420 Days Drama:Is it cozy in there kitties? 06-19-15


Days Drama: The Days of our Lives Soap Opera Podcast 420

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Happy Birthday Month to Alice!

Show notes:

  • Come out come out where ever you are
  • Paul thinks about Kate’s offer
  • Sonny wants to see Dr Meyers
  • Rory and the kegger
  • Bev learns about JJ and Paige’s mom
  • Jen talks to Eve

Today’s lineup:

Eric, Nicole, Xander, JJ, Bev, Jennifer, Eve, Will, Paul, Kate, Sonny, Rory, Navidad and Paige

Listener Feedback:

Kristy’s Comments:

  • excused from today

Wendy’s words:

  • Ok Xander has a gun…………..why doesn’t he just shoot the door knob?
  • Since when do they put a latch on the top of the inside of a boiler room door?
  • Please let Bev and Paige be friends now. I think that would be awesome.
  • I love how the whole wall was moving while they were shouldering their way through the boiler room door. Lol
  • DOPEY!!!!! OMG Dopey is hooking up with “Wendy”
  • God Marlena just read her Laura’s file why don’t you
  • You have got to be kidding me. Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  • This so sucks a big one!

Kami’s Comments:

  • I forgot about Laura and Jack! What a legacy for the Hortons! Jen and Paige can bond now!
  • I hope Brady didn’t get sucked into Treesa’s B.S.!
  • It’s getting hot in here . . .

Mo’s Dish:

  • I don’t like Will.  I don’t like his face or facial expressions. I don’t like Guy Wilson.  I don’t like his hair or his voice.  He contributes to about 40% of my displeasure with the show.   I can’t stand that Will won’t hear any logic or reason anyone tries to mention to him.  Both his grandmas have told him to stop trying to control Sonny and the situation just work on the marriage.  It seems he doesn’t know his husband at all.  Why can’t he just be honest and not a shady, insecure, psycho.  The writers have totally destroyed this character.
  • Same with Eve! She needs to back off Paige and try and figure out why she is such a nasty whore!  Blaming Jen is so old.  She sleeps with her daughters man and owns none of the blame?
  • I’m actually starting to root for Xander shooting Eric and Nicole just so this story will end.
  •   Xander makes no sense anymore.  How is he going to be on the show till August after all this?
  • I’d be fine with some of these stories just going away with no resolution and bring on whatever fresh material the new writers have.
  • Blah!

Ramona’s reads:

  • excused from today

ZannieZ WordZ:

  • excused from today

Kiyana’s Comments:

  • I can’t believe Jennifer didn’t tell Marlena about Eve being on her computer.  She could’ve tried a little harder to tell her.
  • Will is such a whiney little bitch!  GEEZ! SHUT UP!!!
  • …annnnd that’s all I have to say about the episode.  It was blah.
  • Talk to you later!  Peace!

Joel’s Comments:

  • audio file

Foofer’s thoughts:

  • excused from today


Lesley’s Lesson:

  • excused from today

Chrissy’s Comments:

  • excused from today

Laura’s thoughts:

  • excused from today

Alice’s Restaurant:

  • excused from today

Angel’s thoughts:

  • audio file

Carole from Canada:

  • excused from today

Helen’s thoughts:

  • excused from today

 Bobbi’s blurb:

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