abby please go to Baron’s and have a little shopping spree. Ugh!

Zannie’s wordZ:

  • Excused from today

Kiyana’s Comments:

  • excused from today

Joel’s comments:

Audio file

  • Thank you Sonny for getting this ball ROLLING!!
  •  Hopefully, we will get a Monday show just focusing on Eve, Jennifer, JJ, and Paige. Oh, maybe some “Diamond Gate” would be great too. Who am I kidding?! Just give us more of John feeling like an ass for thinking so bad about Paul and Will giving his best frowny face!
  • Also, kudos to the listener who surmised with that first off hand meeting of John and Paul that it would have so much more significance!

Lesley’s Lesson:

  • Joel, glad to hear your son is doing well! Happy birthday month to him too 🙂
  • I LOVE Chad, even if he is evil. Nothing better than a loveable villain. That devilish smile when he left Ben’s apartment was perfect!
  • I may not speak about Will again until someone punches him in the face. I hope Paul and Sonny run away together. Oh, but would that mean we have to put up with sad, pouty, Will trying (and failing) to cry real tears? Double-ugh. I don’t want to see that either.
  • So the truth is finally out, but am I the only one who was totally underwhelmed? It would have been more dramatic if we hadn’t put all the pieces together weeks before the characters on the show got a clue. If the writers ever get a clue about how to surprise us with something, we’ll have to take so many drinks that we’ll all end up with alcohol poisoning. It is going to be fun to see where this goes next though 🙂

Foofer’s thoughts:

Audio Clip

• Oooh I new Marlena was going to join the showdown at Club TBD. Everyone else is going there why not Mar.
• Oooh the suspense. And there’s too much hopping around today going back and forth with Kate and Adrianne.
• Ugh just tell us it’s John. Why? We have to wait till Monday.

Chrissy’s Comments:

  • Excused from today

Laura’s thoughts:

  • taking a sick day

Alice’s Restaurant:

  • Audio clip

Bobbi’s blub:

  • audio file


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