434 Days Drama:Abigail, are you prego 07-10-15


Days Drama: The Days of our Lives Soap Opera Podcast 434

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Show notes:

  • Lucas watches Ari
  • Sonny and Adrienne get the divorce talk outta the way
  • Serena double fists some coffee
  • Will goes with Abigail to take test

Today’s lineup:

Abigail, Nicole, Serena, Eric, Theresa, Anne, Brady, Adrienne, Lucas, Sonny, Ari, Will, Ben and Hayley

Listener Feedback:

Kristy’s Comments:

  • excused from today

Wendy’s words:

  • Omg I so want to throw something at the TV every time I see that flashback of Nicole and Eric in their crawlspace.
  •  How many watches does Ben have? He just came out of the bathroom and was putting a watch on and Chad is at the door returning his watch. Guess one is waterproof.
  •  Ha love Abby clomping out of the room to go puke.
  •  Ugh My power went off but I prob didn’t miss much as usual.
  •  Ann is hilarious looking around the mansion. Please let Victor come in.
  •  Wait really Teresa has to clear visitation with her own kid? Now that would piss me off. As long as it’s not Brady’s time what does it matter?
  •  Abby don’t you know you are supposed to put stuff like that IN our purse?
  •  Sometimes you just don’t have protection available when you are having sex out on the lawn.
  •  Well of course she is pregnancy Will.

Kami’s Comments:

  • Who’s your Daddy? Abby can’t figure out who her Baby Daddy is! I vote for Chad!
  • Please don’t let Treesa’s stupid plan work!
  •  Eric does whine like a little bitch! Waaahhhh!

Mo’s Dish:

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Ramona’s reads:

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ZannieZ WordZ:

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Kiyana’s Comments:

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Joel’s Comments:

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Foofer’s thoughts:

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Lesley’s Lesson:

  • I hope everyone had a great weekend!!!
  •  Ok, if Abigail is having nausea, Ben is definitely the father, not Chad. Are they really going to drag out the suspense and try to say that Chad is the father? But all of that aside, we do need more babies since Ciara, Theo and Chase will soon be afflicted by SORAS. Speaking of…what will happen to Johnny, Sidney and Ally when they eventually return? Will they age with Ciara, Theo and Chase, or will they stay behind with Ariana, Tate and Abigail’s eventual baby? It’s a soap…anything is possible!
  •  Ugh, Sonny is so awesome. Why do they have to kill off the only sane character on the show? I’d rather they recast, so I’m hoping the killing off rumors are false. He was so great with Adrian in this episode, being her sounding board and so understanding about her relationships with Justin and Lucas. Love him and don’t want that character to go.
  •  Wow, really Treesa, you didn’t go there to see Tate? Please tell me Haley isn’t buying that.
  • And the last thing I have to say is…”Will, shut your fucking mouth.”


Chrissy’s Comments:

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Laura’s thoughts:

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Alice’s Restaurant:

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Angel’s Comments:

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Carole from Canada:

  • Holy crap!! Enough with the cartoons.
  • Abigail PLEASE carry around protection—not pregnancy tests—especially with your enjoyment of multiple partners here—geez!
  • Theresa your plan will soooo backfire on you!!
  • For you Vin–Will just fuck off okay?????!!!!!
  • Have a good one.

Colee’s comments:

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Helen’s thoughts:

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 Bobbi’s blurb:

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Tara’s Feedback:

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