418 Days Drama:Fight, Fight, Fight 06-17-15


Days Drama: The Days of our Lives Soap Opera Podcast 418

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Happy Birthday Month to Alice!

Show notes:

Xander gets Nicole

Punch punch punch

Will is up to something with Dr Meyers

Chad turns down Zoe

Serena is a spaz

Today’s lineup:

Eric, Nicole, Serena, Daniel, Will, Abigail, Sonny, Chad, Ben, Marlena, Maggie, Xander, Navidad Zoe and Dr Meyers

Listener Feedback:

Kristy’s Comments:

  • excused from today

Wendy’s words:

  • Ok now would be a good time for Eric to come in and save Nicole
  • Seriously??? Hello Diary? How old are you?? OMG I thought she was just talking outer monologue again. Apparently she is keeping a diary on her laptop. Luckily Ben will find it I bet.
  •  Serena is going nuts
  •  Yay finally Eric finds the right pottery to smash on Xanders head. Guess he couldn’t find an elephant to smack him with.
  •  Hello call the cops you big dummys……………omg Xander grabbing Nicole ankle scared the shit out of me!!!!!!!! I totally jumped!
  •  Oh hell you stupid dumbass Abby. You left Ben in the room with your laptop. You know what that means he wont read it. Screensaver will prob kick in.
  •  Serena I think the last thing you have to worry about is Xander finding out about Eric knowing about the diamonds.
  •  Bahaha I had to rewind to see what Nicole his Xander with; it was her metal wastebasket.
  •  Its an office building and what do offices have?? Duh phones!!!!!
  •  Haha they should have had Xander yell Marco!! Polo!!
  •  Serious ughhhh Dom! Dom! Dom!! Havent had one of those in a while.
  •  How much you want to bet that’s not the door to the room that they are in. lol

Kami’s Comments:

  • Why is Marlena getting into Eric’s business? He is a grown man. It is none of your business why Eric and Serena broke up!
    Abigail Devereaux — Diary of a Slut!
    Shout out to Ashtabula by Zoe!
    The Mad Monkey is getting a clue!
    Will’s nostrils are flaring overtime today!

Mo’s Dish:

Audio file

Ramona’s reads:

  • excused from today

ZannieZ WordZ:

  • Well it looks like Maggie is NOT prego
  • This Xander dude tho.. OH EM GEE
  • He is cuckoo for cocoa puffs
  • I really cannot believe that Ben is really tracking her phone. When you go snooping around you always find something
  • Of course Abby WHOREton is goin to leave the screen up addmitting her Whordom. Benny boy is on his way
  • It’s a bird, it’s a plane. No it’s Eric Brady!! Super Eric saves the day!
  • I see a triable thing happening now Eric, Nicole and Daniel DanErCole
  • Umm I didn’t see that coming Xander I really didn’t. It scared the smiley poo out of me. I literally jumped
  • Abby!!!!! The screen is still up
  • Hmm are tehy hinting an obsession storyline with Ben and Abby?
  • He kinda said he loved her one too many times

Kiyana’s Comments:

  • I enjoyed today’s episode. It was good. I can’t believe they had Marlena go to Serena’s house asking why she broke up with Eric. I mean he’s a grown man. Why is his mother asking his girlfriend why they broke up? That part was so stupid!  I’m just going to call this episode the crazy episode because everybody on this episode has lost their god damn minds! You got Marlena asking a grown woman why she broke up with a grown man; you have Xander acting like some damn psychopath running around trying to strangle women; then there is Serena acting like she’s looking for her next crack fix; stupid Will trying to manipulate the therapist…**sigh** Then on the other side of town Abigail is talking to the computer like it’s a real live person, all while Ben is tracking her through the stupid app he put on her phone –but didn’t have enough sense to look at the computer that’s right in front of his face with Abigail’s confession about sleeping with Chad.  I love this damn dysfunctional show! Tomorrow should be really good though. Talk to you then! Peace!
  • P.S. Every morning when I’m listening to the podcast and Christian does his explicit language disclaimer, I’m in my car hoping that one day it goes like this: Just a quick disclaimer: fucks will fly. You bitches have been warned.

Joel’s Comments:

  • audio file

Foofer’s thoughts:

Audio file

•dear days diary today was not very special I kind of wanted Nicole to die but not really and was that her I’m choking face or was that her 50 shades of gray face and I must say today was some of the best acting I’ve seen from Serena okay I’m just joking awful and why in the hell did she not get her ass to the airport after Marlena left went to the hospital and then Daniel showed up and she was still in her hotel room obviously she wasn’t wearing her teleportation watch and my prediction today is that Will is just using the article about his doctor to suck up to his doctor and did anybody else think that was the nerdiest counselor ever anyway that’s my two cents I just want to wish Mr. Gray a happy birthday his book comes out today Gray his point of view which basically means there are going to be a lot of happy boyfriends husbands and fathers this weekend after their wives and girlfriends and mistresses read that book

Lesley’s Lesson:

  • Wow Abigail. Yep, that’s the best way to deal with cheating on your boyfriend. You move in with him. Even though you just admitted to your “interactive diary” that you’re obsessed with the guy you cheated with. Real fucking smart.
  • Oh, and does Nicole have an interactive diary too? That would explain why she has more outer monologues than anyone else. She isn’t talking to herself….she’s talking to her diary!
  • Does anyone else thing it seems unethical for a doctor to allow a patient to write a publicity article about him? Wouldn’t he have to stop treating the patient then? It seems way to sketchy. What exactly is Will’s motivation here?
  • Xander stalking Eric & Nicole at the TV station feels like a bad thriller movie.
  • And Serena, please leave town already. I can’t handle much more of your hysterics. I only listened today, so I didn’t see her, but every time she was freaking out I pictured her arms flailing, like Muppet arms. But Muppets are adorable, so that may be an insult to Muppets. I’m sorry Muppets.
  • Feel better Mo!

Chrissy’s Comments:

  • excused from today

Laura’s thoughts:

  • excused from today

Alice’s Restaurant:

  • excused from today

Angel’s thoughts:

  • excused from today

Carole from Canada:

  • For shit sake pull a fire alarm Nicole and Eric!!!
  • Dom Dom Dom Vin. Lol
  • More Sebastian please!! He’s adorable

Helen’s thoughts:

Im just getting interested in days of our lives because of my daughter in law . It takes a while to catch on but I’m starting to see who the good guys and the bad guys are . It was exciting today with what was happening with Nicole and I’m wondering what’s going on with Will.  I think he’s  kind of sneaky and I’m starting to feel bad for Chad and Abigail.

 Bobbi’s blurb:

  • excused from today

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