Who is Bobbi?



I am Bobbi Perschall Mason, I am from the home of State Farm, Bloomington, Illinois, for 22 yrs, but moved to then Columbus, Ohio the largest city in Ohio for 22 yrs, but now I am stuck in Kentucky Lake, KY somehow where there is nothing but worms and fish and I hate fish. I have been watching since I was maybe 10 or so, the lines are blurry, so I go with 12, and say 36 going on 37 years but take a hiatus for the Marlena possession storyline – so NOT with that program. My favorite character since day one of her debut was Samantha Gene Brady (I should say the Alison Sweeney version). I love that she was thick and it was ok. But then when she was on death row trial for Franco’s murder, she shrunk, but that’s ok too – it seemed storyline appropriate – you know fear for your life and all. Oh to only be as fit as Ali. That’s me in a nutshell – except that I am a nut sometimes.