414 Days Drama:Next time I personally make sure your dead… 06-11-15


Days Drama: The Days of our Lives Soap Opera Podcast 414

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Happy Birthday Month to Alice!

Show notes:

JJ finally sees the light

Paige tells Theresa about Eve

Dan won’t help JJ but will help Paige

Victor gets a couple vistitors

Stefano is back

Today’s lineup:

Stefano, Chad, Clyde, Hope, Paige, Ben, JJ, Eve, Jennifer, Abigail, Theresa, Daniel Victor and Abe

Listener Feedback:

Kristy’s Comments:

  • excused from today

Wendy’s words:

  • Yes please let Paige, Eve and Abby all be preg at the same time lol that would be awesome.
  •  Nothing like having your dad tell you congrats on getting laid.
  •  Ha so glad Paige showed up to tell Teresa about Eve.
  •  Oh my god! I just loved Paige throwing her hand up in Eve’s face when she was going out the door!! Hahaha Pause———talk to the hand cause the face don’t understand!!
  • image003
  • Bahahaha Clyde doesn’t need Ciera for his phone technology.
  •  That shirt just does not look good on Stephano.
  •  Finally JJ realizes its OVER!!

Kami’s Comments:

  • Since I can’t let the fucks fly at home . . .
  • Paige was like, “Bitch (Eve), stay the fuck away from me!”
  •  And to Dan, “Tell that Bitch (and his whore sister and fucked up Mom) to stay the fuck away from me, too!” Rage Paige is in full effect!
  •  I sense a war brewing since Stefano is back, Chad is dorking Clyde’s son’s girlfriend, and Victor is after Clyde!
  •  Go Cavs!

Mo’s Dish:

  • So is Rage Monkey a therapist now?  Why do people feel the need to go to him to talk about their problems??
  • Jennifer is just pitiful at this point I can’t stand it!  If the entire Devereaux family is just going to be sad, guilt ridden and lame I’ll probably be fast forwarding through them for the foreseeable future.
  • I am enjoying Rage Paige’s angry tour through Salem!
  • Did Chad dye his hair?  It looks dark and weird?
  • I loved Theresa’s face when she heard about the affair.  You know you fucked up when Theresa is giving you a judgmental look.  She also was ready to comfort Paige which I liked too.
  • Looks like Eve is wearing a dress from the zipper collection like Nicole had on for weeks.  Where do they shop for wardrobe for some of these women?
  • Ben is going to feel like a fool when he finds out Clyde is still as bad as he always was. Dummy.
  • Clyde really needs to watch his tone with Victor! Ugh it pissed me off so bad!  There is no way that Bo and Patch are coming back to town without one of them playing a part in Clyde getting arrested or booted out of town? I hope anyway.
  • Poor Stefano is so old, he looked like he was going to slide right off that couch.  And I noticed him obviously reading cue cards.  I think retirement is in the near future for him. Please let the Phoenix avenge his son before it’s too late.
  • Kudos to Days for still having so many veteran actors on the show.  I will be very sad when Peggy McKay, John Aniston and Joe Mascolo are gone, I’ve been watching them on TV for as long as I can remember.

Ramona’s reads:

  • excused from today

ZannieZ WordZ:

  • excused from today

Kiyana’s Comments:

  • excused from today

Joel’s Comments:

  • audio file

Foofer’s thoughts:

Audio file

• I gotta say I kinda got excited when Eve overheard Jennifer talking about her Mom Laura Horton. I hope she breaks her out of the mental intstitute because Laura is a trip. I hope they get her to come back, the original actress because it will be a great show.

Lesley’s Lesson:

  • I’m not going to be able to watch today’s episode, but I wanted to congratulate Christian on his first podcast fuck. But wait, that sounds too much like something Abigail would do. So instead I’ll say congrats on your first podcast f-bomb. 🙂

Chrissy’s Comments:

  • excused from today

Laura’s thoughts:

  • Wow…Clyde, Victor and Stefano all on one episode. Clyde is the creepiest hands down!
  • Only a matter of time till Ben downloads the app onto Abi’s phone. I can see Will downloading the app onto Sonny’s phone too.
  • Could Laura be making an appearance for the 50th anniversary? What’s Eve up to?
  • Who do you think is more angry…Zander or Paige?
  • I’m guessing Bo will be back just in time to save Hope from Clyde. Or…better yet…maybe Bo kidnaps Hope right before she marries Aiden, like he did when she was going to marry Larry Welch back in 1983. History does have a way of repeating itself.
  • Have a good weekend everyone!

Alice’s Restaurant:

  • excused from today

Angel’s thoughts:

  • excused from today

Carole from Canada:

Cloud 9 guys. Got you and my days drama back.
I got a theory:  maybe Clyde knows; (or will learn) Hope and Aiden’s secret and blackmail them into whatever he wants them to do. Now that would be good drama. Take care. Carole

 Bobbi’s blurb:

  • excused from today

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