412 Days Drama:DiMera… I know you were with Abigail 06-09-15


Days Drama: The Days of our Lives Soap Opera Podcast 412

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Happy Birthday Month to Alice!

Show notes:

Ari is 2

Roman almost busts Rafe and Hope

Marlena is playing detective therapist

Chad won’t tell a soul

Ben is touchy

Today’s lineup:

Abigail, Chad, Will, Sonny, Ari, Paul, John, Kate, Sonny, Clyde, Rafe, Hope, Aiden, Caroline and Polly

Listener Feedback:

Kristy’s Comments:

  • Excused from today

Wendy’s words:

  • Will is still a big Wuss oh and an ass
  •  Abby looks like she is waking up from a drunk
  •  Wow, I thought Chad really told Abby about all that stuff. I was fixing to say; boy you are a dumbass! Lol
  •  Every time I see Abby in the courtyard/garden area at the Dimera mansion, I think, Remember when Sami and Kate threw cake at you lol
  •  I do love Ben’s scruffy  look
  •  Yes the idea of not spoiling Ari is having a birthday party at a huge club instead of at home. Really??
  •  Now how did Ben know that Abby was with Chad?

Kami’s Comments:

  • excused from today

Mo’s Dish:

  • Poor Ari just had the lamest bday ever! Why weren’t there any other kids there? They couldn’t have had Ciara,Theo and Chase running around? Also I assume it must be Saturday or Sunday  in Salem since no one has kids parties on weekdays, but it’s Salem so anything goes.
  • Ari was wearing her jail dress that Gabi made.
  • I loved Mar telling Will the truth!    It was even better because it’s what we are all thinking!  Stop trying to tell this man how to feel!!!!!! I can’t wait for Sonny to drop his ass.
  • I think Sonny is going to be recast.  As far as I know Guy Wilson and Christopher Sean are both still taping the show so neither of their characters are leaving with Sonny.  If Days had good writers i’d say they could find a story for Paul and Will without Sonny but I doubt that so I think we should expect New Sonny at some point before Fall.
  • I love John and Paul.  I hope he gets to bond with Brady and Belle as well.
  • Ben’s facial hair is so gross yuck. Grow it out or cut it! He looks like Snoopy’s cousin Spike.  Spike looked exactly like Snoopy but he had a hat and  these scuzzy facial whiskers, that’s what Ben looks like.  I can’t believe he was ever my boo.
  • I’m about to jinx us but we haven’t seen rage Paige, crybaby JJ and “I hate you Jennifer Horton” Eve in a while.

Ramona’s reads:

  • excused from today

ZannieZ WordZ:

  • I like Marlena’s June coat on her LOL
  • Abby WHOREton, Abby WHOREton, Abby WHOREton SMH
  • Shallow Abby
  • Yea she is prego this time. I seet the twinkle in her eyes
  • Ok so we are going to explore the Alzheimer’s storyline. 12 years later..
  • Oh it’s so June in Salem BLAH

Kiyana’s Comments:

  • excused from today

Joel’s Comments:

Audio file

Foofer’s thoughts:

Audio file

Lesley’s Lesson:

  • Oh Ben, you know that Abigail isn’t shallow…you just don’t know how deep she is. Deep in the DiMera brothers…
  •  Who has a 2-year old’s bday party in the morning at a “club” and who takes off work for a 2-year old’s bday party?
  •  I love Marlena. She’s trying so hard, but she is not going to be able to talk sense into Will.
  • Does John know that Paul is a grown man? He sounds like he’s talking to a child.
  • Hi random girl we’ve never seen before (but maybe we have…I do have a bad memory) talking to Ben about how hot Chad is. Guess what writers…you’re really smacking us in the face here, in an insulting way. Abby already slept with Chad, so we know there is going to be tension, words, and fists to come between Ben and Chad. We didn’t need this blatant girl.
  •  That said, welcome home Vin! But OMG, you guys have had enough! a/c, hospital, car, a/c…enough! Sending good vibes!!!

Chrissy’s Comments:

  • excused from today

Laura’s thoughts:

  • So glad you are feeling better and back in action Vin!!! You were missed!!! You too Christian and Sebastien!!!
  • John got a little witty today when he said to Kate…
    “This is an hour I will never get back, so what’s your point?”
  • Chad keeps it interesting, you never know exactly what he is up to!
  • WHAT IN THE WORLD WAS SERENA WEARING ALL WEEK??? Even my 90 year old Aunt Mary was scratching her head!

Alice’s Restaurant:

  • excused from today

Angel’s thoughts:

  • excused from today

Carole from Canada:

Vin  So happy you feel well again. Missed you guys so much last week.
One comment.  Roman talking to Caroline about programming her phone.  I used Ciera: she’s expensive but she’s good. I laughed so hard!!!! Typical of Ciera. Too funny!
Have a good one!

Bobbi’s blurb:

  • excused from today

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