431 Days Drama:I am disgusted I ever touched you. 07-07-15


Days Drama: The Days of our Lives Soap Opera Podcast 431

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Show notes:

  • DEA wants JJ
  • Daphne ratts out Paige
  • Eve takes the bait
  • Hope questions Victor
  • Nicole gives into Daniel

Today’s lineup:

JJ, Paige, Eve, Nicole, Daniel, Eric, Serena, Xander, Watts, Victor, Hope, Daphne, Donald, Roman and Maggie

Listener Feedback:

Kristy’s Comments:

  • excused from today

Wendy’s words:

  • Omg at the old fart that Paige is meeting up with.
  • You can’t be serious that the DEA is going to use an inexperienced kid to go undercover!
  • You think Eve will offer to sleep with the dirty old man to get him away from Paige?
  • Ohhh do you think Paige talked him into asking Eve for money? Ohhh yes she did!! I love it!

Kami’s Comments:

  • Ha ha, go Paige! Keep Eve’s dirty money and pay your bills!
  • I can’t believe Eve is stupid enough to read Laura’s file in public

Mo’s Dish:

  • excused from today

Ramona’s reads:

  • excused from today

ZannieZ WordZ:

  • UUUghhhh I am so lost and behind. So Jay Jay is an undercover agent now??
  • They are moving kinda fast for July
  • Hmmmm tis Paige and Eve and prune juice dude seems like a set up
  • I knew it I still got it she set that witch up
  • Don’t they have stories like Eve and Paige on Jerry Springer? They usually make up right?
  • Oh well it was good to me I missed my salemites

Kiyana’s Comments:

  • excused from today

Joel’s Comments:

  • audio file
  • Can break into the Dr Dan “Told you so” (patent pending) dance! He totally guessed the JJ story line! Kudos Mo!

Foofer’s thoughts:

  • audio file

Lesley’s Lesson:

  • excused from today

Chrissy’s Comments:

  • excused from today

Laura’s thoughts:

  • OH NO!!!! We need a new president…Ciara (Lauren Boles) is leaving days, along with Chase!!! 🙁
  • There are also rumors that Daniel and Clyde are leaving too…
  • Today’s joke: Where do bees go to the bathroom? At the BP station 
  • Hope everything went well with Sebastien today!!!

Alice’s Restaurant:

  • excused from today

Angel’s Comments:

  • excused from today

Carole from Canada:

  • excused from today

Colee’s comments:

  • excused from today

Helen’s thoughts:

  • excused from today

 Bobbi’s blurb:

  • excused from today

Tara’s Feedback:

  • excused from today

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