Who is Angel?



My name is Angel. I live outside Philadelphia, PA near the Philadelphia International Airport. I currently work at my local WalMart in apparel so my feedback will vary as my shifts are flexible.

I love soap operas. I watched DAYS since 1998 around the time Shockwave aired on Sunset Beach. However, thanks to reading soap opera magazines since 2000 and watching youtube, I know most of the history so my feedbacks may seem like a way back machine at times. The first story I remember was Swamp Girl (later Greta) and Bo and I believe Billie’s child with Bo (later Chelsea) died was around that time. My first soap opera memory was watching All My Children in 1990 at the age of 4 when Tad and Billy Clyde fell off the bridge in a wonderful location shoot that also included an ugly pink wedding dress worn by Dixie. I also watched Another World as a kid but my mom hated DAYS so I didn’t see Marlena’s possession when it first came on.
I found DAYS Drama by accident. I was looking to see if my friend’s soap opera related podcast Buzzworthy Radio was on my phone and it popped up instead as a suggestion.