429 Days Drama:Xander is a free man! 07-03-15


Days Drama: The Days of our Lives Soap Opera Podcast 429

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Tonight’s show is dedicated to Angel!!! Thank you so much!!

Show notes:

  • Aiden askes Hope for some help with a client
  • Sonny takes some blame
  • Xander is a free man
  • Vic plays dumb with Brady and Daniel
  • Eric clearly can’t let this go

Today’s lineup:

Daniel, Nicole, Eric, Sonny, Will, Hope, Aiden, Clyde, Serena, Roman, Victor, Brady, Abe and Xander

Listener Feedback:

Kristy’s Comments:

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Wendy’s words:

  • Serious. You have two eyewitnesses that said he tried to kill them and the DA says let him go because some ppl said they saw him and someone swiped his credit card??
  •  Why would Nicole want Eric after all the past crap that Eric put her through?
  •  Sonny is going to let dumbass Will get away with cheating on Sonny!!!! No way! He needs to be killed off. Ugh
  •  Hey look Will closed the door so no one could walk in for once. Lol
  •  Ok boring. No joke today but I have a fun fact. That includes Days and Friends.
  •  When Chandler and Monica was getting married and Jennifer Anniston (Rachel) was looking for someone to marry them because Joey couldn’t make it. She found another wedding being performed. One of the last names of the couple getting married was Anastassakis. Which is John Anniston’s last name before he changed it.

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Laura’s thoughts:

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Alice’s Restaurant:

  • I hope everyone had a great 4th of July.  Thanks for the birthday song once again. I was stuck in Philly so it meant the world to me! Christian I’m happy you feel better. So now can you and Vin stay healthy for a while lol

  • Ok here’s my feedback, the show was boring as normal. Inpatiently awaiting the new writers and storylines. Hope was really trying to make sure we saw her festive holiday nail polish lol I know Shawn and Arianna are dating in real life now but Daniel and Nicole have ZERO chemistry, I hope we can move on from them sooner than later. I’m over the Xander stuff they totally misused a possibly great character. Lastly, Will and Sonny. I totally understand everything that Sonny was saying and it makes perfect sense but it’s toooo soon for him to be this understanding. He just learned his hubby cheated with yet another guy and he lied about bribing their therapist. He should be mad at hell  still. I DO NOT want Will with Sonny any longer. I understand you can’t just walk away from a marriage with children are involved but Will is a stank ho bag and he needs to be by himself to accept what he did. He’s definitely not ready for a committed relationship let alone marriage! Ok that’s my venting for the night.

  • Everyone have a great week and happy birthday to all the July peeps!

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 Bobbi’s blurb:

Howdy Partners! Long time no chatter

Hope you enjoyed your 4th and all is well!

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