Due to family crisis we have had to put the Days Drama Podcast on an indefinite hiatus.

We love our amazing Days Family and we loved doing every episode!! 

We do hope to start it up again one day, but for now we must address this issue in our personal lifes. 

Thank you for understanding!!


Days Drama Podcast 004


Days Drama Podcast 004 Show Notes

On this episode we talk about…

  • Big Spoiler Alert – Marge is going to pull a GUN!?
  • What an update about Nick and Gabby
  • Jordan and Rafe and the Therapy
  • Boring Moments – Candy stripper and the rumors
  • JJ discovers the truth and drives him into a frenzy and breaks into  someone’s house…

Listener Feedback:


  • Funny that Rafe is so buff after being in the hospital bed for months
  • Thinks Marge will shoot EJ
  • JJ needs to be locked up!
  • Adriane opens her big mouth yet again
  • Nick is creepy

Let us know what you think will happen in the comments below!