[Explicit] 402 Days Drama:You knew… omg you knew!! 05-21-15


Days Drama: The Days of our Lives Soap Opera Podcast 402

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Show notes:

  • Chad meets with Stefano
  • Marlena is back in Salem
  • Paige SMACKS some ass

Today’s lineup:

Eve,  Paige, JJ, Rory, Daphne, Abigail, Maggie, Kayla, Daniel, Marlena, Stefano, Chad, Paul, Sonny, Cole, and Jennifer

Listener Feedback:

Kristy’s Comments:

  • excused from today

Wendy’s words:

  • Dopey!!!!!!!
  •  What teenager gets that mushy with their girlfriend in front of their family?
  •  She’s about to blow!!!!
  •  Now that was an awesome slap! She sooooo made up for that slap yesterday.
  •  Omg I love Dopey going whoa dude lol Did you see Maggie covering her mouth up to keep from laughing when he said it lol
  •  Uh oh now she is going to slap Jennifer. Hit her hit her
  •  Cole is soooo going to do something now.
  •  Ha love Dopey’s uncomfortable high five to Daniel
  •  Abby are you that stupid? I think you heard everything that went on? Der!
  •  Maybe Paige will become a street Ho now like Eve used to be back in the day.
  •  I do love the idea of Paige and Eve being preg at the same time.

Kami’s Comments:

  • O M G – when Rory said, “Dude”, Maggie totally started laughing.
  • Paige is on fire! Dr. Dan was doing his Monkey Ape face, “I told you so” look.
  •  Marlena is too calm to have been just kidnapped!

Mo’s Dish:

Audio file

Ramona’s reads:

  • excused from today

ZannieZ WordZ:

  • This is kinda sad Stefano reading these cue cards
  • Paige just wasted a perfetly delicious cake
  • Paige just slapped the smiley poo  smiley poosmiley poosmiley poo out of Jack Jr
  • I have so many thoughts I can’t even compose myself
  • I think Marlena brushed her hair as she walked to the square. It’s in perfect place
  • LOL Rory is awesome
  • Paige got another clue
  • This is too much
  • Eve just kicked the smileypo out of the table
  • You know what, when Theresa finds out this will be epic
  • Did Dr Dan just high 5 patty cake Rory?
  • DOM DOM DOM 3 Zandwiches and a cake
  • Soooo I had to rewind to watch the slap again and I notice the cake is a sponge.. so take back my cake and trade it for an hourglass
  • JJ stumbled a little after the slap

Kiyana’s Comments:

  • excused from today

Joel’s Comments:

Audio file

Foofer’s thoughts:

Audio file

• Yup, that’s not how I would have done it. I would have grabbed the cake and walked out the front door because I like me some cake.
• And on a side note remember a couple of weeks ago when I hope said happy Earth Day but it wasn’t Earth Day yet she was two days ahead of schedule. I think days of our lives is still three days ahead of schedule. So Wednesday’s episodes are actually the climax Fridayepisodes because I think they are a little ahead of taping. Anyway that’s my thought of why everything is always going down in the middle of the week.

Lesley’s Lesson:

  • Guys, I hope your A/C is fixed and your floors are OK! You are either too generous or too crazy for recording a pod after dealing with that mess—your too good to us. Feel free to take the night off whenever you need to :).
  •  Like a ghost stole your lunch money…best line of the show!
  •  I am loving Rage Paige! Shame all of them girl, Jenn and Dan too.
  •  What does everyone think Stefano is really up to? I don’t believe for a second that Chad really got through to him. He’s just changing his scheme, but to what?

Chrissy’s Comments:

  • excused from today

Laura’s thoughts:

  • Hello, Sorry to hear about your wood floors, hopefully you can restore them to look like new.
  • You mentioned that the actress currently playing Paige (True O’brien)  is leaving Days…are you sure about that? I read there will be a Paige lookalike, not that True is leaving Days.
  • Speaking of Paige…she was on fire today! I feel so bad for her, she has nobody but Daphne to turn to now. I’m thinking she might hook up with Ben, who by the looks of it will soon be available. They do know each other from the past, both are in college… hmmm…
  • I’m really starting to like Chad…he is my new fav, after President Ciara of course!
  • I read there will be no Days on Monday…2015 French Open Tennis instead 🙁
  • Have a good Memorial Day everyone. Let us remember all those who have served.

Alice’s Restaurant:

Audio file

  • They should’ve called today’s show the mother f*cker reveal and yes pun was intended

  • I forgot to mention a couple things.  First was that a tear on Daniel’s face? Was he trying to cry? He truly had the look of, “I tried to tell y’all dumb asses this would happen” Secondly, I’m sure Jennifer is thinking, “why are both my kids horny ho’s” hahaha

  • Night everyone!

Angel’s thoughts:

  • Today was off the chain!!
  • I missed a lot because WalMart has me on a ball and chain. 😀
  • I was glad to hear Paul socked Will for calling his mom a whore. 
  • Can everybody Anti-Will on this podcast form a line to beat him up like on Airplane?
  • When Paige socked JJ. I was like YAAAASSSSSSS!!!!!
  • A request: Could you make Paige’s NOOOOOO!!! into an audio file?
  • I hope this isn’t the last we see of Stefano and Marlena.
  • Good now MILF Eve can stop hanging around barely legal teens, this is daytime not Skinimax.
  • Good for Paige for imagining JJ and Eve in a TV-PG romance so we don’t have to see motor boarding nightmares.
  • Daniel is doing a I told you so dance.
  • I think the whole party has the right to say JJ and Jen and Eve were wrong, even Abigail though I hate her guts but having been in that situation before (and presently) I can excuse her finger wagging a bit.
  • Have a good night and I hope we get a great FriDAYS!
  • Bobbi’s blurb:

    • excused from today

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